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Vladimir in winter is a popular tourist destination for 1–2 days. The ancient city looks especially atmospheric in the winter months: snow-covered wooden huts, central streets in festive illumination, craft fairs in the squares. During this period, Vladimir appears in a new light - even if you have already been here in the warm season, the city has something to surprise you!

The city of Vladimir in winter is perfect for both cultural and educational trips and active recreation. The weather in winter is quite mild. In the coldest months, January and February, the thermometer rarely drops below -10-15 degrees. The first snow falls in November, but permanent snow cover is usually established by December. The best period for tourist trips is considered to be the end of December and the beginning of January - at this time the city is decorated for the New Year, various festivals and fairs are held.

View of the Assumption Cathedral from the observation deck Photo: © Vitaly Akhmedyanov

A little about the city

Vladimir could currently be the capital of Russia, because it was founded before Moscow, and the formation of the state began with it in the 11th-12th centuries. There are 2 versions of the emergence of Vladimir. According to one, it arose thanks to the baptist of Rus', Vladimir Svyatoslavovich, who erected a fortress on the banks of the Vyazma River in 990. According to another, the city was founded by Vladimir Monomakh in 1108.

From the beginning of the 12th century, Vladimir was the center of North-Eastern Rus' and the capital of the Rostov-Suzdal principality. In 1157 it became the capital of Rus', and remained so until 1439.

After numerous plunders of the city by the Tatar-Mongols, Vladimir began to submit to the Moscow princes and gradually became a provincial town. In the 20th century (1944) it became the administrative center of the Vladimir region, and in the 21st century it became part of the Central Federal District.

According to the State Statistics Service 2017-2018, over the 5 years from 2012 to 2022, the population of Vladimir grew from 345,907 to 356,138 people. Up to 82% of the city's population are Orthodox Christians, the remaining 18% are Catholics, Muslims, and Baptists. About 97.5% of the population is Russian, and 3% are Ukrainians, Belarusians, Armenians, Tatars and other nationalities.

Vladimir map

Vladimir is located just 176 km from Moscow in a temperate climate zone. It snows for almost 4 months in the city and rains for 4.5 months, but in total there is not much precipitation - only 58.4 cm per year. There are clear, cloudless days in Vladimir for only 4 months. Average summer temperatures are 17°C, winter temperatures are only -8°C, although they can reach +37 and -43°C.

More than half of the territory of the Vladimir region is occupied by mixed forests, in which, in addition to the frequently occurring birches, pines and spruces, you can see:

  • Siberian larch;
  • oak trees;
  • hazel;
  • viburnum;
  • rowan

The natural relief includes both hills not covered with forests and swampy lowlands.

Places in the area are rich in berries such as blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries and various mushrooms. And in the swamps you can find cloudberries, blueberries, and cranberries. Many of the 1,400 plants and 230 species of mosses found in the region are listed in the Red Book. The fauna is quite diverse.

Among the mammals in the nearby forests of Vladimir you can find:

  • deer;
  • moose;
  • wolf;
  • fox;
  • bear;
  • bison and others.

More than 200 species of birds live in the vicinity of the city: partridges, capercaillie geese and many others. Among the fish in lakes and rivers, not only crucian carp, perch, pike perch, pike and catfish are caught, but also sterlets. Some species of fauna are listed in the Red Book: brown bear, bison, muskrat, sterlet.

Golden Gate

Let's begin our acquaintance with this beautiful city with an amazing monument of defense architecture - the Golden Gate. Let us note that there are only three such architectural monuments in the world. Some are located in Jerusalem, the second - in Kyiv, and the third, respectively, in Vladimir.

The uniqueness of the Vladimir Golden Gate lies in the fact that, with some reconstructions, they have survived to this day in their original form. The gate, built in 1164 under Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky, survived the Tatar-Mongol invasion, and at one time was used as the main entrance to the city, a defensive structure, and also as a Triumphal Arch.


How to get to Vladimir

It is possible to get to Semyazino Airport in the city of Vladimir by plane, but it is not very convenient, because flights there are irregular, and it does not have international significance.

1. It’s easier to purchase tickets to one of the airports in Moscow:

  • Vnukovo (204 km from Vladimir), which has 787 domestic flights and 271 international flights weekly.
  • Sheremetyevo (186 km to Vladimir), where domestic flights from 167 Russian cities and 1651 international flights take place.
  • Zhukovsky (155 km from Vladimir), from which 8 airlines operate flights to 14 cities every week.

Upon arrival in Moscow, tourists can use road or rail transport.

2. High-speed express "Sapsan", which arrives at the main railway station of Vladimir, located between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. In addition, electric trains depart from Nizhny Novgorod from Moskovskaya station, and from Moscow from Novokosino station.

St. Petersburg is connected with Vladimir by direct flights. Many trains from the Kazan, Kursk, and Yaroslavl stations in Moscow pass through Vladimir and stop.

3. Regular buses to Vladimir run from:

  • Ivanovo;
  • Kostroma;
  • Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Yaroslavl;
  • Ryazan;
  • Moscow.

In Moscow, you can purchase bus tickets at the Kursky railway station and at the bus station near the Shchelkovskaya metro station.

4. By road from Moscow it is better to travel along the M7 Volga federal highway (Moscow-Ufa). This will take 4 hours. The route will run along the Entuziastov highway through the Moscow Ring Road, then along the E22 highway, Gorkovskoe highway and the M7 road through Pokrov, Petushki, Lakinsk, Yuryevets.

Photo studio in Vladimir "Be happy"

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Hotels in Vladimir

When visiting Vladimir, a tourist can always be sure that he will find a place in a hotel to suit his taste and budget, because there are about 200 of them. The average price per night in the city is 2060 rubles. Guest houses, hotels, mini-hotels, hostels will always provide the services necessary for city guests at any time of the day or night.

The most visited hotels in the city are:

  • Zarya;
  • Vladimir;
  • State Customs Committee Russian Village;
  • Monomakh;
  • At the golden gate;
  • Orion Hotel;
  • Rus-hotel.

Many hotels are conveniently located near two stations - train and bus, and some historical monuments:

1. Hotel Vladimir is classified as 3*, located at st. Bolshaya Moskovskaya 74. From its windows you can see the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist in the Nativity of Vladimir Monastery located across Kommunalny Descent Lane.

Walking a little down Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, you can get to Lipki Park, where the Dmitrievsky and Assumption Cathedrals, monuments to Andrei Rublev and Prince Vladimir are located. Further, at the intersection of Bolshaya Moskovskaya and Nikitskaya streets, tourists see another ancient monument, the Golden Gate, included in the UNESCO heritage list.

The main 4-storey building of the Vladimir hotel has an elevator and 84 rooms. There are 19 more rooms in the additional 4-story building. On the ground floor of the hotel there is a restaurant of classical Russian cuisine with a capacity of up to 120 seats (White Hall and Red Hall) and a banquet hall with 60 seats.

Parking in the yard is guarded for 24 hours. There are also ATMs and free Wi-Fi, transfer and room-service are available. The rooms are designed for tourists of different categories, and their prices vary from 3,200 to 9,200 rubles per day.

The following numbers are available:

  • standard;
  • standard improved;
  • economy;
  • studio Romantic;
  • business;
  • luxury;
  • Business Lux;
  • representative.

2. The three-star hotel Zarya , located on Studenaya Gora Street 36a opposite Sadovaya Square, has a rating of 7.4 based on reviews from 1,524 guests who stayed there. The 12-storey building has 222 rooms, the price of which is from 1500 to 3600 rubles per day.

The following categories of rooms are available:

  • economy class;
  • standard;
  • luxury;
  • Superior Suite;
  • apartments;
  • superior apartments;
  • family.

Free Wi-Fi is available on site; parking costs RUB 250 per day. If desired, the hotel staff can arrange a car rental. A nearby public transport stop on Studenaya Gora Street allows easy access to many of the city's historical sites.

From the hotel you can reach the Golden Gate on foot in 12 minutes. The distance to the Assumption Cathedral is 2 km, to the railway station 3 km. Cafes are within a 5-minute walk.

3. Hotel Monomakh is located in the cultural center of Vladimir on Gogol Street 20. The hotel windows offer a beautiful view of the Klyazma River and the old city. The Golden Gate is only 150 meters away, and the railway station is 340 meters away. It is designed in the best world traditions and meets the high standards of hotels of this type.

A small 2-story building with an attic accommodates 16 rooms of various categories costing from 2500 to 5400 rubles. A signature feature of the hotel is that all rooms are equipped with a comfortable sleep system.

In addition, guests are provided with:

  • free Wi-Fi;
  • transfer;
  • room-service;
  • free parking;
  • morning breakfasts.

The hotel has a cafe, laundry and ironing services, and pets are allowed.

4. Hostel Wow is conveniently located on Komsomolskaya street, building 14 of the historical center. The distance to Cathedral Square is only 400 m, and after walking a little along Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, you can get to the territory of another cultural monument - the Mother of God of the Nativity Monastery.

The reception, lounge, lounge and luggage room are located on the ground floor. There are rooms for accommodation on all 3 floors. Each floor has its own bathroom, bathroom and shower. There is a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor.

Prices are very reasonable: from 500 to 3800 rubles per day. “An excellent option for a youth hostel” - this is what one of the visitors said about this hostel. Everything is clean and comfortable.

The best cafes and restaurants in Vladimir

Of the 214 restaurants in Vladimir, the top ten are as follows:

1. Beer restaurant Blackwood (Bolshaya Nizhegorodskaya 11), which ranks 1st among all 533 establishments in the city. Here you can try not only high-quality beer, but also excellent stout, ale, wine, and coffee.

Separately, we can note the originally prepared venison and fish soup. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy, there are outdoor areas. On TripAdvisor, visitors rated the restaurant 4.5 points.

The staff offers services such as:

  • food delivery;
  • payment by cards;
  • table reservations;
  • TV;
  • WI-FI.

Delightful service and low prices make customers want to visit this restaurant more than once.

2. Restaurant Oblomov on Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 19 takes second place in the ranking. Here you can try delicious food of Russian cuisine, Eastern European, European and Italian cuisines. Lovers of Russian and Italian dishes and seafood connoisseurs especially like this establishment.

Tuna salads, filet mignon, stuffed pike, veal cheeks and fish soup are just a small part of the restaurant’s amazing dishes. Clients especially note and appreciate the friendly, attentive attitude towards themselves, the cozy interior and reasonable prices of the establishment.

On TripAdvisor, the restaurant received a 4.5 rating from visitors. The service staff can offer clients WI-FI services, card payments, and table reservations. Not far from the restaurant there is a landmark - the Chocolate Workshop.

3. The Panorama restaurant on Bolshaya Moskovskaya 44B is famous for its Russian cuisine (borscht, Olivier salad, duck, cutlets). Desserts are excellent here: profiteroles, strudel, fondant. In addition to good wine, you can try beer. A distinctive feature of the establishment is the presence of live music and attractive prices.

It is in 3rd place in the ranking of restaurants in Vladimir. Very close to it is the Assumption Cathedral. Panorama received a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor. There is convenient parking next to the restaurant. You can choose tables on the open veranda, use WI-FI and pay with cards.

4. Cafe Noah on Via Sacco i Vanzetti 25 is distinguished by a restrained style in the interior of yellow-orange shades. Service is fast, food is served hot and on time. Kebabs, cold salads, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are the smallest part of the dishes that can be offered to customers here.

The most amazing thing is that the cafe often hosts promotions, and visitors are treated to delicious flatbreads, salads and desserts. The staff is hospitable, there is live music, prices are reasonable.

Architectural landmarks

Among the architectural attractions of the city it should be noted:

  • Demetrius Cathedral , which took 3 years to build (1194-1197). It is dedicated to the heavenly patron of Vsevolod “Big Nest” Dmitry of Thessalonica. The main decoration of the cathedral, in addition to its forms, is the white stone carving.
  • The City Council building was built in the 20th century. Its author is Revyakin Ya.G. Beautifully laid red brick masonry creates interesting external shapes. Here previously there were trading rows of merchants, then a city council and a house of pioneers.

  • The historical museum of the early 20th century has historical exhibits dating back to the Stone Age. Authentic items from different eras are stored here.
  • The Bogolyubsky Convent is a monument to ancient Russia. This is a large group of cathedrals from different times.
  • Dormition Princess Monastery of the 13th century, erected under Vsevolod the Big Nest by his wife, Princess Maria. This is a very beautiful building where nuns still live.

Interesting monuments

  • In the park of Pushkin A.S. On Muromskaya Street there is a monument to two saints: Prince Vladimir and Fyodor. A little ahead stands the figure of a prince in armor on a horse, the figure of St. Feodor is behind him. The monument was made by master S.M. Isakov. in honor of the 850th anniversary of the transfer of the capital of Rus' from Kyiv to Moscow. The park has a panoramic platform with a magnificent view of the Klyazma River.
  • The monument in honor of the 850th anniversary of the city of Vladimir stands on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street in Lipki Park. It is presented in the form of a long truncated triangular pyramid, at the bottom of which sit 3 symbolic bronze figures of a warrior, an architect and a worker.
  • At the entrance to Pushkin Square there is a monument to Andrei Rublev . It was opened in 1995 for the 1000th anniversary of the city of Vladimir. The Assumption Cathedral contains numerous frescoes by the famous artist Rublev.
  • Opened in 2003 monument to Alexander Nevsky on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street 66 A. It was in Vladimir that he was buried in the Nativity Monastery. In 1723, his remains were transported to St. Petersburg.

  • The monument to the janitor was opened in 2004, timed to coincide with the 355th anniversary of the housing and communal services industry. This is the first monument of this type in Russia. It is located on the street. Belokonskaya near house No. 95 A (housing and communal services department), and is made in the form of a tall figure of a thin janitor with a broom in his hands.

Observation deck at the monument to Vladimir

A magnificent panorama opens from the observation deck at the monument to Prince Vladimir. From here you can see the architectural monuments and buildings of the Old Town, the Klyazma River, and the endless Russian expanses.

The observation deck has long become a favorite place for evening walks for Vladimir residents and city guests. The illuminated lanterns in the immersed greenery add an enchanting charm to this part of the city.

It is pleasant to stroll along the alleys of the magnificent square, and those who wish can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or even on horseback. By the way, we wrote a very interesting article on the most beautiful horse breeds on our website.



  • St. George's Church owes its foundation to Yuri Dolgoruky. He erected it in 1129 in honor of his Angel. For a long time (1930-2006) the church was used for economic purposes. On May 6, 2006, the temple became operational. St. George's Church is located on the street. Georgievskaya 2A.
  • The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built according to the design of Karabutov I. in 1894. The abbots Joseph Pizanko, Tadeusz Ronkaitis, and Anthony Dziemeszkiewicz served there. For about 63 years (since 1930) the temple was not in operation. His address: Gogol Street 12 (not far from the Torpedo stadium).
  • The St. Nicholas-Galeya Church was built in 1732-1735 in honor of St. Nicholas. The church owes its double name (Galeian) to its close location to the galley pier on Klyazma. The temple has academic paintings from the 19th century. The church is located on Nikolo-Galeiskaya street 26.
  • Prince Vladimir Church erected in honor of Saint Vladimir of Rus' with donations from townspeople in 1785. The church has not been rebuilt; it has 3 altars. It stands on B. Nizhegorodskaya street 71A.

  • Ascension Church was built in 1724. Later, 3 additions were made to it: the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary, the bell tower and the Annunciation Limit. In 1930-1990 it was used for economic purposes. Now clergymen serve in the church, and there is a Sunday school there. It is located on Bolshaya Nizhegorodskaya Street 71A.


Vladimir is rich in museums that stand out for their original appearance and unusual exhibits. These city center attractions will be of interest to both adults and children. So you can easily see some of them in one day.

  • The museum is located in a long building on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street 58. Previously, this building was called Public Places. Opposite the museum is the Assumption Cathedral. fits seamlessly into the landscape of Lipki Park with its centuries-old trees and cathedrals.
  • Spoon Museum was founded by Vladimir resident Tatyana Pikunova, who collected 7,500 spoons from all over the world from different eras. The museum is dedicated to spoons in connection with the first decree of Vladimir the Red Sun on the use of cutlery. The museum is located on Oktyabrskaya Street, 4.

  • The Gingerbread Museum was created thanks to the production of gingerbread souvenirs, made according to an ancient recipe from the time of Alexander II. Here visitors can learn how to paint gingerbread. The museum is located on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street 40.
  • The “Old Vladimir” museum is located in a very picturesque place of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve (14 Kozlov Val St.). Two steps away from it, the Patriarchal Garden descends along the terraces.
  • The Crystal Museum has collected stunning examples of real art. It was opened in 1974 in the Trinity Church (Dvoryanskaya St. 2).

The most interesting and unusual places in Vladimir

Local residents will tell you what attractions to see in Vladimir in one day.

The most unusual places include:

  • Vladimirsky Central maximum security prison, where excursions to the prison history museum are allowed. It is active, there are televisions in the cells. On its territory there is a chapel and rest rooms, a school where those who wish can graduate from high school.


  • Museum of the History of Radio Broadcasting at School No. 43. The tour is led by local schoolchildren. 75% of the museum’s materials are dedicated to the main speaker of the Soviet state, Yuri Levitan, whose name the school bears.
  • Dukinsky quarries , formed after the extraction of limestone in these places. Since 2003 it has been considered a natural reserve. At the bottom of this amazing quarry grow rare plants listed in the Red Book (some types of orchids). Climbers often train here.
  • The island St. Vvedensky Monastery is located not far from the Intercession (4 km) on an island surrounded by lake water. Elder Cleops, who lived there at the end of the 18th century, had the gift of healing. Since 1994, the monastery has become a convent.
  • The birthplace of Bogatyr Ilya Muromets is the village of Karacharovo, Murom district. Currently, particles of his relics are kept in the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery.

Where to go with a child in Vladimir

Guidebooks will tell you what sights to see in one day in Vladimir with children, not only to learn about the history of the city, but also to have fun.

Tourists with children (7-14 years old) will be interested in visiting such attractions as:

  • fairytale museum “Granny-Yagusya” on B. Moskovskaya Street 26, where grandmothers from all over the world are collected. Here you can not only learn about this ancient image, but also have fun dancing and be a little scared.
  • Gingerbread Museum, which will offer an interesting program. Here, the organizers conduct gingerbread-painting master classes and serve gingerbread, tea and pancakes. Here you can buy souvenirs.

  • Museum of Science and Man “Eureka” , which is located on B. Moskovskaya Street 11. Here you can not only learn some interesting points about light, sound and mechanics, but also take part in experiments. The organizers of the show with nitrogen and ice cream are conducting an interesting show. Neither children nor their parents will be bored.
  • Dali Museum 33 , where you can not only see unusual exhibits, but also take part in amazing quests. Museum address: B. Moskovskaya 22.
  • Museum Old Vladimir (Kozlov Val street 14), which contains:
  1. antiques;
  2. things;
  3. newspapers;
  4. ads;
  5. clothes from tsarist times.

At the very top of the 4-story tower there is an observation deck, which offers views of many of the sights of Vladimir.

Tourists with children are recommended to visit 2-4 interesting places in the city of Vladimir during the day, no more. Otherwise, all the attractions will simply tire both of them.

It is better to plan a children's excursion around the city so that after visiting 2-3 historical places you can take a short break. During it, you can go to lunch at the nearest cafe, restaurant or relax in any park in the city.

For example, after visiting the Old Vladimir Museum and the Dali Museum 33 in the morning, you can relax in the Patriarchal Garden and have lunch at the Pancakes cafe (66 Spasskaya St.). You can spend the afternoon having fun at the Babusya-Yagusya Museum and the Gingerbread Museum. There will be more than enough impressions.


Well, our little journey is over. But in one article it is difficult to convey the charm of the Russian city, to tell about the most beautiful places in Vladimir. It’s better to come and personally touch the ancient shrines of Vladimir with your soul and heart, and the hospitable city is always happy to meet new friends.

The editors of will be happy to read your comments on this article. Perhaps you can tell us and our readers about other equally beautiful places in Vladimir.

Editor's note: This article has been updated since its original publication in July 2022.

What to see in Vladimir in 1 day

The guides can tell you what to see in one day from the sights of Vladimir to get an idea of ​​the city and Ancient Rus'.

Of course, it is worth visiting the three main attractions located in the city center:

  • Golden Gate on Dvoryanskaya Street, 1;

  • Assumption Cathedral (B. Moskovskaya, 56);
  • Mother of God Nativity Monastery on Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 68.

Then you should definitely visit the Patriarchal Garden with its beautiful design or A.S. Park. Pushkin. All these places are located close to each other and allow you to save time on travel to other, more remote places outside the city. If there is time left, tourists should definitely visit the Museum of Crystal and Lacquer Miniatures on Dvoryanskaya, 2.

Theaters, concerts

Many travelers prefer to spend winter evenings enjoying a cultural program. You can get acquainted with the modern cultural life of Vladimir by visiting theatrical performances or concert programs. The main theater of the city is considered to be the Vladimir Drama Theater . The repertoire of the drama theater includes productions based on classical works and performances based on plays by modern authors. Tourists are especially interested in performances dedicated to the history of the city and its outstanding personalities, for example, the production of “Andrei Bogolyubsky”.

Details: Vladimir Drama Theater

The Vladimir Regional Puppet Theater is interesting not only for children’s performances based on popular fairy tales, but also for productions based on such serious works as Solzhenitsyn’s “Matrenin’s Dvor.” From the beginning of December to mid-January, New Year's themed performances are staged in the puppet theater. The Razgulay Folklore Theater will introduce folk songs and dances to city guests. Performances based on folk tales are staged here, and ritual and play programs dedicated to Russian holidays are organized.

Vladimir Philharmonic Photo: © Vitaly Akhmedyanov

You can listen to classical music at the Vladimir Philharmonic or at the Classical Music Center . The city Philharmonic has several groups of Russian folk dances and music - tourists come here to see the performances of these artists and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ancient Rus'.

Detailed material: Theaters of Vladimir

Where to go on the weekend

What to see in one day from the sights of Vladimir on a day off, and where you can have a good rest, local residents will tell you.

There are many such places in the city and outside the city:

  • Borodin's forge on Georgievskaya Street 3G, where the master invites visitors to forge a simple nail themselves. It will be a great impression. The presenter himself is a hereditary blacksmith, whose grandfather participated in the restoration of monuments in such cities as Moscow, Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir, Suzdal and others. The yard of the forge is decorated with real works of forged art: a boy on an oak tree, birds outside the window, graceful cats and much more. You can even hold a wedding in this forge.

  • Chocolate Workshop , which is located on the street. B. Moskovskaya, 40 is one of the most interesting places in Vladimir. Here visitors will learn all about the technology of making chocolate bars and get some hands-on experience. You can make delicious chocolate with your own hands. Children will really like it here.
  • Church of the Intercession in Bogolyubovo , located on the Nerl 10 km from Vladimir. The beautiful, modest church has a central dome and three apses. It was erected in 1158 in honor of Prince Izyaslav Andreevich. The calm landscape, the Nerl River - everything is conducive to peace and philosophical thoughts.
  • Beautiful Lipki Park , surrounded by historical sights: the monument to Andrei Rublev, Prince Vladimir, the Assumption and Dmitrievsky Cathedrals. You can leisurely explore all this on foot during the day and enjoy the extraordinary views of the city.

"Sky 33"

We will end the trip in the city park, where one of the largest in Russia, a beautiful Ferris wheel, is installed.

From the attraction you can take a bird's eye view of the city and see its picturesque landscapes, streets and buildings.

The wheel makes a full revolution in 15 minutes, and in the evening visitors can enjoy the unique lighting. “Sky 33”, equipped with heated cabins, operates year-round.

Winter holidays

It is good to come to Vladimir in spring-summer and autumn. In winter, tourists are also able to visit all cultural attractions. It is enough to walk along Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street and look at the buildings of Temples and monasteries along the way.

What to see in one day from the sights of Vladimir in winter during frosty weather can be found in guidebooks. The number of tourists decreases at this time, and it becomes easier to get to many historical places.

Ubiquitous illumination and numerous Christmas trees turn the city into a real fairy tale. The largest and most beautiful Christmas tree decorates Cathedral Square. You can have fun at this time at the skating rinks in Gorky Park, Lipki, at the Lebed-2 stadium, and near the Rus-Kino cinema.

All skating rinks are equipped with skate rentals, storage rooms and cloakrooms. Small buffets for meals are available to visitors. After the New Year's festivities, the city becomes calmer, and he lives the ordinary life of a provincial town.

Festivals and holidays

The main winter holiday in Vladimir, as in other Russian cities, is New Year. The main fair of the city, Rozhdestvenskaya, opens during this period on the pedestrian Georgievskaya Street . Craftsmen and craftsmen from other cities in the region and regions of Russia come to the Vladimir fair. Visitors can purchase handmade goods, edible souvenirs and original Christmas tree decorations. On the observation deck of Cathedral Square, a gazebo made of New Year's garlands is being created. Entertainment programs are also held here throughout the New Year holidays. New Year's festivities end on January 12 with the traditional Santa Claus race. Theatrical quest games dedicated to the New Year are held in the Zagorodny Culture and Leisure Park.

New Year's fair Photo: © Ivan Yakunin

At the beginning of December, the “Brine Day” takes place in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation . These are folk festivals with competitions and games. The event is timed to coincide with a homemade preparations competition. Here you can buy Vladimir pickles and jam. During the festival, horseback riding and Finnish sleigh rides are organized. At the end of winter, Russian Maslenitsa is celebrated on a grand scale. Theatrical performances, competitions with prizes and round dances are organized in city squares. Many tourists prefer to go to this ancient region to celebrate Maslenitsa - in the Vladimir region the holiday is celebrated with a special ancient flavor.

Photo: © Vitaly Akhmedyanov

What to bring from Vladimir

Vladimir is a city of temples, monasteries and great historical figures.

There are a lot of souvenirs of a religious nature (crosses, icons, bibles) and souvenirs with images of celebrities of Vladimir:

  • You can purchase wicker products and painted dishes as souvenirs. Some painted products can serve the household, bringing not only beauty, but also benefit.

  • Wooden painted decorations and silverware will also serve as excellent souvenirs in memory of Vladimir.
  • Vladimir embroidery, hedgehog babkas, Pokrovsk gingerbread, Vladimir chocolate - such souvenirs are made only in Vladimir.
  • Suzdal mead with varying alcohol content (5-16%) is an excellent gift that quenches thirst well. The drink can be purchased at any supermarket in the city. It is made using special technology and only from natural berries and honey.
  • All the best souvenirs are sold in souvenir shops on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, in the Trinity Church and in the Trading Rows. In addition, there are always gifts in the store at the Golden Gate.

Vladimir with its attractions is part of the 8 cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. There are so many historical places that it is almost impossible to see them all in one day. For these purposes, tourists should stay in Vladimir for at least a couple of weeks.

Article design: Vladimir the Great

Stories, routes and tips from tourists with photos

In reviews of Vladimir in winter, travelers share their impressions of the city during the cold season, leisure options and recommendations for visiting places. From the photos of Vladimir in winter from tourists you will see what the sights look like under the snow. Travel notes will help you navigate the weather conditions on your travel dates.

  • “Vladimir. February weekend 2016" - a photo album about the city of Vladimir in winter from Vitaly Akhmedyanov.
  • “Streets of Vladimir Rus'” - a story about Christmas Vladimir from Ivan Yakunin.
  • “Winter Vladimir” is a photo album about December Vladimir from Svetlana Vorobyova.
  • “Frosty days of February 2022” - a photo album about holidays in the Vladimir region in winter from Andrey Muravyov.

All tourist reviews about trips to Vladimir

Winter Vladimir Photo: © Vitaly Akhmedyanov

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