Where to go, what to see in Angarsk, overview: museums, cinemas, entertainment centers, prices

The city of Angarsk, where to go and what to see in Angarsk? This is my subjective review. I’ll tell you about the city of Angarsk, as well as food prices, real estate costs, city enterprises, people and weather. If you are going to Angarsk, then my note should help you decide whether to go or not.

There are many articles about Angarsk on the Internet, as well as many books written by local residents. For my part, I will try to give an independent and unbiased assessment of our city. It’s said loudly, of course, but I’ll try not to lose face.

Hi all! My name is Sergey and you are on my personal blog. As always, let's start in order.

About the city of Angarsk

Angarsk is a city (Angarsk urban district) in the Irkutsk region, the city is quite young, turning 74 years old in 2022. Angarsk is located on the banks of two rivers, the Angara and Kitoi, 50 kilometers northwest of Irkutsk. The Angara River begins its journey from Lake Baikal; in summer the water is cool, but you can swim. The Kitoi River begins its journey from the taiga from the Sayan Mountains.

Our city is 5,150 kilometers away from Moscow. The city operates on Irkutsk time. The difference with Moscow time is +5 hours msk+5.

Of these two rivers, I love Kitoy for its clean, mountain water. In summer you can swim on the Kitoi River, the water is warmer than in the Angara, along the banks of the Kitoi River there are sandy beaches with a shallow river.

The area of ​​the city is quite small. Basically, Anagrsk extends vertically from the Angara River from South to North. You can travel from one end of the city to the other by car in 25 - 35 minutes, taking into account the current reconfiguration of traffic lights and without taking into account traffic jams.

I would say that the city of Angarsk last year, 30 years ago and for almost 15 years, was a city of entrepreneurs, at that time the word shuttle traders was more appropriate.

The shortage of consumer goods that persisted after the collapse of the USSR and the low standard of living contributed to the involvement of large sections of the population in the mass, disorderly trade in consumer goods.


In the early 90s, the enterprises stood still. As I was told, it was possible to enter the territory of the Angarsk Petroleum Chemical Company (ANHK) enterprise through a hole in the fence, approach the foreman, and in this way get a job. Now, in order to get a job at this enterprise, it is desirable to have, as they say, blat.

Therefore, as throughout the country, there was no work, those who survived as best they could (luckily China is nearby) began to go for consumer goods. As I remember now, there were many people who wanted to sell and buy, which led to the opening of a special open-air market, where they allocated an area outside the city, where the city’s population went, bought clothes, toys and much more.

In addition, some residents were forced (life forced them) to master a certain craft called sewing winter hats from animal fur, which were later sold throughout the country.

Another activity was to drive cars from Vladivostok, and now they continue to do so, but not in the same quantity and volume. They opened kiosks and their own shops; at the moment, these areas are almost a thing of the past, as modern market relations came, federal chains appeared, online stores and almost all individual entrepreneurs were forced out.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The main Orthodox church of the city is located in the very heart of Angarsk. Construction of the cathedral began at the end of the last century and lasted several years. The building was built in a traditional style, and its holiness and purity are emphasized by the snow-white color . The temple is crowned with golden domes that sparkle in the sun.

The monastery consists of several buildings that are connected into one common structure. The facade of the building is decorated with elegant columns , and an ancient icon is placed in front of the entrance. The temple is decorated with arched windows and elements of decorative plaster.

The interior decoration is as beautiful as the exterior. Here you can see paintings on the walls and ceiling, tapestries on biblical themes. The main decoration of the temple is the altar , made of rare wood. In addition, within the walls of the cathedral there are many ancient icons, many of which are relics. The entire area around the temple has been landscaped, allowing parishioners to relax in peace and quiet.

Enterprises of Angarsk

At the moment, the main and large enterprises of Angarsk are as follows.

  • JSC "Angarsk Petrochemical Company";
  • JSC "Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Plant" (bought out by Muscovites);
  • JSC Irkutskenergo;
  • JSC "Angarsk Polymer Plant";
  • LLC "Transneft - Vostok";
  • CJSC "Stroykompleks";
  • JSC "Angarskneftekhimproekt";
  • JSC Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant;
  • CJSC "Reaktiv";
  • CJSC Angarskcement (bought by Muscovites);
  • JSC Karavay was founded in 1949;
  • Motorcade 1948;
  • CJSC Meat Processing Plant "Angarsky";
  • Angaria LLC Ice cream factory, founded in 1956;
  • CHP (2 pieces);

In addition to dirty production, the Angarsk urban district is developed in agricultural production. The largest agricultural producers of the Angarsk urban district are:

  • CJSC "Angarsk Poultry Farm";
  • OP "Megetskoye";
  • Sayan Broiler LLC;
  • JSC "Teplichnoye";
  • JSC "Savvateevskoe";
  • JSC "Odinsk";
  • LLC "Complex Zverevo";
  • LLC "Peasant Farm Zuev V.A."

Of course, like in any city there are municipal/budgetary organizations: an employment center, the Angarsk tram, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, art schools, museums and other “institutions” with low-paid professions (sorry, I didn’t want to offend anyone, but it is the way it is ).

The need for workers declared by organizations to the employment center, as of November 1, 2022, is 3,765 people.

The unemployment rate in the Angarsk urban district is 0.37% of the working population; in the Irkutsk region - 1% of the economically active population.

Link to the website Employment Center of the city of Angarsk

Monuments | Photos of Angarsk

Monument to Peter and Fevronia in Angarsk

The monument to Peter and Fevronia was erected in Angarsk in August 2014, then. With the blessing of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus', the installation of sculptural compositions began in 2009, which is intended to begin a new tradition among young people - on their wedding day, to travel to the sculpture of the Murom saints, lay flowers and learn about their pious life, and receive blessings for family life from Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom. Our city became the 21st in a row in which this monument appeared

Monument to the soldiers, winners and pioneer builders of the city of Angarsk

Located at the main entrance of Builders Park on Tchaikovsky Street. Opening date: May 27, 2022. A creative group led by Irkutsk sculptor and architect Evgeny Stavsky worked on the project. The bronze sculpture is a composition of three men and a woman in military uniform with construction tools, which conveys the spirit of the times when Angarsk was just beginning to be built. The monument is dedicated to the winners of the Great Patriotic War and the first builders of the city of Angarsk, people who went from the fronts to the banks of Kitoy and Angara to build the wonderful city of Angarsk.

Lenin Square HDR

Lenin SquarePhotographer: Andrey Chevtaev

Monument to the wolf in Angarsk

On April 16, 2007, a monument to the wolf from the cartoon “Once Upon a Time There Was a Dog” was erected in Angarsk.


Where to go and what to see in Angarsk

Let's start with the visiting card of the city of Angarsk and this is the Clock Museum.

Clock Museum

- a unique exhibition of more than 1,200 exhibits from all over the world. The Clock Museum in the city of Angarsk opened in 1968 and became the first such museum in our country. The basis for its creation was the collection of Pavel Vasilyevich Kurdyukov, which was formed over more than 50 years. I recommend!

Link to the Angarsk City Museum website

Opening hours: Tue-Sat from 10:00 to 18:00. The Clock Museum is located at st. Karla Marksa, 31 Telephone

Mineral Museum

— more than 1,600 exhibits. Huge credit for creating the collection of minerals and rocks belongs to Vasily Mikhailovich Dubrovin. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been to this museum myself, but I’ll definitely go with my daughter, I promise) In general, they say it’s good and interesting.

Opening hours: Tue – Sat from 10:00 to 18:00. The Mineral Museum is located at st. Glinka, 25 Telephone

Victory Museum

— the exhibition halls contain authentic items from the Great Patriotic War. The museum was founded on May 8, 1968 by a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Nikitovich Puras. Around the museum there are: an airplane, a tank and guns. Children play and climb with great interest in this technique (except for the airplane!).

Opening hours: Tue-Sat from 10:00 to 17:00. The Victory Museum is located at 12″a microdistrict, building 15. Telephone, 55-19-49


(at the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity) - this zoo was visited by the whole family at the beginning of this summer. A very modest, simple and cute zoo, in which there are and live: rabbits, geese, a collection of owls, seagulls, ferrets, snakes, roe deer and many other animals. This year the zoo turned 55 years old. Cost: symbolic, as much as you can.

It’s hard to call it a zoo, but going with your child and showing them geese, a hedgehog, an eagle owl, snakes and a roe is definitely a must!

Opening hours: Mon – Sun from 10:00 to 18:00. The zoo is located at 64th block, no. 1 (behind the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity). The price is ridiculous 20 rubles per person.

Ice Palace "Ermak"

- the largest ice palace in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Home matches of the Angarsk team "Ermak" (playing in the VHL) are held here. Residents love their team and every game is sold out. World and Russian figure skating stars regularly perform at the palace. Honestly, I’ve never been there myself (I don’t like local hockey, and all sorts of ice shows require time and money).

For those who like to skate, even in summer, you can use the skating rink of the small arena LD "Ermak". I visited more than once. In the summer, in hot weather, go for a ride in just a T-shirt and jeans - I recommend it, it’s worth it.

Cost: adult ticket 150 rubles (1 hour), children's ticket from 7 to 11 years, spectator ticket 100 rubles. Rental 100 rub.

Small Arena, tel., Angarsk, 192 quarter, no. 8

Park of wooden sculptures "Lukomorye".

I recommend going to this park! This is a stunningly beautiful, quiet, beautiful, I’m not afraid of the word “magical” place. The park is located outside the city at a distance of 30 kilometers (20-25 minutes by car), in the village of Savvateevka, st. Club, 4.

On my blog you can read a note about this park, the Park of Wooden Sculptures “Lukomorye”.

In addition, like in any modern city, we have cinemas: Rodina, Mega Sinima and the private NASA cinema. There is a separate review about the NASA private cinema on my blog. I recommend getting acquainted with the NASA cinema, in the note there are photos and a very interesting video. Also in Angarsk there are palaces of culture “Energetik”, “Neftekhimik” and “Sovremennik”.

A beautiful and large church was built in Angarsk called “Holy Trinity Cathedral of the City of Angarsk”.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Angarsk is a sports city, and here is the proof: the Angarsky Ski and Biathlon Complex.

Camp sites and children's health centers: health, anniversary and star - are located 25 km from Angarsk. In 2022, the football field was revived. The football field is located at the Angara stadium.

On my blog you can read a note about: Park Hotel Zvezdny, my review, cost, photos and videos and about the children's entertainment center called Class Park, which is located in the shopping center.

The largest, modern and best shopping center in Angarsk is called “Festival”. You can buy everything in this shopping center, from bread to a TV for 250,000 rubles.

The most comfortable

Museums, like other oases of culture and art, are the pride of Angarsk, its decoration. And the residents of Angara, even if fate takes them to other cities, always talk with enthusiasm about their small homeland. Because there is something to tell. And this is not surprising, because for the most part all the features of this city, its features, are created by the townspeople themselves: they tirelessly come up with something new and bring their ideas to life. Probably because they feel like masters here.

For example, in recent years several interesting city monuments have appeared here, created exclusively with private funds. The city is famous for its monuments to the marmot and the wolf, the Alley of Love with a forgiveness bench and a book of wishes. It must be admitted that for small Russian cities such a creative and extraordinary approach to the development of the urban appearance is rare: comic monuments to animals, made according to all the laws of the genre, are more likely to be found somewhere in Europe. And Angarsk does not lag behind European cities in this regard.

“People come on their own, talk about their ideas, unite, and such interesting city decorations appear,” says Lyudmila Sidorenko. — By the way, now, together with students, we are exploring the possibilities of creating a city park. I think we will succeed.

In general, the improvement of the city is a public matter in Angarsk. This is probably why in recent years it has constantly been among the winners, and twice became the winner in the all-Russian competition for the title “The most comfortable city in Russia.” Many Angarsk residents studied at the oldest and most honorable school - No. 10. It is difficult to imagine both old and new Angarsk without it. This is the repository of all the best in national education, from which the city’s intelligentsia emerged and continues to emerge.

“Maybe many people won’t like this word, but I can rightfully call our school elite,” said Deputy Director for Educational Work Natalya Ryazanova. “When the school was founded in 1952, it established traditions of strong and high-quality education that have continued to this day. It's hard to get here, but it's even harder to study here. But if I had a choice of where to go to work as a teacher, I would choose only our school.

It is famous for its graduates. For example, the mayor of the Angarsk municipal district Andrei Kozlov studied here, many graduated from universities whose abbreviations do not need to be deciphered: Moscow State University, MGIMO, MAFI and others. “Ten” is famous throughout the country. It is significant that many students become school teachers. It produces 10-12 medalists per year - on average 2-3 times more than in other secondary schools.

Prices in Angarsk

Is life expensive in Angarsk? I will give some prices for real estate, food, gasoline and travel costs.

The cost of real estate, as in any city, depends on the condition and the area of ​​the city; you can buy a one-room apartment within 1,400,000 rubles (depending on the condition and area).

Apartment rental: on average from 10,000 rubles. Cost of a garage: on average 400,000 rubles.

Cost of food: milk 59 rubles per 1,000 ml, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers 90% Chinese, apples 120 rubles per kg, tomatoes 130 rubles per kg.

Nuts, in my personal blog I made a review about nuts (milk macadamia, Brazil nut and pecan), anyone interested can read Trying nuts, my review, the note indicates the cost of the nut.

For example, a pine nut costs 45 rubles per kilogram (this is a tasty and large nut).

Chilled broiler chicken drumstick - 210 rubles per 1 kg, Zlato sunflower oil - 82 rubles, Lipton tea - 289 rubles (100 bags per package).

Fare: bus 30 rubles, tram 20 rubles, taxi on average 120 rubles.

Cost of “clothes”: I think it’s very expensive, so we order clothes through online stores, in our case our orders amount to almost 90%.

The cost of AI-92 gasoline is almost 42 rubles per liter.

I confirm prices with photographs.

There is a note on my blog about two stores, click on the link Bread and Salt vs. Slat. Where is the best place to buy?

City infrastructure

The situation with the city's infrastructure is ambiguous. Prices for utilities do not seem to be exorbitant, but given the low level of wages throughout the city, even such amounts seem unjustified to some. For heating you have to pay about 20 rubles per 1 sq. m. m. Hot water costs about 60 rubles per cubic meter. In general, no more than everywhere else. It will take about one and a half thousand a month to fully pay for a one-room apartment.

Interruptions also occur no less often and no more often than in other cities. It's not fun, however, when this happens in the cold Siberian winter.

The city has a developed public transport system. In recent years, new buses and trams have appeared. True, travel prices are increasing all the time. So, for example, travel on a bus currently costs 16 rubles, on a tram - 14. If you remember that you can walk around the entire city in an hour and a half, such transport prices, of course, can hardly be considered adequate. Even in Irkutsk, which is still an administrative center, travel is cheaper. In addition, Angarsk citizens complain about poor service and rudeness of bus drivers. The latter can also be understood, because they are forced to do both their own work and the work of conductors, who for some reason are not in Angarsk.

Angarsk tram

The city has plenty of shops and places of entertainment. Everything is fine with schools and additional children's education, such as music and art schools.

There are problems with kindergartens, as there was a period when they were actively sold to private ownership, so now, unfortunately, there are not enough of them. And this despite the fact that there are not so many young people and children in the city. This problem is especially acute in disadvantaged areas.

The roads of Angarsk also leave much to be desired: they were once wide and spacious, but now that there are more cars in the city, traffic jams and accidents often occur on the streets. Unfortunately, nothing good can be said about the quality of the road surfaces themselves. On the central streets they are more or less on par, but if you drive a little further...

Angarsk roads

Hospitals, of which there are many in the city, are also doing with varying success, but there could be more, given the history with uranium. But most hospitals in Angarsk are periodically renovated and replenished with young staff, which inspires optimism.

Recently, paid medical centers with modern equipment have also begun to appear in the city. True, they don’t have the best opinions about the quality of medicine.

Angarsk's plans for the future

There are no plans. In the near future the following will appear in our city:

  1. The Ferris wheel, 30 years later, in the same place, namely in the 10th anniversary of Angarsk park, the structure will be 25 meters high + several carousels and attractions. You can read on my blog here: Ferris wheel in the 10th Anniversary Park of Angarsk.
  2. The new cinema in the Festival shopping center will be the largest screen in Angarsk, with a huge screen 20 meters wide. At the moment it has not opened yet.
  3. The embankment along the Kitoi River, behind Storitsa, will be a beautiful embankment - a place for walks and active pastime in the fresh air. It’s opened, I’ll definitely visit this place in the summer and write a short note.
  4. Cable car - from the 10th Anniversary Park of Angarsk to the Kitoi River. I'm sure it will be very interesting.
  5. New houses are being built in microdistrict 22, microdistrict 33, as well as along Aleshina Street.

Yes, so modest :).

Clock Museum

There is a unique museum in Angarsk where you can feel the passage of time. It owes its origin to the lifelong passion of collector Pavel Kurdyukov. Ten exhibition halls occupy two floors of permanent exhibition. Here you can see examples from primitive sundials to ultra-modern electronic samples and massive tower chimes: unpretentious and luxurious, floor and wall, wrist and pocket, musical and cuckoo, wooden and gold, military and space.

The collection contains rare, rare chronometers from different eras from England, France, Japan and Russia. And, what is most interesting, everything is in working order. During the excursion they will accompany you with colorful ticking and melodic chimes.

This museum is a real landmark of Angarsk. You can spend half a day looking at time-measuring mechanisms and not regret a second about the time spent.

Climate in Angarsk

It is cold in winter, the average temperature throughout the winter is -20. In January (Epiphany frosts) the temperature drops from -35 to -40 degrees or more and can last from one to two weeks. Winter is dry. I’m writing a note and now it’s -11 outside.

Summer starts from the month of May (but not always, sometimes the whole of May is cold) and until mid-August, I would say that summer lasts only two full months. It rains for half of the month in September. Indian summer arrives in October; the warmth and sun can last for more than a week.

Angarsk: attractions and interesting places

There is a relatively young city in Eastern Siberia, Angarsk, popularly called “the city born of victory.” In 1945, the development of the territory between the Angara and Kitoy rivers began, and 6 years later the small village received city status. Tourists will not be offered a tour of ancient mansions and historical sights here, but modern significant places in Angarsk have no less cultural value and originality of execution.

Petrochemical Park

There is a well-kept and beautiful Neftekhimiki Park in Angarsk. It is notable for the fact that its lattice is an exact copy of the fence of the famous St. Petersburg Summer Garden, the presence of an interesting alley of love filled with red benches, and a playground for children.

While in this city, you can’t help but visit this wonderful place and feel the romantic atmosphere. Here you can also see a beautiful sculpture - “The Book of Wishes”. An amazing fountain, decorated with majestic lions, will complement the impression of visiting this landmark of Angarsk.

Arena "Ermak"

The Ermak ice sports complex was opened in the city on December 26, 2010. At the moment, this landmark of Angarsk is the largest indoor sports arena in all of Eastern Siberia. About 7,000 fans can simultaneously enjoy watching a hockey match. There is also a small arena that can accommodate 1000 people.

Victory Museum in Angarsk

The Victory Museum occupies a place of honor among the city’s museums. It began with a small exhibition dedicated to the young guard in the small Hall of Military Glory, but the collection gradually expanded and already occupies 2 floors. Every year, about 40 thousand people visit the Victory Museum in Angarsk. Everything that was found in the city after the war and is related to it is collected here. Every resident of the city came here at least once to feel this terrible atmosphere of war and honor the memory of fallen heroes.

Clock Museum

There is a unique museum in Angarsk where you can feel the passage of time. It owes its origin to the lifelong passion of collector Pavel Kurdyukov. Ten exhibition halls occupy two floors of permanent exhibition. Here you can see examples from primitive sundials to ultra-modern electronic samples and massive tower chimes: unpretentious and luxurious, floor and wall, wrist and pocket, musical and cuckoo, wooden and gold, military and space.

The collection contains rare, rare chronometers from different eras from England, France, Japan and Russia. And, what is most interesting, everything is in working order. During the excursion they will accompany you with colorful ticking and melodic chimes.

This museum is a real landmark of Angarsk. You can spend half a day looking at time-measuring mechanisms and not regret a second about the time spent.

Monument to the Decembrists

In 1965, a monument to revolutionaries was unveiled on the Moscow Highway. The initiative came from the local branch of the Komsomol. Until recently, the sculpture was the only architectural structure on its territory. Now there is a park around it where you can calmly stroll and breathe fresh air.

Unusual monuments

There are many interesting monuments and sculptural ensembles in Angarsk. And each can rightfully be called a brilliant masterpiece. Both adults and children adore and consider the monument to the wolf from the cartoon “Once upon a time a dog”, which is known to everyone for its catchphrase “I’ll sing now,” as a symbol of well-being.

The steel figure (weighing 2 tons) is a gift to the city from local entrepreneurs. And the version of the monument was chosen by the children of Angarsk based on the proposed sketches. The wolf looks well-fed and very happy, and local belief says: if you stroke its plump belly, it will share a piece of happiness. The monument also has a secret: if you press the button on the pedestal, the famous saying of the wolf will sound.

Monument "Flower"

On December 30, 1972, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the USSR, this monument was erected. The architects chosen for it were V. Sokolov and V. Afanasyev. A twelve-meter blooming flower with a bud made from the flags of the republics of the Soviet Union. At the base is a line from the anthem: “The Union of Indestructible Free Republics.”

Mineralogical Museum

This landmark of Angarsk includes more than 1,500 different stones. Some exhibits are more than 50 million years old. The wealth of the Irkutsk region is presented here - colored precious minerals: lapis lazuli, jade, charoite. There is a map indicating mineral deposits, as well as a “Rock Garden”. You can see the structure of planet Earth.


Just a hundred kilometers from the city lies a miracle of nature - Lake Baikal. Its crystalline surface and the surrounding natural landscape will leave you in rapt amazement.

If you are not passing through Angarsk, be sure to set aside a day to visit probably the most important attraction in all of Russia. It is the largest fresh water storage facility in the entire world. The lake is shaped like a crescent and is about 700 kilometers long. It is surrounded by hills and a hilly ridge. The diversity of flora and fauna attracts tourists from all over the world.


Residents of Angarsk, what are they like?

There are enough rednecks, drug addicts, and so-called patriots in the city who cannot throw a plastic cup, a cigarette butt or a beer can into the trash bin, as one example: heaps of garbage (bottles) that are thrown out of the window of their apartment directly into the yard or along the road, it’s very noticeable when the snow melts in the spring, you’re walking with your child, and there are bottles and trash lying along the road.

I’m writing about the residents and remembering Vietnam and Thailand - people really smile, joyful with life. I can’t say that about Angarchan, they are always busy, exhausted, it’s very rare to see a person on the street with a smile on their face.


Angarsk is a very crime-ridden city. And at all levels: starting from petty hooliganism in courtyards, where you can still see with your own eyes (and it’s good if you just see) what a “gopnik” is, and ending with city authorities, about whom there are many different rumors.

The drug business is developed in Angarsk, and dealers, as a rule, do not waste time on trifles, but immediately push heroin. Thus, there are many drug addicts and HIV-infected people in the city.

In fact, the situation has improved significantly recently; now people with glassy eyes are becoming less and less common on the streets. One can only guess what happened to them, and in case of special compassion, worry about them. However, there are practically no such compassionate people in the city.

Since there are still many "zones" around the urban area, former prisoners often settle in Angarsk, which greatly affects the composition and quality of its population. A wide variety of crimes are regularly committed in the city, including the most serious: deliberate murders and robberies.

Among the most high-profile cases, one can recall the destruction of an environmental camp in the summer of 2007, when a group of skinheads attacked the tent city of environmentalists who had come to Angarsk from all over the country to support it in the fight against a nuclear dump. More than ten people were injured then, one person died. It is significant that out of more than twenty attackers, only four were actually punished, and the verdict in this case was pronounced only four years later.

Most online media quite substantiate the point of view that local employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, if not themselves organized this action, then at least it happened with their knowledge and tacit approval. Residents of the city are also sure of this.


Many people leave our city, to cities such as St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Moscow and even abroad, so at the moment the number of residents of the city of Angarsk is decreasing every year, today the number is approximately 226,000 people, in the 2000s there were almost 250 000 people.

Thanks to the IGE, young people are leaving for other more promising cities and doing the right thing, I personally support them. Soon only grandparents will live in the city.

Unfortunately, Angarsk, in the list of Russian cities with the most unfavorable environmental situation as of 2010, occupied third place in Siberia and sixth place in Russia (the first 5 places: Norilsk, Cherepovets, Novokuznetsk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk).

From Angarsk you can drive to Lake Baikal in two hours, and the Arshan resort in three hours. For those interested, here is my note about holidays in Arshan Holidays in Arshan and Guest House “Chalet Sinegorye”. You can also read on my blog about where to rent inexpensive housing in Arshan and where to eat delicious food in Arshan.

I have a neutral attitude towards our city, I’m not in love with it, but I don’t admire our city either. I live because I was born in this city and, if possible, I am sure I will be ready to move to another city or country.

City of unusual museums

Another characteristic of the Angarsk character is a caring attitude towards their history, a desire to preserve it at all costs. Thus, an amazing apartment museum has been created in Angarsk. Two enthusiasts, on the basis of an old communal apartment, one of the first in the city, organized a corner of things: interior items, furniture - in a word, everything that relates to the years of rapid construction of Angarsk. It's like you're in the 1950s. An electric samovar, an old record player, a school uniform and even the Red Moscow perfume - everything is imbued with the spirit of the last century.

“Here you can touch and try on everything,” says the teacher-organizer, one of the founders of the museum, Valentina Elizarova. “Our museum is alive.” And you know, he is extremely popular. At these old tables and chairs you can drink tea from an electric samovar from the 50s. The Chinese kettle is broken, but the samovar is still working. And people come here with pleasure, communicate, and reminisce about old times. It’s never quiet here, like in a museum, much less boring. This apartment is a tribute to those times. And the townspeople understand this. They themselves fill the museum, bring old things, literally tear them from their hearts, but that makes them even more valuable. The only Victory Museum in the Irkutsk region is located in Angarsk. This is one of the most popular places in the city. About 50 thousand people visit it every year.

It is here that the history of not only victory in the war is kept, but also victory over circumstances, as the director of the museum Larisa Davydova says.

“It all started with a small room where the first exhibits appeared. Then expeditions were organized to places of military glory, and there were so many exhibits that it quickly became clear that it was necessary to create a large museum. And here’s what’s interesting: large enterprises in the city happily responded to our call to build a building, although there was no permission from above. In the mid-80s, it was allowed to build shops, but not museums. And so, semi-legally, having announced the construction of a store, the construction of a modern building of the Victory Museum began in the city, which today has become a place of pilgrimage for foreign tourists, not to mention numerous delegations from Russian cities.

Today the museum houses amazing exhibits: shells, letters from the front, even a piece of siege bread. Once, seeing this bread, German tourists asked for forgiveness for the war that started, says Larisa Davydova.

Is it worth talking about the legendary Angarsk Clock Museum? Like most others, it began with the idea and collection of a great enthusiast - Pavel Kurdyukov, and today it is one of the most extraordinary, interesting, rich in exhibitions and at the same time popular cultural institutions in the region.

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