The largest park in Yamal opened in Noyabrsk (42 photos)

Noyabrsk is one of the most interesting tourist cities in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug). It received its name in honor of the event that marked the beginning of its history. In November 1976, the first landing of railway construction workers arrived here. Now Noyabrsk is known as a city with great industrial and tourism potential. The variety of monuments, cultural centers, attractions and magnificent northern landscapes will not leave any traveler indifferent.

Noyabrsk: what a tourist should see in 1 day

Noyabrsk is literally replete with tourist attractions. Some of them deserve special attention, because you will not find such compositions anywhere except in Noyabrsk. You can visit the main attractions of the city in one day.

Museum Resource Center

  • Address: Sovetskaya st., 82.

The Museum Resource Center is the main historical and cultural institution of the city. Its goal is to preserve the heritage of the native land and transfer valuable knowledge and traditions to future generations. The museum's exhibitions are constantly updated and expanded, making you want to visit them again and again.

The museum specializes in traveling exhibitions. Temporary exhibitions are dedicated to the ancient history of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, paintings by local artists, holidays and decorative and applied arts of the indigenous peoples of the north. No less popular are the so-called “nostalgic” exhibitions, the exhibits of which are objects of the Soviet era.

For example, the composition “20th century in toys” attracts great interest. Young people should visit exhibitions that address important social issues. Most often, such exhibitions are held in the genre of photo projects.

During the tour, visitors can take part in quizzes, games and sweepstakes. The museum also organizes master classes on various types of creative arts: pottery, wickerwork, embroidery, etc. On the red days of the calendar, he organizes folk celebrations, holidays and festivals. These events are not complete without a bright animation program, so it will be interesting for children to attend them.

Monument "Yamal"

  • Address: Yamal Square.

The impressive composition embodies all the symbols of the district. At the base of the monument is the Earth, symbolizing the formation of life. Mammoths walk along it - the first owners of Yamal. And finally, the most expressive element of the monument is the Cossack boat, with the help of which the lands of Yamal were developed.

The monument is located in the center of a picturesque square with fountains and leafy alleys. Tourists love to stroll here and take pictures against the backdrop of the magnificent monument.

Noyabrsk Park

  • Address: st. Lenina, 20.

Noyabrsk Park is the most beautiful and largest in Yamal. For a long time, this place was buried in weeds, the sidewalks were broken, and the only entertainment was a children's swing, installed back in the USSR.

Now, inexhaustible fun reigns in the park. For children, there are bright playgrounds, rope courses, tubing slides, climbing areas and a variety of carousels.

Noyabrsk earned the title of the most beautiful park thanks to its original design. There is a slide called "Big Ben" with a real tower clock and a weather vane, as well as a "Chum" - a suspended tunnel with a wooden chum as an entrance.

The best time to visit the park is evening. With the onset of darkness, lanterns, garlands and LED strips on the slides are lit. The park shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, which creates a festive atmosphere.

Noyabrsk Criminal - latest reports

Its southern outpost, Noyabrsk, cannot definitely be called the criminal capital of Yamal. However, even here crimes are often committed, ranging from the most serious - stabbings, rapes, gang fights and armed attacks, to less significant offenses - thefts, car thefts, etc. So in the month of August of this year alone there were 2 murders, one car theft, several thefts of mobile phones, and the fact of illegal logging on the territory of the municipality was also recorded.

But one of the main problems of the city was and still is drug addiction. Thus, in the last six months alone, four local drug dens were discovered and liquidated in the city, in which acetylated opium was produced and consumed, and on September 12 of this year, drug control officers seized 48 sachets (80 grams) of the narcotic substance, packaged and prepared for use, from local residents. sales in Noyabrsk. Upon discovery of the latter, a criminal case was initiated.

Cultural attractions of Noyabrsk

The culture of Noyabrsk revolves around Nenets traditions. The amazing folklore, arts and crafts and history of the northern people are captivating with their extraordinary flavor.

Ethnographic Museum House of the Sun

  • Address: Pionerskaya st., 1, Samostroy village.

In many pagan cultures, the Sun played the role of the supreme deity. The peoples of the north also have rituals of sun worship. The museum's exhibitions tell about the pagan worldview, rituals associated with the Sun, as well as other customs of ancient and modern Nenets.

Most of the exhibitions are located outdoors. During the excursion, tourists can see wooden dwellings and plagues of the northern peoples. On the facade of each building there is an information plaque describing the house and its purpose.

The most interesting point of the excursion is the reindeer stall. Beautiful animals with powerful horns live in open enclosures. Anyone can feed them bread. Not far from the deer there is an enclosure with Alaskan Malamutes. Children will be happy to play with the dogs, and in winter they will be offered a dog sled ride.

At the end of the excursion, tourists will be treated to tea and bagels. In addition to the excursion program, the museum organizes themed and wedding photo sessions, holds master classes on making amulets and various children's competitions.

Museum of Military Glory named after. V.M. Grigora

  • Address: st. Lenina, 70A.

The Museum of Military Glory is the city's newest museum. This is the only institution in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug entirely dedicated to the military-patriotic education of youth. The initiator of the creation of the museum was V.M. Grigora is the chairman of the City Council of War Veterans.

The museum's exposition is dedicated to the events of the First World War, the Great Patriotic War and local conflicts. Among the exhibits are orders, uniforms of Red Army soldiers, original documents and photographs, personal belongings of soldiers and letters donated by relatives.

Of particular interest is the VR exhibition “Front”. The tour is carried out using virtual reality glasses. The theme of the exhibition is the history of the exploit of the icebreaker "Alexander Sibiryakov", which sank in 1942 during the battle.

After the virtual tour, tourists can see in person objects recovered from the icebreaker wreck site. The organization's activities extend beyond the museum. At local cultural centers, employees organize military-patriotic events: lectures, rallies and concerts.

Palace of Culture and Cinema "Rus"

  • Address: Sovetskaya st., 79.

The infrastructure of the large-scale cultural center includes:

  • A 3D cinema where they show the latest films from foreign and Russian cinema. Excellent acoustic and visual equipment will provide tourists with comfort and vivid emotions during the session.
  • A theater on the stage of which performances are staged for different audiences. Children will be interested in watching performances based on Russian and Nenets fairy tales. For adults, spectacular shows and productions of serious themes are organized.
  • A buffet where you can enjoy ice cream, drink tea or coffee.
  • “Rus” is a great place for family holidays and friendly gatherings.

Studio "World of Butterflies"

  • Address: Sovetskaya street.

A piece of the hot tropics flew into the northern city on colorful wings. An exhibition of live tropical butterflies will give tourists a vivid impression.

Butterflies live in spacious terrariums that recreate their natural habitat. Visitors have a unique opportunity to observe the life of beautiful butterflies, see the birth of insects and metamorphosis.

The studio organizes traveling exhibitions and photo sessions with butterflies, as well as master classes on making women's jewelry from felt, ceramics and clay. As souvenirs, tourists are left with brooches, pendants and earrings in the shape of butterflies.

In the gift shop you can purchase “butterflies in a flowerpot” and “butterflies in frames” as a gift or to add to your own collection.

Noyabrsk: expectations and reality

...I'm moving to a big southern city. This is exactly what I told my colleagues and friends while packing my things in Salekhard. It’s ironic, of course, but in comparison with the administrative center of Yamal, the oil capital is noticeably further south and significantly – three times – larger.

Pine trees grow here, new houses are being built, there are roads along which you can go “to the ground.” It was expected that life in the new place would become more joyful and happier. Now, four months later, we can sum up the first results: does Noyabrsk live up to expectations?

Not like everyone else

– You can’t even imagine how different Noyabrsk is from Salekhard.

– Noyabrsk is not like everyone else.

I heard these remarks from many new acquaintances. And from the first days I found a lot of confirmation.

The city is young, built in the mid-seventies. This is also noticeable in the street names. The streets of Vysotsky and Tsoi, Prospectors and Enthusiasts, the Square of Scorched Youth... And the usual institutions here are called differently. Not a library, but an intellectual center. Not a television editorial office, but a teleport. Not a museum, but a museum resource center. Everything here is bright, young, fresh, against the grain.

Products and prices

"There is a road there." This is how everyone in Salekhard reacted in response to my news about the move.

You know, Salekhard residents have a masochistic pastime – posting price tags from stores on social networks. Tomatoes for 500 rubles per kilogram, avocados for a thousand... The price of cherries and strawberries in June jumps far beyond the limits of common sense and the capabilities of the average wallet. Entrepreneurs throw up their hands: what did you want, in times of mud we deliver by plane... “Are your strawberries flying in business class?” - the townspeople are ironic.

Well, business is not business, but try delivering food when the city seems to be standing on a cloud. There is no road here. It is very difficult to explain to those who have never been here, but you cannot get to Salekhard by land. You can get there on wheels or on a winter road, but this is oh so difficult, you can’t drive a SUV on it. Or by ferry, which takes two days from neighboring Ugra. Another option is along the Northern Railway to the very end - the city of Labytnangi, and then across the Ob - in winter on ice, in summer by ferry. There is a little bad weather, and there is no communication between the cities.

This is how entrepreneurs get around - transporting food, clothing, building materials along complex routes, shifting a significant part of the costs onto the wallets of city residents.

In the south of the district everything turned out to be pleasantly predictable. The price of seasonal berries in May did not exceed three hundred rubles. And at the end of summer, grapes cost 79 rubles per kilo - excellent, strong, juicy, seedless, berry after berry.

Noyabrsk is located on a branch of the Sverdlovsk railway, there is also asphalt - I got behind the wheel and went on vacation. The road leading from the “ground” affects everything: in the prices of housing, clothing, furniture, and, accordingly, prices in restaurants, hairdressers... Retailers have long since moved in and settled down. “Pyaterochka”, “Magnit” and other grocery stores, “Austin” and other clothing stores, and others - furniture, catering.

Citizens, however, are not always satisfied with the range of goods. And they go to neighboring Surgut to get things.

Should you swim or go for a ride?

The opportunity to work out in different gyms was interesting. Double-GIS (a program for spatial orientation) offers more than a dozen points. There is plenty to choose from: Gazprom has tried, and several facilities built under the “Native Towns” grant promise high-quality active leisure.

There is no fifty-meter swimming pool in all of Yamal - alas, this is so. There is a regular, twenty-five-meter one, at the Zenit sports complex. But getting there is not easy, even taking into account the fact that it is open from six (six!) in the morning until ten in the evening, and the cashier opens the window early enough for the first visitors to swim early in the morning. You can buy a ticket for a one-time visit on the website, but you need to manage to catch the moment.

Gyms, yoga studios, ice courts, stadiums - if you want to play sports, then there is a choice. There is even an equestrian club. Horse riding can be done all year round. Horses are not taken to the arena only in severe frost or wind; the rest of the time they feel great.

The only thing missing is a shooting gallery and the opportunity to parachute from an airplane.

By the way, Novemberers or Novemberans?

Journalists say this and that, but we know that it is the writing brethren who are at the forefront of the Russian language. They taste it and decide. By analogy with the residents of the city of Oktyabrsk, one should say “Novembers,” and at first this was the case. But an alternative arose in everyday life.

Colleagues made a request to the Russian Language Institute. Which option is preferable? Capital philologists answered that it was the second: it is from it that the singular form of both feminine and masculine gender can be formed. November. November. And from the “Novembers”, try to build something similar.

The townspeople themselves call themselves Novemberans. Unlike the residents of Oktyabrsk, who did not bother with an alternative and did not acquire a katoikonym in the singular.


At the Eternal Flame on the wall of memory there are plaques with the names of heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Usually the names of townspeople who went to the front are written on such monuments. Noyabrsk, let me remind you, was founded in 1975; before the Komsomol construction there was not a yard here. Whose names are on the signs? Who are these people?

It turns out that the memory of veterans is immortalized - those who, having finished fighting, came here to develop new lands, who discovered and developed deposits. Who gave the rest of his life, his experience and the heat of his heart to the northern land.

I’ve never seen anything like this, have you?


Whatever, I was lucky. The employer provided an apartment in a new microdistrict. The windows face two sides at once, and the city is visible in two directions.

Housewarming! With all the accompanying things: what furniture is needed and where to get it. Colleagues helped a lot; many found something to donate for the first time. So the apartment now has a double bed, a sofa, an oval dining table, a kitchen set, a chest of drawers... Of course, everything is not in its first youth, but in excellent condition.

A neighbor saw another locker being brought into the open door and asked: “Do you need a laundry basket?” Her apartment turned out to be the same, only a few floors higher. I left my neighbor with two saucepans, an ironing board and dryer, and a laundry basket.

And... with a place for a car: “Wow, near that Niva, do you see the free space? Have time to occupy it."

Yes, there is a parking problem, just like in other cities. It is important not only to park the car near the house - you need to throw a cord to it to warm it up in winter. And this is a familiar sight for any northerner: cords stretch to parking lots, from the fifth floor, and from the seventh, and from the ninth, and electric plugs stick out from under the hoods. It’s rare that a Salekhard resident can resist pranking city guests: “Look, we’ve all switched to electric cars a long time ago.”

The problem of heating cars was solved only in Labytnangi, and then only in one yard: they installed something like an electric water heater, which can be used for a rent.

Well, in other cities, including the oil capital of Yamal, everything is the old fashioned way: parking under the window, cable, socket. Places are distributed among neighbors over the years; who stands where is decided not in one day, and not at a meeting, but in long neighborly disputes, not always peaceful. Therefore, a free space for an iron horse is a truly valuable acquisition, as in any northern city.

And here is the difference between the November courtyards in the new microdistrict: the pine trees have been preserved here. The city is reclaiming space from the taiga, but does not completely destroy all living things that grow on the site of the future microdistrict. And walking among the nine-story buildings, you can easily see a real forest beauty, as if lost in a forest of houses. She looks into the windows of the fifth floor, reminding us that just recently, just a few years ago, the forest was rustling here.

The townspeople are also proud of the fact that a large forest area has been preserved right in the middle of the city. Squirrels live here, anthills grow year after year, and in the fall people even pick mushrooms.

And finally, the famous mosquito

“We have a hundred mosquitoes!” - say the city residents.

June, July, August I was in the city and went into the forest. I just want to say: guys, mosquitoes are such a black cloud of fat, itchy bodies that you can’t hide from even under a blanket. Mushroom pickers' mosquito nets only attract them, and repellents seem like a delicacy, and all the blood-sucking creatures of the surrounding tundra flock together if you go out into the forest with a basket.

This is what happened in the Arctic Circle. But these pale creatures, numbering no more than a dozen, flying among the pines, cannot bear the proud title of mosquitoes. Moreover, you won’t see them at all in the city. Unless you're very lucky.

All your (our, our) blood-sucking creatures are buried under a long-legged, long-nosed metal brother, which is installed far enough from the center that you won’t be able to take a walk during the evening promenade.

Come true

Yes, I've been here before. But on business trips I remember Noyabrsk as something else – warmer and more comfortable. And for the first couple of months he seemed to be testing me. It was April, then May. A snowless, dusty, dim city that confused you in its streets and persistently reminded: “When you come, Noyabrsk is not like everyone else, don’t interfere with your standards, comparisons and expectations.”

And on the eve of summer, in a matter of days, the trees dressed in light green, the cleaning machines washed and combed the roads and sidewalks, the air became warmer, and the fountains turned on.

The streets lined up logically in my head, and new numbers and names appeared among my phone contacts every day.

The picture took shape, and the city smiled: “Don’t worry. I’m your age, and I also expect a lot from you. Let's get to know each other. It takes time for me to call you a November woman..."

And Nikolai Beresnev’s video perfectly conveys my summer impressions of Noyabrsk!


Olga Sytnik, Salekhard - Noyabrsk

Photos by the author (except Komar's photo).

Active recreation in Noyabrsk

The main sports in the far north are skiing, hockey, reindeer and dog sled racing. Winter sports are developing at a rapid pace in Noyabrsk, but other sports are not forgotten either. Tourists will be able to visit swimming pools, gyms and football matches.

Ice Palace "Avangard"

  • Address: st. Prospectors, 65.

The city's main ice arena is located in Avangard. Hockey sections and figure skating sections take place here. During the hours when the ice is free from training, mass skating or amateur hockey competitions are organized.

Avangard also hosts competitions for professional hockey teams and figure skaters. In addition to the ice arena, the infrastructure of the complex includes a gym and choreography hall.

Cultural and sports complex "Yamal"

  • Address: Sovetskaya st., 51.

KSK "Yamal" hosts a variety of sporting events:

  • mini-football games;
  • dance festivals;
  • children's sports competitions;
  • charging;
  • fitness marathons;
  • long distance running;
  • health days.

The complex also hosts creative classes in pop and choral singing, ballet, acting, painting and origami. The program of mass cultural events includes master classes in face art, makeup, graphics and postcard making.

Fitness club "Alaska"

  • Address: Sovetskaya st., 93.

Fitness club "Alaska" provides a lot of services. Tourists will be able to visit a gym with high-quality modern equipment, a comfortable gym, a sauna and a magnificent swimming pool.

Alaska has a large selection of wellness programs that help you stay in great shape and improve your overall health. If you wish, you can order individual training and use the services of a professional trainer.

The most beautiful and unusual architecture of Noyabrsk

The attention of tourists is attracted by unusual buildings that stand out against the backdrop of urban development and add an interesting touch to the landscape of Noyabrsk.

Fire Tower

  • Address: street 60 let USSR, 25.

The fire tower is the high-rise dominant feature of Noyabrsk. It can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. It is an eight-story tower with a spire and an electronic clock. The tower is made of red brick. On the top floor there is a fire department observation post.

Pedestrian fountain

  • Address: Yamal Square.

A pedestrian fountain adorns the square in front of the Yamal Cultural and Sports Complex. The jets rise directly above the sidewalk. Citizens can not only admire them, but also walk between the crystal streams.

In the evening, the lights turn on and the fountain begins to play with bright colors. Along with the lighting, the music turns on, and the “pedestrian” fountain turns into a “dancing” one. This attraction has won the love and admiration of both November residents and tourists.

What temples and churches of Noyabrsk are worth seeing

In the multinational city of Noyabrsk there are temples for different religious denominations. Orthodox churches and Muslim mosques demonstrate the difference in the standards of national architecture. But they all serve a single purpose - to support the spiritual life of the city.

Temple of the Archangel Michael

  • Address: ave. Mira, 72.

The red brick Orthodox church is designed in the style of Russian architecture. The building has a base in the shape of a cross. The central massif is crowned with five domes painted gold. The composition of the chapters is closed on four sides by pediments.

A tetrahedral apse adjoins the temple from the west, and a two-tier bell tower with a hipped roof from the east. The temple attracts attention with its unusual red and white colors with golden elements.

Construction of the temple began in 1990, but after some time it became clear that the chosen location belonged to one of the November enterprises.

The building was built only in 1997, and landscaping was completed in the early 2000s. The long-awaited opening took place in May 2005, and a year later a Sunday school began operating in the church. Currently, religious services are held here regularly.

Cathedral Mosque

  • Address: st. Vladimir Vysotsky, 17.

The mosque was founded in the fall of 2004. The impressive red brick building is topped with an emerald-colored helmet-shaped dome and matching tents on the towers. The composition is completed by a tall minaret with a golden peak that shines dazzlingly in the sun. This mosque is the largest in Yamal.

In addition to religious activities, the mosque is involved in the social and educational development of youth. There is a spiritual school here, where children study Arabic, Islamic culture and read the Koran.

Historical monuments and monuments of the city of Noyabrsk

Fragments of the history of Noyabrsk and Russia are reflected in memorial compositions. Tourists should not pass by these monuments, because they can tell a lot about the city and its inhabitants.

Monument to Aviators, Romantics, Discoverers of the Tyumen North

  • Coordinates on the map: 63.179650, 75.289772.

The first air expeditions on the territory of the Tyumen North were carried out on Mi-8 helicopters. In the late 1990s, one of these hero helicopters was donated to Noyabrsk as a memorial.

“Mi-8” is placed on a pedestal with a memorial plaque and the city’s coat of arms. The helicopter has been restored and is in excellent condition. You can take a memorable photo against its background.

Monument to the Defenders who fell in the Great Patriotic War

  • Address: Memory Square.

The sculptural and architectural complex was founded in 1985, making it the oldest monument in Noyabrsk. The composition consists of a red granite slab with a bronze high relief of a soldier and bas-reliefs of banners.

Along the wall is a slogan engraved in gold. The Eternal Flame blazes at the foot, and behind the bronze soldier rises an obelisk with mourning tiles and a silver Order of Victory.

Square of Scorched Youth

  • Coordinates: 63.187368, 75.442341.

The Square of Scorched Youth was founded in 1997 in honor of the young men who gave their youth and lives while performing army duty in local conflicts. Between 1978 and 1997 Two thousand Yamal residents were called up to serve in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Tajikistan. Among them are 900 November youths.

The center of the complex is a combat reconnaissance landing vehicle. Memorial plaques are installed on a pedestal made of stones.

Memorial composition “Bread of our memory”

  • Address: ave. Mira, 70A.

A loaf of bread and several cut slices lie on a folded towel with patterned edges. The composition is made of bronze and the detail is amazing. The grains are visible in the slices of bread, and the stitches are visible on the towel.

The unusual sculpture is located near the Temple of the Archangel Michael. It was installed in honor of the two hundredth anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812. At the foot of the monument they laid a box with a handful of soil from the Borodino field. Similar monuments were opened in several cities of Russia.

Sculpture “Hero-Fireman”

  • Address: street 60 let USSR, 25.

In 2014, talented sculptor Valery Chaly designed an impressive composition that reflects the power and severity of the firefighter profession. The monument is a bronze statue of a fireman holding a heavy fire hose.

The grand opening of the monument took place in honor of the 365th anniversary of the formation of the Russian fire department.

Monument “Together for the Future”

  • Address: OGTS-2 microdistrict.

The picturesque monument consists of several bronze sculptures. In the center are the indigenous residents of Yamal (father and son). It was as if they had just come out of the plague.

A devoted dog hangs nearby and a reindeer rests. This part of the composition symbolizes the historical and cultural origins of Yamal. Behind the tent on the left and right are a geologist (a symbol of the development of Yamal) and a gas worker, personifying the stability and well-being of the region.

All together: indigenous people, scientists and modern generations working side by side for a brighter future.

Monument to the Pioneers of the Noyabrsk Oil and Gas Complex

  • Coordinates: 63.177724, 75.292445.

A white stone stele with a bas-relief of a young man raising burning “black gold” in a bowl was inaugurated in September 1997. On that day in November, people celebrated City Day and the professional holiday of oil workers. The composition was created by local artist G.R. Ziangirov.

Beautiful urban sculpture

Unusual compositions depicting everyday scenes, the beauty of nature, or having a hidden metaphorical meaning also deserve the attention of tourists. These small “surprises” give the city its individuality and add “zest”.

Sculpture "Crocodile"

  • Address: Pionerskaya street.

This sculpture immediately catches your eye. A full-scale crocodile with an open toothy mouth and a curved tail is crawling along the side of the building. Discarded spare parts were used as material for the sculpture. The original project came out of the hands of the enthusiastic artist Valery Chaly.

Monument to Komar (Master of Siberia)

  • Coordinates: 63.190737, 75.551731.

The only monument in Russia to the blood-sucking monster, which is the nightmare of all residents of the swampy lowlands, was also created by Valery Chaly. Like the Crocodile, the Mosquito is made from old parts. The cyber insect looks terrifying and will definitely be remembered by tourists.

"Trace of Bigfoot"

  • Address: Park of Culture and Leisure.

Some argue that long before the mammoths, the Yettis ruled Yamal. In 2009, on the territory of Noyabrsk, the imprint of a huge foot was discovered, which could only belong to Bigfoot. In the Noyabrsk park there is a stone wall with a copy of the imprint and a historical note about how the Novemberans proved the existence of Yetti.

Composition “Eternal Love”

  • Address: ave. Mira, 54.

An unusual sculpture is located at the entrance to the registry office building. The composition is quite abstract, so people’s imaginations depict moths, cobras, octopuses in it... In fact, the artist depicted a flower in a vase, to which, like butterflies, a winged young man and girl in love flew in.

The sculpture is decorated with colored glass that shimmers beautifully in the rays of the sun. In the evening, the monument to Eternal Love is illuminated by built-in light bulbs, which also gives it a fabulous look.

Monument to the Reading Couple

  • Address: ave. Mira, 70.

A couple in love sits on a bench in the middle of a blooming square. A girl in a summer dress holds an open book in front of her, and the young man interrupted his reading. Lost in thought, he looks into the distance. Apparently, the lines of the book led him to philosophical reflection.

The bronze sculpture decorated Noyabrsk in 2006. This is the original project of the city Intelligence Center, which won the “City Brand” competition.

Sculpture "Polar Bears"

  • Address: Magistralnaya street.

The polar bear is a symbol of the Arctic region, as well as courage, endurance and perseverance, without which it is impossible to survive on this harsh land. It is not for nothing that two polar bears adorn the coat of arms of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Stone sculptures of polar bears appeared in Noyabrsk in 2012. A large male, female and cub are made in a realistic manner. This is a very sincere, beautiful composition that is definitely worth visiting with your child.

Sculpture “Fisherman on winter fishing”

  • Address: Pioneer Street.

The sculpture depicts an everyday scene: a middle-aged fisherman in warm winter clothes pulls a fishing line from an ice hole. Next to him is a travel suitcase, a drill and a bottle of alcohol.

This sculpture looks especially organic in winter, when the fisherman’s hat with earflaps and felt boots are dusted with snow. The composition was created by the same Valery Chaly, but this time he worked with bronze, and not with spare parts.

Climate and ecology of Noyabrsk - about the weather in November and more

The territorial affiliation of Western Siberia also determined the characteristic climatic features of the city. Noyabrsk is located in the northern part of the temperate climate zone in an area of ​​harsh continental climate. Winters here are frosty and long with strong cold winds and last, as a rule, from mid-October to early May, and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of -19.3 °C.

Winter in Noyabrsk Children's Park

The warm period of the year in Noyabrsk falls on a very short period - May-September - with the warmest month in July with an average monthly temperature of 16.5 °C. Often at this time the city experiences intense heat, and the air can warm up to +25..+30°C. At the same time, throughout the year, an insignificant amount of precipitation falls on the territory of Noyabrsk, not exceeding 400 mm per year.

Living in the harsh climatic conditions of the city is quite difficult: the number of days without sun in Noyabrsk fluctuates between 115-135 days (almost half of the year), and the weather itself is characterized by sharp temperature changes, when within one day or even several hours the thermometers can drop or rise by 10-20°C. Despite the fact that the average annual air temperature in Noyabrsk fluctuates between -3.4..-3.2 °C, recently, on January 12, 2006, an absolute minimum temperature was recorded on the territory of the southern outpost of Yamal, which amounted to - 58.95 ° C.

Taking into account the oil-producing status of the city, the administration of Noyabrsk created a special environmental department in the city economy, responsible for implementing the strategy for environmental protection and creating a favorable environmental situation in the city and surrounding areas, both in order to preserve the health of the local population and to preserve natural resources potential of the municipality. Over the past ten years, the environmental department has carried out a huge number of activities. These included the construction of landfills for household and industrial waste and urban sewage treatment plants, the elimination of unauthorized landfills and dilapidated or burnt-out dilapidated buildings in the city and its industrial zones, the arrangement of dog walking areas and the provision of the municipal territory with a sufficient number of waste containers, etc. d.

Picturesque lakes in the vicinity of Noyabrsk

In the vicinity of Noyabrsk there are beautiful lakes. For tourists they are of great interest not only because of aesthetics, but also because of the mass of entertainment available here.

Lake Hanto

  • Coordinates on the map: 63.229520, 75.415208.

Lake Hanto turns blue in the north-west of Noyabrsk. In 1976, they wanted to name the city in honor of this lake, but they chose the month of arrival of the first landing group of railway construction workers.

Khanto, together with its source - the Hanayakha River - has long been famous for its abundance of fish. Here the Nenets cast nets, set traps and swam on koldankas.

Several years ago there was a beach on the lake, but due to the rapid growth of underwater vegetation it became unsuitable for swimming. Currently, the lake is popular with boaters and fishermen. Fishing competitions are held annually on Hanto. The lake is home to sorog, pike, perch and cheesefish.

Lake Svetloe

  • GPS coordinates: 63.256051, 75.558967.

Lake Svetloye is recognized as a natural monument of Noyabrsk. It got its name because of the crystal clear water, which even on the cloudiest days shines blue. The lake area is an ecotourism point. Health trails stretch through the dense mixed forest.

There are sandy beaches in several places on the coast. Far from the noise, fishermen cast their fishing rods. Divers also come to Svetloe Lake - it is deep enough and interesting for diving.

See also the sights of other cities of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug - Salekhard and Novy Urengoy

It will take more than one week to see all the sights of Noyabrsk. But you will want to stay in this city longer, because it literally infects with its energy and captivates tourists with its tireless rhythm, as in Nenets folk songs. Such places remain forever in the memory and hearts of travelers!

Noyabrsk - reviews from those who moved

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01/01/2022 at 21:25


A city you want to leave and never return. And this is Noyabrsk. I’ve lived here for 26 years, and every year it gets worse. Salaries on the ground are much higher than here in the city, the city's enterprises have been killed. There is no more “VMU”, “Service Drilling Company”, even the workover was destroyed. The industrial zone has turned into an abandoned place. There were so many enterprises. There is simply no normal work, Gazprom Neft is moving its enterprises to Tyumen, Gazprom Dobycha is moving east, towards Chayandinskoye. Rents are being inflated inadequately, and accidents on heating networks have become more frequent. Medicine is still a quiet horror; you won’t get any planned help. And there are no more specialists left. Local schools want to leave the best; for so many years they have not been able to acquire normal specialists in the field of education. There is really nowhere to go, except to the station to get on the train and leave, and never return. What happened to the region of the far north.

01/11/2022 at 15:42


And what is Noyabrsk in the sky????

01/14/2022 at 09:52


This means “big” land. The main mainland, where most of the country's population lives. Settlements, historically located in inaccessible places, were perceived as “islands” by those who came to extract minerals. Although now, in the era of the Internet, this is probably not felt so much.

02/07/2021 at 06:08


Wow, a town with a population of more than 100 thousand. We haven’t been to the northern “cities”, where the population barely exceeds 10 thousand and prices are 2 times higher. So your Noyabrsk is a resort.

09.27.2020 at 14:05


I read it here and everyone is so unhappy. For me, a normal city, calm, small, comfortable, more or less clean and fenced. Yes cold. What else did you expect when moving to the north? A city in a swamp, surrounded by a lake-river-swamp-swamp-swamp, and is anyone surprised by mosquitoes and midges? Seriously? Noyabrsk has its own atmosphere, and the people are quite adequate, and the connections are the same as everywhere else, and they steal like everywhere else. Otherwise there is such surprise and indignation, as if everyone in Russia is honest and incorruptible, the roads are beautiful everywhere, and everything is for the people. There is a job, but if you don’t like it, that’s a different conversation. Art galleries? Believe me, it will be -35 outside, and just for the sake of looking at the pictures, you won’t want to move through the freezer one more time (ihmho). There is a museum resource center, a bunch of interest groups/clubs, those who are interested will find it. I like Noyabrsk, I always want to return from big cities, here I can take a break from the whirlwind. Yes, it may seem boring, so find something to do/entertain yourself, and the rest will somehow cope with it.

07/01/2020 at 14:54


Good afternoon. We moved to November in the fall of 2022. What I want to say, the nature here is beautiful, there is winter in the literal sense of the word and for about 9 months, I am from the south, I have never experienced anything like this, it was unusual, at first I liked the climate, then I even got tired of it, in the end I even got used to it, because I love winter, the only amount of it in Noyabrsk confused me, in general the city is small, there is something interesting, but not enough, there would be a large art gallery here and more than one, a lot of work on cultural prosperity, entertainment there aren’t any, you don’t really go anywhere, it’s more like an urban village, salaries are almost the same as in the south, unless you work in a large company, Gazprom or Yaritz, but if you occupy a position higher than a sales cashier and a sales consultant, then in the area 40,000 thousand rubles, sellers receive 25-30 thousand rubles, honestly considering what prices are everywhere, in grocery stores, for clothes, in local markets and stores in November, namely the oroda shops, brands unknown to us, are expensive, and the goods are higher in terms of cost, especially fruits and vegetables, okay, the price is terrible, and also the product does not always justify the cost, the quality is poor, to which I can say, it’s worth thinking about growing vegetables and fruits in greenhouse conditions, at least some, because of freight transportation in distant and natural conditions, the goods deteriorate, sometimes not having time to arrive safe and sound, not to mention the quality, market prices are high, buying a warm jacket in the shopping center north costs 2-3, or even 4 times more expensive than in Astrakhan, although Astrakhan is 5 times larger in population than Noyabrsk, and even more, I think it’s all because it’s in the north, but since the province is looking where it is, we need to come up with something, it has long been believed that in the north they live richly, salaries are high, now the picture is different, Yes, and there are those who have it and there is a small part of the percentage, everyone else gets a little, those who rent an apartment, in general, I think they work for an apartment, and also earn extra money for a living, renting an apartment is expensive, in Astrakhan you can find from 5000 rubles and above, and in the center, this is such nonsense, and in good condition, as for the people in Noyabrsk, there are few good people, and most importantly kind ones, there are a lot of boorish and boorish people, ill-mannered people, and indigenous people, maybe the cold affects them that way)))) With the move and I laugh less, I’m more serious, the north has such an influence and teaches me a lot, but I haven’t lost myself and remain the same kind, positive, but everything in moderation, in hospital queues people are angry, there are also hysterics, like everywhere else people are different here , but over the past 3 years, I’ve only encountered negativity here, in the south people are kinder, excuse me, I’m writing as it is, good luck to everyone and all the best))

12/26/2020 at 7:46 pm


People, how do you live there, it’s cold. I'm freezing in the Urals. You are now over forty. How are you there?

Ilya Chistyakov
05/11/2020 at 13:10


I don’t know how it is with you, but personally my MOTHER earns 55 - 56 thousand rubles. per month, working as a teacher in a music school (if with an advance). Although seriously, this is still not enough, we live without a father. And yes, 55 thousand rubles. she earns WITHOUT benefits for the loss of her father. Maybe it’s that you’re just “not local”, I don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Marusya Klimova

Left the city in 2005. And in 2022 I came to visit friends. God, how things have changed. The city is unrecognizable, there is only trade and commerce all around. A friend who has lived here since 1981 is struggling to make ends meet. Where are the northern salaries, where is the respect for working people? Nightmare, I would never want to come back here!

I've been living here for a long time.

I've lived in this city for a very long time. There was good and bad, but what is happening now simply cannot be explained by any common sense. In short, only those in power live like human beings, and the common people survive as best they can, sometimes it seems that those in power live in a parallel world created for themselves. Salaries are very small, on par with central Russia, but the spending of northerners on average in Russia is much higher than in other regions. In enterprises and government Nepotism flourishes in institutions; only relatives and brothers-in-law work in all the bread-winning jobs; some of them have no specialized education. The roads are in poor condition; repairs are mostly patchwork and in very small quantities. There are not enough parking spaces near shops; sometimes near hospitals there is nowhere to stay and everything is packed. In general, the city is gradually turning into a hybrid settlement of ancient Rome, divided into masters and cattle who live according to their own principles, everything is law for the rest.


Good day to all! My appeal is intended for those who are not indifferent to everything new, interesting, scientific, who likes to gain new experiences and enjoy their contribution (even minimal) to public affairs). Today, sociologists are conducting a survey of residents of the city of Noyabrsk and the Purovsky district of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of marriageable age who have permanent or temporary registration in the territory of the Autonomous Okrug. The purpose of the research work is to obtain data on the state of the family institution in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, to determine factors influencing the causes of divorce, to identify socio-demographic, gender, economic, and motivational features of divorce in a modern family; development of recommendations for creating optimal conditions for improving the status of the family, providing practical and psychological assistance to families living in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. I ask everyone who cares about the fate of their hometown/district to follow the link: and speak out by answering the questions in the questionnaire!


I lived in Noyabrsk for 12 years, lived in a wooden house, it was terrible, it was a 2-room apartment, they gave us a one-room apartment in the 8th microdistrict, dirt and garbage everywhere, thousands of cars, and there is only one exit from the microdistrict, cars are parked everywhere on the sidewalks and on both sides of the road


Good day to all! I want to tell the residents of Noyabrsk that they live in an environmentally friendly city, this is a big plus for their health. Very tasty water, not poisoned by chlorine. Don’t envy other cities, the environment and drinking water are much worse there. Both adults and children get sick much more often. There is also no work, the salary is very small. And as for housing and communal services tariffs, the residents themselves are to blame. They are very inert, you need to regularly demand a report from the management company on the funds used specifically for your home. Only the owners decide how much money is needed to maintain the house. Since there is no such decision from the owners, the management company is being abused, they do not know where to hide millions of profits. The city is like a city and the people are as different as anywhere else. If you want to work, you need to search, achieve, study. In other cities there is the same administration, the same doctors, teachers. The city has more positive advantages than on “EARTH”.

Mikhailov Alexander Viktorovich

If you are a hunter or fisherman, you will like it here. Nature is super!!! I have never seen such fishing anywhere. Perhaps that's all the positives. The salary (if you are not an employee of Gazprom) is the same as in the “warmer” regions of Russia, but the prices for utilities and things are very different.

When moving here, be prepared for winter for 9 months. There may not be summer... So, my advice to you is that if you were not invited to work at Gazprom, then you should not come here


Noyabrsk is a young oil and gas town in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Despite the harsh climate, the city is very bright, colorful and quite prosperous. It’s nice to walk along the streets here, everything is clean and landscaped, there are many monuments, interesting and unusual monuments. In general, a promising town, if not for one thing, the north is the north. Living here is hard and cold! Well, the environment, thanks to the oil and gas industry, suffers greatly.

The Novembers are cultured and educated people who scrupulously monitor the cleanliness of their city. It is worth noting that the lion's share of the population is of working age; there are almost no pensioners. This is quite understandable; when people retire, they leave here for cities with a warmer and more comfortable climate.

Noyabrsk has a well-developed transport network, there is also an airport and a railway line. The city has decent modern roads with high-quality asphalt surface. There are almost no traffic jams in the city, thanks to well-designed transport interchanges. Public transport - buses and minibuses, run on schedule. Although there are incomprehensible delays, which is extremely unpleasant in the cold weather typical of these places.

Prices in Noyabrsk are significantly higher than the national average, sometimes by 30%-50%. Everything is more expensive: food, clothing, and household appliances. If everyday products have to be purchased at exorbitant prices, then for large purchases (equipment, cars), local residents travel outside the southern borders of the region. Popular entertainment options include clubs, bars, restaurants, modern cinemas, sports centers, and an ice palace. Be prepared that prices in all of the listed establishments are obscenely high. After all, in the North, wherever you look, everything is expensive.

The crimes committed in Noyabrsk range from carjackings and thefts to more serious ones - murders and stabbings. I'm glad that the latter happen extremely rarely in the city. But the main problem of the city is drug addiction. So, although our city is not criminally dangerous, it cannot be called calm either. It’s definitely not worth walking here alone...


The city is barely breathing, only Gazprom and government employees live there normally, but you can’t get a job there without cronyism. The average salary is 20-25. In the city of Muravlenko, Gazprom was closed, so people don’t know what to do with the apartments, and they don’t belong to anyone there anymore are needed, the same thing awaits November. Apartments are getting cheaper and are not for sale, young people mostly study there and stay there for permanent residence. There are no prospects here. We paid 7 thousand for utilities. for 2. The apartment was sold cheaper than we bought it, the market is good here. The child was constantly snotty. I don’t advise anyone to live here, and whoever does, don’t linger. It just doesn’t make sense, the north hasn’t been the same for a long time. Salaries are like on earth. We moved from there and are very happy.


She lived in the city all her life. Everything about nepotism is correct, there are no relatives or acquaintances, you can’t get into the civil service or Gazprom. They hire really smart people for good jobs only when it is absolutely impossible to place their own people, when there is a narrow specialization. Children of oil and Gazprom workers are often angry, spoiled, proud of their superiority, and can offend children from other, not so rich families. Many organizations in the industrial zone have closed, and layoffs are everywhere. Salary can be different, from 15,000 to 25,000 is the average. Prices are high, salaries are often as low as on earth. Ordinary people, like everywhere else in Russia, are good and bad. But now work is hard, everyone is fighting for work. There are places to go, but the cinema is not particularly interesting, and there are few people in the city, but a commercial cinema has recently opened. There are already places to drink coffee, there are a lot of coffee shops, there are restaurants. There are skating rinks and gyms. But everything requires money. The children's park is being reconstructed and there is plenty of room to go for a walk. But for an oil and Gazprom city, we live very modestly. And there is garbage and sometimes snow is not removed, it is not always comfortable, it is cold, the city is gray. Apartments are expensive, the owners themselves inflate the prices.


It’s already the second year since I moved to Noyabrsk, everything seems to be fine, but sometimes it’s very hard on my soul, there’s no one except my husband and son, home-work-kindergarten-home-work-kindergarten. All friends and relatives remained on earth.

I can’t say that I don’t like the city of Noyabrsk - everything is fine, I even tolerate the weather, it’s just that nostalgia has probably begun.....

I didn’t get a job for “cosmic” money - and why bother, my son is not even 4 yet, and you need connections to get to Gazprom.

My son goes to kindergarten, they used to get sick often, but now they are like everyone else. The kindergarten “Malvina” is not bad, everything is fine.

Now I live from vacation to vacation. Probably the problem of moving concerns everyone - from a small town to a big one or vice versa - it doesn’t matter, the age is not the same... and I don’t even know where I would like to move from Noyabrsk. to Tyumen? return to Omsk? I don't want it either. Overall a rotten city.

It turned out to be a sad post... overall everything is fine! Spring is coming . and then summer. Wishing all November and Tyumen residents happiness and love.


In Noyabrsk from birth and despite what it was like decades ago and what it is now, it’s incredible. The city has changed beyond recognition and began to look much more decent and beautiful. Various events are often held, the streets are decorated very beautifully. Everything is good, of course, but The climate here is not for the weak. It’s very cold, sometimes it can reach -45. But it’s not the climate that makes us love the city. On the one hand, the city is ordinary, but the clubs and schools here are very good. And the salaries are decent. If you were born here, then it’s your choice whether to live here or not. But if you are from another city, then I advise you to move to another city for permanent residence. Because you will quickly fall in love with this city and will not want to leave. And in general, I love my hometown, it is still young and everything is yet to come

Citizen Noyabrsky

Lived for 37 years in Noyabrsk. In order: roads are destroyed, sidewalks are destroyed, housing and communal services only suck money while doing nothing, there is nowhere to walk with a child, playgrounds are old tires dug in and painted back in the 90s. Children's park is old , dangerous, worn-out carousels. There is still no toilet in the park, what should a pregnant woman do in winter!? All the mayors only stole, and they are also promoted. I don’t know about Romanov, we just moved. There are generally 10 organizations left in the Industrial Zone, and they can barely breathe, the rest have been stolen. There are no jobs for young people at all. The utilities are crazy. There are only a few good doctors in city hospitals, the rest are just a herd. Only Gazprom and government employees receive decent salaries. They don’t invest money in the city at all. It’s summer for one month and then once every 3 years. I don’t advise anyone to go there. My family and I moved to Tyumen, we regret that we didn’t do this before. It’s a shame that the city turned into the bottom.


Nepotism rules in the city, all the best has already been divided, about 80% of young people do not work in their profession, there really is no work, and if there is, it’s just pennies. You say, why don’t you leave, but where am I at a dead end.


https://goroda-rossiya.rf/sity_id. php?id=153

In the nineties, I got a job in the city of Noyabrsk on a shift basis in the small enterprise “Our House”. The team turned out to be bad, I had to quit, then they didn’t give me a paycheck for six months until I wrote to the prosecutor, and even then they only gave me half. Then I got a job at SMU Noyabrsk-1, there was a Ukrainian company, they maintained a fur farm at the expense of shift workers. There was a team of fishermen there - they worked their shift and were shortchanged, then another got a job and everything was the same, in general it was just a deception. Then the shift from Ukraine was delayed and we, locals, five people, worked for a whole month and were deceived. I wrote to the prosecutor's office again and the boss fired me. Three apartments were already purchased from this schemer boss. But I liked the city, and the sports complex is good. There was a herbal bar there at that time; I donated sixteen kilos of chaga there and collected it after work. The city is properly planned, the industrial zone is separate from the residential one.

Denis Goryunov

I was here while I was dating a girl. He spent two summers in the city. I’ll tell you what catches your eye: there’s sand everywhere, on the streets, in the air, near the roads. There are even more mosquitoes than in my Nizhnevartovsk region. It is very cold in winter... The only cinema did not impress with its external and internal appearance. It is clear that they are not investing much in the city.


I have been living in Noyabrsk for 9 years. I think it’s a pretty decent and fairly well-kept city with a friendly population of 120 thousand. And there is somewhere to relax (if you know how to relax). And regarding the remarks that E-burg is cooler or Omsk. then people scream, to put it mildly, inappropriately. No one compares E-burg and Omsk with Mote-Carlo, or Las Vegas, etc. If you want to compare, then with something similar geographically and the number of population. Otherwise, the infrastructure of a city of a million people is compared to a city of just over 100 thousand. Come to Noyabrsk. Welcome : -)


I’ve lived in Noyabrsk almost all my life, now I’m 32 and never cease to be amazed at how the local population praises our city during interruptions, saying it’s clean and cozy, etc., etc. One gets the impression that we live here in the era of developed socialism, in its worst manifestations, stagnation, damn it, they’re blaring on TV how everything is good, the newspapers are writing about the successes of oil workers, etc. People stupidly believe that they live in the best city on the planet because people In our country, it’s mostly workers; this has been the case since the days of the workers’ village of Noyabrsk; in other respects, it remains so even now; it has only grown to a population of 100,000. About cleanliness: In fact, it’s only clean in winter, and even then because there’s a lot of snow in the spring, the situation changes dramatically, what saves is that there’s no dirt, the soil around is sandy, but there’s a lot of garbage, especially small, there aren’t enough trash cans, a couple of bulls in the center, there’s nowhere to throw it except on the oswalt.

About cozy architecture - Another myth, in my opinion, is the usual bedroom-district architecture, only the typical five-story buildings of which most in the center are painted in different colors, sometimes indecently banal. Well, wooden housing from the beginning of the development of the north is generally a separate issue. Once I was driving Muscovites around the city, they tormented me with questions about what kind of barracks they were and whether people lived in them, and then why do the barracks have siding, this is the latest KNOW-HOW of the local administration so that it is not visible what they are like? terrible, you never know, Guber will be driving from the airport, and the loot is probably not too bad to wash off (for reference, a one-room hut in such a barracks is worth a lemon) I won’t write about the railway station Petushki station of some kind (We have two stations, Noyabrsk-1 and 2, both terrible and small, the station infrastructure is completely absent) The airport is a little better, but also not a fountain, there is one cafe, a couple of stalls on the second floor, a room with chairs, a TV set under the ceiling, that’s all, it’s really clean at night, it’s closed by planes only during the day in the evening.

In the city there are no parks, squares, pedestrian boulevards with cafes and shops, there are two central streets, Sovetskaya and Mira Avenue, while walking along which you will not find a place where you can sit down to drink coffee or beer, and you can’t just sit on a bench everywhere due to the lack of the only thing that can offer our city, and even then only in the summer, kebabs are such stretched tents (ten) with plastic furniture, dishes, not tasty kebabs (average bill for two is 1000 with beer) There are simply no other summer cafes in nature, and there are very few such cafes, scattered throughout the city, prices are steeper than on the Black Sea in the first line near the shore (for example, a bottle of Baltika 3 poured into a glass 100 rubles to drink coffee for two 300-400) I can’t help but mention the fountain, we have such a local attraction, I’ll say right away there’s nothing to see but it’s worth seeing because it cost the local administration a few years ago 28 million rubles, officially this is the fountain for lam bucks. About leisure: There is one cinema Rus with two halls, two nightclubs Atlantis and Well, by the way, the well is a former arrack-type warehouse made of galvanized or aluminum, generally made of iron from the time the same barracks were built, there is a bowling alley, and several restaurants I won’t say the prices for a long time I didn’t know for sure to take you need at least three pieces, but that’s with a reserve

About the sincere people: The majority of the people, as the worker wrote, can drink at their own expense all night and get punched in the face in the morning, for the most part, smile little, have a lot of bullshit, rudeness and show-offs


I really agree with you about the present of the city. We arrived 24 years ago. The atmosphere in the city was different, more welcoming or rosy, or something. There were fewer shops and entertainment, but people were more confident. And now, after global privatization, the commercialization of everything and everyone has penetrated here. The scale of commercial real estate growth is terrifying. A banknote flies over the city like a flag, and everything is decided for the sake of this banknote for a narrow circle of people at the expense of another circle of an unlimited number of people. It's a pity. But I love this city, because the city of Noyabrsk is friends, relatives, acquaintances and just strangers, capable of talking to you on the street with a smile just like that.

Golf3 php/t-17883.html

Hole. GazProm rules there and Schlumberger hangs around a bit. I didn’t find anything interesting for myself there, no matter how many times I was invited to work there too.

It’s better to go to Surgut or, even worse, to Kogalym or Vartovsk

ZP, we’re definitely not northern...

it used to be like this, now Moscow is eating everything


https://goroda-rossiya.rf/sity_id. php?id=153

Currently, the city is dying due to lack of work and the lowest wages in the region in fact. The average salary is 20-25 thousand rubles. , because it killed all oil service enterprises, inviting companies from the ground. Now this is the most depressed city in Yamal - seven cases of suicide in 2016.


In Noyabrsk since 5 years, since 1985. We started life in Noyabrsk with a trailer. Northerners know what it is. Barrels... Remember? From the same series. It happens when people stand at bus stops in the morning waiting for the bus. -47! Fog. Darkness. (Thank God the streets are all lit). Everyone is bundled up, only steam is pouring out. Breathe! This picture always reminds me of penguins on an ice floe. But during the vacation period, which is 66 days, I manage to miss the city terribly. I drive up or fly up to the city and my heart breaks out of my chest. Although we are happy to travel to other cities and countries in the summer! But my soul is warm right here, in cold Noyabrsk. I wish you to feel comfortable where you live!


lived in November for 16 years. All my adult life I dreamed of leaving for the mainland... and now it happened... I left for Samara. I’ve been living in Samara for 5 months now. horror!!!!! the city is dirty, people are angry and envious... CANNOT in one word!!! And November is a clean, well-groomed, neat little town!!! people are kind and welcoming. and as for cultural life, excuse me, it means you were looking in the wrong place... and you can have a great time in November!! and the salary in November is good... can’t be compared with the pennies they pay in Samara. With this money, God forbid, I can go to a club or bowling at least once a month!!! so think about it... either sit in November with money, or on the mainland count pennies to each his own!!!!!!!!!


https://goroda-rossiya.rf/sity_id. php?id=153

I lived in Noyabrsk for half my life, everything happened, bad and good, but what is happening at this time is just some kind of chaos! The officials have become more insolent than ever, there is complete nepotism everywhere, in the best places and salaries only relatives and friends without education, everything is for their own people, and for the rest - according to the law, it has become some kind of disgrace, not the city. Salaries are meager for the Far North region, and try to find a job. I’m getting ready to leave here, but it’s a pity - so many years of life and health have been given to this city, and the city spits on you, no one needs you... if you don’t have connections and acquaintances.


https://goroda-rossiya.rf/sity_id. php?id=153

We left Noyabrsk six years ago, but we still regret that we didn’t do it earlier. Don’t fool people’s heads, those who seem to be happy with everything. Indeed, salaries are meager; you can earn more on land. It was good in the 90s-2000s. Until the Muscovites took everything into their own hands. And now earning money just to take the children to the sea in the summer, in my opinion, is stupid. It may be written a little chaotically, but my heart aches for my beloved city. There's nothing to do there now.

Master of Answers

Noyabrsk - the average age of city residents is just over 31 years.

At the same time, a characteristic feature of the population of Noyabrsk, like most cities of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, is a record proportion of people of working age from the total number

city ​​residents - more than 70%, while the share of children is about 21%, and people of retirement age - approximately 9% according to 2012 data.

This obvious “youth of the population” of Noyabrsk is a direct consequence of the outflow of its residents after finishing their working careers to the central and

southern regions of Russia with more favorable climatic and natural conditions.


How did this bottom even get on this list, in principle, like Urengoy (still a garbage dump). Believe me, I have been living in Yamal for 24 years since I was born. People on earth live EXACTLY the same as here: the same foreign cars, the same apartments, the same dachas, the same apartment renovations, the same last minute trips to Dubai, BUT in a gorgeous climate, nature, greenery, infrastructure. Today, salaries in the north differ from central Russia by 10-15%, and prices are 50% higher! Ask yourself, are you ready to rot away from normal life, in the cold, rain and winds for just an extra 5-10 thousand a month? Although there are plenty of enthusiasts everywhere.

PS People also live in Oymyakon (the coldest point in Russia). I agree if you were born and raised there, and you simply have nowhere to go and no need to go, but migrating to such cities is a mistake.



  • Architecture
  • TV studio
  • Playgrounds
  • Rest zone
  • Drivers' courtesy.


  • quality of roads in the industrial zone

I often go on business trips around the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Been to almost all cities. Salekhard, Novy Urengoy, Noyabrsk, Tarko-Sale, Gubkinsky and many others. To be honest, I like Noyabrsk more than other cities. You can compare it with Novy Urengoy; these cities are similar in infrastructure. But Noyabrsk is more modern in my opinion. Beautiful buildings.

I especially liked:

  • Temple of the Archangel Michael
  • Fire station building
  • Intelligence center.
  • Lots of banners with the nature of YAMAL and smiling children. (and not advertising of goods, as in most cities)
  • Good children's playgrounds in the courtyards.
  • The courtyard areas are generally very large and well-groomed.
  • The architecture is thoughtful.
  • There is a children's park, a recreation area with a fountain and benches. They even have 2 of their own television studios.
  • Journalists competently cover the life of their city and approach their work very professionally.
  • What else surprised me was the politeness of drivers and pedestrians.
  • Traffic rules are followed. Everything is very good.

The only drawback is the quality of the roads in the industrial zone.

Anna 2

Today is June 4th, and we still don’t have a single leaf on the trees; people haven’t taken off their jackets even once. It snows almost every day. When walking with a child, we wear jackets, hats, scarves, mittens, etc. and this is in June!!! when people in other cities have been sunbathing and swimming for a long time!!! In short, a complete depressive. Think about whether you should come here, especially bringing your family.



  • Small cozy children's park
  • Adults are very good people and don’t abandon anyone in difficult times!


  • 90% of children use obscenities, bullying, and violence against others, some do not even understand what it means to be friends!

In 2014, I came to Noyabrsk for June-August for my godmother, and I was very pleased to be in the tundra for the first time! Everything seemed to be fine, but the most disgusting and disgusting lack of culture was the children!!!!! Yes, 90% of children are very disgusting towards strangers, I had 3 cases with such a situation

  • The first time a boy called me obscene names
  • 2nd case the girls ignored me
  • 3rd I already forgot which one

And if you remove these pranksters and hooligans, then the city would be a net plus!

I think I'll be more careful on my next vacation!!

General impression:

Nice and great northern city!

Andrey Zverev

Noyabrsk is a HOLE! There are no prospects for young people here. To say what a good city we have. just calm yourself down. , because what keeps people going is not the CITY, BUT EARNINGS, WHICH NOT EVERYONE HAS TRULY.


I've been living here for three years. I will express my subjective opinion. Let me start with the fact that due to some circumstances I had to come from the south to Noyabrsk, with my husband, a small child in my arms and a paunch at that time. I should immediately note that the daughter, who was born in the south and received all the vitamins, sunshine, and good air, does not get sick here as often as the son who was born here. Since birth, we almost immediately have sinusitis, and every quarter we go to the doctor with snot and fever. Upon arrival, my daughter lost her vision, and with each visit to the doctor it worsens, and the lenses in her glasses become thicker. Regarding work, there are many workers in male professions, with normal salaries, but there is one thing, employers often cheat on money, even officially employed ones. There are always vacancies in medicine and education. I don't know about the salary. In general, the city is clean, and public services work well in summer and winter. After 22.00 the city falls asleep. Several dozen cars pass by, and the city becomes quiet and calm.

Due to harsh weather conditions, there are few pedestrians on the street. There are a lot of young people in the city, a lot of large families, and a lot of elderly people who, for some reason, live out their old age here. Usually, people leave for warmer climes, and I also know many young families who, at the birth of a child, leave somewhere further south and do not return for any price. The city has entertainment for almost every taste, and it seems that the city is enjoying a cultural holiday. After all, you almost never see drunken groups on the street. However, this does not hide the fact that these people are not culturally, not at all culturally, vacationing in other places. I didn't like this city. Crazy cold, buses on a schedule that travel inexplicably. I was a little late and stood there freezing for 20, 30, or even 40 minutes. The wind pierces your face, it seems as if many small needles have dug into your skin. It’s terrible, I will never forget these frosts. Poor hungry dogs running through the streets in search of food, there is no shelter. Animals are freezing on the streets. In summer there are frequent forest fires. In 2015, there were fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory due to fires, and 70 bears lived in our district. In 2016 Anthrax, we were left without mushrooms, berries and fish. And in winter this is so lacking.

The central and northern part of the city, more civilized, permanent buildings. The outskirts and southern part of the city mostly include wooden buildings, which often burn, almost all of them are in disrepair and are subject to demolition. And those that were not demolished spoil the appearance of the city, the ruined, burnt, abandoned wooden buildings are a bit creepy. Everyone already knows about cliyat. There are kindergartens, my children got into kindergarten without any problems, the payment is almost 3,000 a month for one. And this is a simple kindergarten in a piece of wood, there are better ones, and not as expensive as friends say. There are new buildings. This is the new 8th microdistrict, into which residents are being relocated from unsafe buildings, and apartments there are also being sold at artificially inflated prices. In order not to write a lot about it, you can go to the 8th microdistrict group in Noyabrsk, read and chat with local residents. Find out about “conscientious” builders, immigrants from Turkey and others.

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