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City of Vilyuchinsk.

The city of Vilyuchinsk, which received its name thanks to the Vilyuchinsky volcano located very nearby, was founded as a military city by merging several villages. Vilyuchinsk, unofficially called the city of submariners, has the status of a closed administrative-territorial entity, so you can only get into it by obtaining a pass.

Vilyuchinsk, located on the coast of Krasheninnikov Bay and separated by the waters of Avachinskaya Bay from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, is the home base of the Russian Pacific Fleet. Vilyuchinsk is home to a large nuclear submarine base, for which in the Soviet years the Americans nicknamed the city a hornet's nest. Initially, this settlement was called Sovetsky, in 1970 it was renamed Primorsky, for some time it was known under the unpoetic name Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-50 and only in 1994 received its modern name.

Vilyuchinsk is a closed city; there are Ministry of Defense facilities, security companies and zones where the Russian nuclear submarine fleet is based. Only local residents can enter here freely by presenting a Russian passport with registration at the checkpoint. Close relatives can also travel with a special pass, with the presentation of documents confirming the relationship.

Krasheninnikov Bay.

Krasheninnikov Bay, on the shore of which Vilyuchinsk is located, is located in the southern part of Avachinskaya Bay. The bay is named after S.P. Krasheninnikov, a Kamchatka explorer who stayed here in 1739 and named the bay Tarinskaya. It was later renamed in his honor. Three capes stand out on the coast of the bay: Kazak, Nevodchikova and Vkhodnoy. There are three large bays in the bay itself: Seldevaya Bay, Gorbushechya Bay and Yagodnaya Bay. Near Cape Nevodchikov there is Khlebapkin Island, on which a lighthouse was built. On the eastern shore of the bay is the extinct volcano Tarja.

Today Vilyuchinsk consists of two large microdistricts: Rybachy, where the nuclear submarine base is located and mainly submariners live, and Primorsky, inhabited mostly by ship repairers and military sailors. The Rybachy microdistrict is partially located on the Krasheninnikov Peninsula. You can begin your acquaintance with the city with the municipal local history museum, which tells about the main historical milestones of the city district and the Kamchatka flotilla. The exhibition presents exhibits that form an idea of ​​the historical development and nature of Kamchatka.

In the second half of the 1990s, two Orthodox churches were built in Vilyuchinsk - St. Seraphim of Sarov and St. Apostle Andrew the First-Called (the latter is the only garrison church in the Far East). The Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov houses the bells of the ships of the 4th and 5th Pacific Hydrographic Expeditions - “Siberia”, “Spassk”, “Sakhalin”, “Chukotka”, “Chazhma” and “Chumikan”.

Since 2007, the Ocean sports and fitness complex has been operating in Vilyuchinsk, which has a small indoor water park. To visit it, you need to contact one of the travel agencies that organize group trips to the water park. The company will take care of issuing a one-day pass, and after visiting the water park you will be able to freely move around the city for several more hours.

In 2010, the Iceberg ice complex was opened in the city. This is the first ice complex in Kamchatka, built according to the most modern standards and technologies using high-quality equipment and materials. The skating rink is intended for playing hockey, figure skating, as well as for mass amateur skating; it can be visited by up to 50 people at the same time. The size of the ice rink with artificial turf is 20 by 40 meters. The building has locker rooms with showers, a cloakroom, and a skate sharpening and rental station. The surrounding area is landscaped. There are ramps for people with limited mobility.

General information about Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a unique territory on a global scale.

The geographical location, climate and natural resources of the region allow tourists to be received here throughout the year. The region is rich in mineral and thermal springs, volcanoes and glaciers. Here is the famous Valley of Geysers. Also, these places are distinguished by fauna and flora untouched by civilization.

Kamchatka has three state reserves, 19 state reserves and many others. other protected natural zones. 18% of the area of ​​the entire Kamchatka Territory is classified as protected. The UNESCO World Heritage List includes six specially protected areas, which are united under one name - Volcanoes of Kamchatka.

Under the wing of Boeing

Here, on the night of September 1, 1983, somewhere high above us, unsuspecting and peacefully sleeping in the hotel, the ill-fated South Korean Boeing 747 airliner flew by, and a few hours later it was shot down in the Sakhalin region. The supposedly provocative purpose of this flight, which violated the Soviet air border, was precisely the Vilyuchinsk nuclear submarine base. Perhaps in this way a potential enemy (of course, not the Koreans) was trying to test Soviet air defense. In September 1986, during one of the author’s business trips to these places, he witnessed an unusual phenomenon. In this region, September is the best time of the year, a real “Indian summer”. On one clear sunny day, at about four o’clock in the afternoon, having completed the day’s work, the two of us went for a walk to the ocean coast (about five kilometers from the town). As usual, I took with me a Smena camera loaded with color slide film. Slowly, without meeting a single living soul, we walked along an ordinary dirt road, winding between small fields and copses. About a kilometer from the ocean shore, a medium-sized lake opened to the right of the road, from the edge of which the road was separated by a narrow (several meters wide) strip of land, overgrown with grass and sparsely standing trees. In the distance beyond the lake the cone of the Vilyuchinsky volcano was clearly visible.

Unknown ray

As we approached the lake, my fellow traveler Yuri pushed me and nodded his head somewhere up to the right. Looking in this direction, I saw that from above, from the absolutely cloudless blue sky, a narrow beam of light of a conical shape stretched out, expanding near the ground. Having a pale green color, it was transparent. Through it one could quite clearly see the silhouette of the mountains bordering the opposite shore of the lake. Gradually the intensity of its color increased. The beam rested on a strip of soil between the road and the water's edge literally a few meters from our feet. It was completely silent. So as not to get in the way of the tree crowns, we approached the water itself, trying not to step into the spot that projected an incomprehensible ray onto the ground, and carefully examined the sky, trying in vain to discover the source of the ray. There were no aircraft or anything like weather balloons in the sky above the lake. The beam simply came from a point on the celestial sphere close to the zenith. I managed to take a photo. Then the color of the beam began to fade; in its wide lower part it began to resemble a kind of bundle of individual threads of approximately equal thickness. The unknown phenomenon lasted only a few minutes, during which we stood without uttering a word, amazed by what we saw. Meanwhile, the beam, maintaining its previous outline, continued to lose color, and then it disappeared - as if it had dissolved in air. We approached the place where the beam hit the ground and carefully examined the soil, but found absolutely no traces that the mysterious beam would have left on it. The short, hard grass in this place was neither crushed nor scorched. The nature of the phenomenon we accidentally saw remains a mystery to us today. Returning to the town in the evening, we told our local comrades about the “miracle” we had seen, hoping to hear from them at least some explanation for the incomprehensible phenomenon. Alas, no one could say anything definite, and we could not show the photograph yet - the film was developed only upon returning to Leningrad. To be honest, I was not at all sure that anything was captured on the slide, but contrary to fears, the picture turned out to be quite clear. Later it was shown to ufologists, who carefully studied it, carried out an examination of the authenticity of the original slide, but did not make any clear conclusion about the essence of the phenomenon captured on it. In those years, there was just another surge of interest in miracles such as UFOs, humanoids, etc. There was a version that mysterious aliens on Earth were especially interested in military-technical objects. So they circle around them in their UFOs. If this has anything to do with reality, then the base of the Soviet nuclear fleet in Vilyuchinsk could well pass for such a facility.

Magazine: Historical Truth No. 1, January 2022 Category: Mysterious city at the foot of a volcano Author: Konstantin Riches

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As of January 1, 2016, in terms of population, the city was in 632nd place out of 1112[16] cities in the Russian Federation[17].

Natural and mechanical movement of the population.[18]

Balance of migration-2322-256-323-1900-150
Fertility (‰)14,8514,9016,2115,4214,1214,06
Mortality (‰)7,037,877,197,417,406,48
E.p (‰)7,827,039,028,016,727,58
Migration (‰)-101,40-11,38-14,71-8,800,00-6,89

Location and description of the village

The small village of Kamchatka Rybachy is located in Avachinskaya Bay, on the shore of Tarya-Krasheninnikova Bay. Its territory is mainly located on a narrow isthmus between Bogatyrevka and Krasheninnikov bays. The year of its foundation with the name Novaya Tarya is 1931. Since 1954 it has been renamed the village of Rybachy.

Today, nuclear submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet are based in this area, which is part of the city of Vilyuchinsk. Until 1994, this was Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-53.

Today, Rybachy Kamchatka, which is a residential area of ​​Vilyuchinsk, differs slightly from the “main” city in its landscapes. The streets wind more like serpentines, and all the buildings are arranged according to the cascade principle.

Excerpt characterizing Vilyuchinsk

“Yes, here you are again, a bachelor and a groom,” said Princess Marya. Pierre suddenly blushed crimson and tried for a long time not to look at Natasha. When he decided to look at her, her face was cold, stern and even contemptuous, as it seemed to him. – But did you really see and talk with Napoleon, as we were told? - said Princess Marya. Pierre laughed. - Never, never. It always seems to everyone that being a prisoner means being a guest of Napoleon. Not only have I not seen him, but I have also not heard of him. I was in much worse company. Dinner ended, and Pierre, who at first refused to talk about his captivity, gradually became involved in this story. - But is it true that you stayed to kill Napoleon? – Natasha asked him, smiling slightly. “I guessed it when we met you at the Sukharev Tower; remember? 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Pierre started to talk about Karataev (he had already gotten up from the table and was walking around, Natasha was watching him with her eyes) and stopped. - No, you cannot understand what I learned from this illiterate man - a fool. “No, no, speak up,” said Natasha. - Where is he? “He was killed almost in front of me.” - And Pierre began to tell the last time of their retreat, Karataev’s illness (his voice trembled incessantly) and his death. Pierre told his adventures as he had never told them to anyone before, as he had never recalled them to himself. He now saw, as it were, a new meaning in everything that he had experienced. 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It didn’t occur to anyone that it was three o’clock in the morning and that it was time to sleep. “They say: misfortune, suffering,” said Pierre. - Yes, if they told me now, this minute: do you want to remain what you were before captivity, or go through all this first? For God's sake, once again captivity and horse meat. We think how we will be thrown out of our usual path, that everything is lost; and here something new and good is just beginning. As long as there is life, there is happiness. There is a lot, a lot ahead. “I’m telling you this,” he said, turning to Natasha. “Yes, yes,” she said, answering something completely different, “and I would like nothing more than to go through everything all over again.” Pierre looked at her carefully. “Yes, and nothing more,” Natasha confirmed. “It’s not true, it’s not true,” Pierre shouted. – It’s not my fault that I’m alive and want to live; and you too. 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Nature of the region

The village of Rybachy (Kamchatka, Vilyuchinsk-3) is the place of residence of submariners and their families. There are no geysers or active volcanoes in the vicinity of the settlement, but there is an amazingly beautiful Pacific coast - Stanitsky and Bezymyannaya bays, which are about an hour or two away. Not far away is Salvation Bay, where in mid-June an amazing phenomenon is observed - the spawning of uik (capelin). There are also two lakes here: Vilyui and Saranaya.

From the tops of the Golgotha, Stolovaya, Bolshoy and Maly Koldun, and Vysoka mountains, wonderful views of the volcanoes of Kamchatka and the endless waters of the Pacific Ocean open up. It should be noted that in recent years the roads in Kamchatka have changed for the better.


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