Sights of Kislovodsk. What to see in 3-5 days? (lots of photos)

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The city of Kislovodsk is a resort city in Russia, in which there are quite a lot of sanatoriums. Many diseases associated with almost all organs are treated here. But you can also come to Kislovodsk as a tourist, drink narzan from the springs and visit one of the most important attractions of Kislovodsk - the Kislovodsk National Park.

For those who are too lazy to read the entire text of the article, we are posting our video about a walk through the National Park and its main attractions:


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  4. 4. Narzan gallery
  5. 5. Mount Ring
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railway station

entrance to the resort park

Kislovodsk Dolphinarium


Kislovodsk, Promyshlennaya street, 5A

Operating mode:

performances start at 15.00, on Saturday and Sunday - at 11.00 and 15.00

The dolphinarium features performances by a fur seal, two beluga whales and two bottlenose dolphins. They can sing, dance, and perform acrobatic acts. Each performance is commented by an announcer and tells amazing things about sea animals, so this trip will be not only entertaining, but also educational. And not only for children, but also for adults.

Photo: Yuri Smityuk/TASS

It is worth remembering that splashes reach the spectators in the front rows: if you do not want to get wet, it makes sense to sit higher.

After the show, the dolphin can take the child for a ride in a boat and then kindly pose for a photo. For those who want to have a snack, there is a small buffet at the dolphinarium.

Every tourist should know

Today we will look at another resort town of the CMV called Kislovodsk. This city is beautiful at any time of the year. Kislovodsk is also valued for its large number of sunny days. While here, it is rare that the sun does not appear. The climate is quite interesting, at one moment it can rain and then in half an hour the bright sun will appear, and nothing will resemble cloudy weather.

The city of Kislovodsk itself is located on the mountains, so when traveling around the city, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing for walking. Also, if you decide to take a walk through the resort park of Kislovodsk, under no circumstances wear high-heeled shoes (trust me). Also, do not wear clothes that are not comfortable for long walks. Don't forget to bring a camera or video camera. For examples, see the photos and videos in the article.

There are also many sanatoriums in the city where you can undergo treatment or just relax. In many sanatoriums, you can rent a room with a view of Mount Elbrus and the entire Caucasus Range (a breathtaking sight).

Kislovodsk hotel

Kislovodsk alley

The main transport artery of the KMS resorts is the resort town of Mineralnye Vody, where the airport and large railway station are located.

restaurant in the park

Castle of Cunning and Love


Kislovodsk is famous not only for its healing waters. Tourists can relax here and learn a lot of interesting things:

  1. The city has many architectural and historical monuments that are being actively restored today.
  2. Kislovodsk was originally created as a resort city, so vacationers will be able to get acquainted with the traditions of resort holidays that were laid down in the 19th century.
  3. Many famous writers, poets and artists came to Kislovodsk for treatment at the waters; the history of Kislovodsk is closely connected with the work of the brilliant Russian poet Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov.
  4. Travelers will be able to improve their health even during a short stay in Kislovodsk with the help of local narzans and walks to memorable places.

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Castle of deceit and love

One of the most interesting sights of Kislovodsk can rightfully be considered the Castle of Treachery and Love. Few people can believe that such an unusual name hides one of the mountain peaks, which received its name for its resemblance to a sitting, hunched man and a romantic legend. Local residents claim that in ancient times, the poor shepherd Ali and his beloved princess Dawn lived in this place. The two lovers were not destined to be together, since the girl’s father did not agree to an unequal marriage. Then the young people decided to commit suicide by throwing themselves off a cliff. Ali carried out their idea, but Dawna was afraid of death and, on her father’s orders, got married. However, she did not live long - she died of painful longing for her beloved. The girl's father was so saddened by his daughter's departure that he turned into a stone cliff. Under this cliff flows a river named Alikonovka in honor of the young man.

Today, tourists who come to see the castle and the site have the opportunity to stay in a comfortable hotel at the foot of the cliff and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. In addition, in the 70s of the last century, a very unusual restaurant was opened in the Alikonovsky Gorge, built in the form of a medieval castle. Local residents claim that the famous tenor Fyodor Chaliapin liked to relax there. And once he performed in one of the upper grottoes of the rock. Look at the photo to see what the Castle of Cunning and Love looks like.

Anyone who comes to relax in Kislovodsk can see and hear all this. The Castle of Cunning and Love is open to everyone - single travelers and excursion groups.

Kislovodsk Castle of Treachery and Love

castle facade

castle panorama

river near the restaurant castle in Kislovodsk

local artists

beautiful plant

Travel expenses

Prices in September are 10–15% lower than in August. Let's roughly estimate the cost of travel together:

  • air tickets on the route "Moscow - Mineralnye Vody" ≈ 8,000 rubles round trip - find out the current cost of air tickets on →
  • taxi from the airport to Kislovodsk ≈ 1400 rubles according to the website →
  • ticket for the train "Moscow - Kislovodsk" ≈ 4500 rubles (reserved seat) one way - find tickets on →
  • accommodation in a 3* hotel in the city center ≈ 4600 rubles for a double room - find a hotel on or →
  • accommodation in a one-room apartment ≈ 1600 rubles per day when booking in advance through the service →
  • a hearty lunch in a cafe ≈ 1000 rubles for two;

You can have a snack right in the park.

  • a piece of soap made from local healing mud - 100 rubles per souvenir.

Kislovodsk is one of the best resorts in Russia. It can easily compete with European health resorts. And its park is better than its competitors. Combine water treatment with active walks, go on excursions to neighboring regions. And the next months of your life will be filled with optimism. And September is the best time for a good rest.

Article last updated: December 21, 2021

Narzan gallery

Not far from the Resort Park there is another attraction of Kislovodsk, which every guest of the city should visit - the Narzan Gallery. Initially, it was a simple canvas tent, but with the growing popularity of the drink - narzan, it was decided to replace it with a stone structure. The gallery became what it is today in 1851. It was built from yellow stone in the Gothic style; some compare the building to the castles of knights. Since its construction, the building has undergone minor changes, which did not affect its appearance in any way - the well was deepened, and the source was covered with a glass dome. This attraction of Kislovodsk can be seen in the video and photo in the article.

In the Narzan Gallery you can not only try the delicious and healthy drink Narzan, but also enjoy beautiful views during a leisurely walk. Tourists should definitely walk through the square with the fountain, look into the gallery building to see the Narzan streams flowing in the very center of the hall.

A huge advantage of visiting the gallery is free consultations with doctors on choosing water.

narzan mine in the gallery

narzan gallery

narzan gallery

Kislovodsk beautiful alley

Mount Ring

National Park

The main attraction of the resort is its unique park. He is very handsome and well-groomed. It has many interesting routes and attractions, and above all, the famous Kislovodsk healing springs.

If tourists come to the city for a couple of days, then first of all they should visit the National Park, as there are a lot of interesting things that you should definitely see in Kislovodsk. It is especially beautiful here in autumn. Vacationers in 2 days will be able to get an idea of ​​all the main beauties and attractions, as well as restore strength even in such a short time.

The park is always full of vacationers who want not only to walk in beautiful places, but also to receive medical treatment. For this purpose, there are special paths for therapeutic walking - terenkurs. There are a total of 4 routes of varying difficulty and length in the park:

  1. 1,700 meters long . It's called review. There are small climbs here that anyone can easily overcome.
  2. Length 5,800 meters . This route allows you to see some of the attractions of the National Park.
  3. It is considered the longest. Its length is 13,200 meters. It is specially created for those vacationers for whom heavy loads are contraindicated and are recommended to simply walk a lot.
  4. This route is the most difficult , as pedestrians will have to overcome rather steep climbs, the steepness of which reaches 13 degrees.

The National Park has many attractions that tourists can see in a few days.

First of all, you need to visit the famous Narzan Gallery, after which you can go for a walk along the paths of the park. Experts say that this way the healing waters of Kislovodsk are better absorbed by the body.

Ring Mountain

In the vicinity of Kislovodsk there is a rather interesting place, which is also one of the attractions of Kislovodsk - this is Mount Ring. This attraction was created by nature itself. Over time, strong wind currents blew out a huge hole on the edge of the mountain that resembles a ring. At the foot of the mountain there is a coniferous forest. There, local residents have set up a small market where you can buy souvenirs to take home. Which will remind you of the time spent in Kislovodsk.

Mount Ring in the vicinity

Mount Ring in the vicinity

panoramic view

panoramic view of the Ring Mountain in Kislovodsk

Chaliapin's house

Holidays in September

Almost everywhere in Russia, city days are held in September. In Kislovodsk, this holiday will take place in 2022 on September 18. It is held on the third Saturday of the first autumn month.

City Day is celebrated cheerfully and noisily in Kislovodsk.

As part of the celebration, a dance marathon and a ladies' hat competition will gather spectators in the city center. Horse riding competitions will be held at Komsomolskaya Polyana. And on the mountain slopes you will be able to see, hear and taste the creativity of the region’s cultural communities. September weather is almost always favorable for the holiday. And it ends with a gala concert and fireworks.

Olga from Yekaterinburg writes in a review:

“In general, the September holiday in Kislovodsk turned out to be surprisingly useful, interesting and memorable. I hope to come here again and recommend it to everyone.”

Museum "Dacha-Chaliapin"

Chaliapin really loved to relax in Kislovodsk and that’s why I come here, he rented a house for his family. Which is located among centuries-old pine trees. The mansion was built in Art Nouveau style in 1903. Now a museum has been set up in the mansion, which is called “Chaliapin’s Dacha”. By visiting it you will learn a lot of interesting things from the life of Fyodor Chaliapin and about the life of people of that time. The museum is open seven days a week, break from 12:00 to 13:00. What the museum looks like, look at the photos and videos in the article.

Chaliapin's dacha in Kislovodsk


Chaliapin's dacha inside

WWII memory clearing

What's wrong with our weather?

The weather in Kislovodsk in September is suitable for spending as much time as possible outdoors. The sunniest city in the Caucasus does not betray itself even in the first autumn month.

According to statistics, in September you can expect 15–17 days of sun. The weather forecast for this September says that precipitation will fall no more than 10 times per month.

The rains here, if they happen, are usually short-lived and do not interfere much, but only bring pleasant moisture. But take an umbrella with you, just in case.

In September, compared to August, the air temperature at the resort becomes more comfortable for walking and visiting attractions.

At the beginning of September, during the day there are still warm summer days, when the thermometer rises to +23–25°C. In the second half of the month the temperature drops - by the end of September the daytime temperature is +19–21°C.

September night temperatures will bring pleasant coolness - +11–13°C. Even if you don't plan to leave the city, take warm clothes with you for the evening hours.

Weather in Kislovodsk in September 2022 - forecast of weather forecasters.

Trachtenberg Circus


Kislovodsk, Pobedy Avenue, 12

Operating mode:

performances start at 12.00 and 15.00

The circus recently opened after reconstruction, the spectator seats were changed to new, velvet ones, but the façade of the historical building remained unchanged. This circus does not have a permanent program, but famous groups come here on tour. The poster is updated every three weeks. Ticket prices vary depending on the stardom of the artists; on average, you will pay about 500 rubles for a ticket.

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