32 best attractions in Perm that are worth seeing

Perm, founded in 1781, quickly became a major logistics, industrial, commercial and cultural center of the Urals, turning into a city by the end of the 18th century. to the provincial capital. In this resource-rich region, salt has long been mined, copper smelted, and cannons cast for the Russian army. It was here that the first Ural university was opened. Perm today is a metropolis of millions with a developed economy and excellent tourism infrastructure, capable of delighting travelers with interesting places, architectural and monumental wonders.

Sights in the vicinity of Perm

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Khokhlovka"

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Khokhlovka"

An open-air museum located 43 km from Perm. Everything is built from wood. The nature here is very beautiful, especially in autumn, and in winter the snow-covered roofs and hills will not leave anyone indifferent. On the territory there are buildings that are more than 300 years old: mills, industrial buildings, churches, a fire station, peasant estates.

Address: Russia, Perm region, Khokhlovskoye rural settlement, Khokhlovk village

Opening hours: daily, 10:00–17:00

Entrance: ticket - 120 rubles

Official website: https://museumperm.ru/

Belogorsky St. Nicholas Missionary Monastery

Belogorsky St. Nicholas Missionary Monastery

A magnificent monastery with white walls and gilded domes. This is one of the most significant buildings of the church and is of great historical value. Built a long time ago in 1893.

Services are held here every day according to schedule. Being on the territory of the temple you feel peace of mind and relaxation. It is best to visit this place in winter because of the abundance of snow, the monastery looks extremely beautiful.

Address: Perm region, Kungur district, village. Belaya Gora, st. Monastyrskaya, 1

Working hours: 7:00 – 20:00

The entrance is free

Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repression "Perm-36"

Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repression "Perm-36"

A museum illustrating the years of repression in Russian history. A huge number of innocent people died in Soviet times, and others were completely broken by this mistake.

Previously, prisoners were kept here and served their sentences, but later political and probably innocent people began to be brought here. Due to the fact that in the Soviet Union cities were assigned numbers in their names, it was decided to name the colony Perm 36.

Today you can see the mistakes of the Gulag in the museum, where tourists interested in politics come.

Address: Perm region, Chusovskoy district, Kuchino village

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 09:00–18:00, break 12:00–12:48; Fri 09:00–17:00, break 12:00–12:48

Admission: free for children and students - third Wednesday of the month.

In time and space

The city was founded in 1723, from 1940 to 1957 it was called Molotov. The area of ​​Perm is 799.93 km2, of which the area of ​​green spaces is 330.87 km2, and the area of ​​water bodies is 60.42 km2. The city has seven districts and 52 microdistricts, and more than 130 different streets. The population of Perm, which reached 1,092,392 people in 1989, as of January 1, 2009 is 985.794 thousand people (12th place in the Russian Federation). The population of the urban agglomeration is 1,180 thousand people (13th place). The city of Perm ranks 4th in terms of length after the cities of Sochi, Volgograd and Ufa. Perm, like the entire Perm region, is located in a time zone designated as Yekaterinburg Time Zone (YEKT/YEKST). The offset relative to UTC is +5:00 (YEKT, standard "winter" time) or +6:00 (YEKST, summer time), since daylight saving time is in effect in this time zone. Relative to Moscow time, the time zone has a constant offset of +2 hours and is designated in Russia accordingly as MSK+2 (Ekaterinburg time). Since maternity time is in effect in Russia, Perm time differs from standard time by one hour.

Where to go in Perm and what else to see

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The building was built in 1922. The Perm gallery constantly hosts exhibitions from museum collections and Russian foreign museums. The building houses 50 thousand exhibits, a large number from the Perm region.

Here are presented: Perm wooden sculpture, Russian art, ancient Russian painting, art of Western Europe. The building is beautiful both inside and out - reminiscent of the Hermitage, but on a smaller scale.

Address: Russia, Perm, Komsomolsky prospect, 4

Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 10:00–19:00; Thu 12:00–21:00; Sun 11:00–19:00

Entrance: adults - 200 rubles, children under 18 years old - free

Ascension-Feodosievskaya Church

Ascension-Feodosievskaya Church

The last of the churches built before the revolution. Founded in 1902 and preserved to this day in its original form. It is a cultural heritage site. The church is one of the most important attractions of Perm, which is visited by tourists every year.

The building is made of red brick, the bell tower is beautiful and richly decorated. Every day at a certain time, sacred rituals are performed here, a choir sings.

Address: Ekaterininskaya st., 170, Perm

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 08:00–20:00; Sun 07:00–20:00

Entry: free

Museum of Perm Antiquities

Museum of Perm Antiquities

The building houses ancient exhibits of geology and paleontology. The museum opened in 2011 and every year it is visited by a huge number of tourists - more than 70 thousand people.

The museum's collection includes exhibits that reveal the history of the creation of the Earth. There are skeletons of ancient animals, including dinosaurs and a mammoth - museum pearls, ancient plants, meteorites. Children will especially be interested in seeing all this.

Address: Sibirskaya st., 15, Perm

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10:00–18:00

Admission: Adults – 200 rubles, children under 18 years old – free

Perm Regional Museum

Perm Regional Museum

The oldest and largest museum in the Perm region. The building was founded on November 15, 1890. On its territory there are 600 thousand exhibits from 50 different collections. The museum has its own branches, of which there are 11 buildings.

Exhibits from both the Perm region and all over the world are collected here. The museum building is no less beautiful than its exhibits, made in the style of a palace in yellow and white colors.

Address: Monastyrskaya st., 11, Perm

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10:00–18:00

Admission: ticket - 200 rubles - adult, 100 rubles - discount, children under 18 years old - free

Museum of the History of the Motovilikha Plant

Museum of the History of the Motovilikha Plant

The main theme of the museum is the artillery of the armed forces. Opened in 1976 by order of the plant management. The museum is divided into two parts - indoors and outdoors.

There are cannons, artillery pieces and installations on display here. New exhibits were recently brought in in honor of the plant’s 280th anniversary. Here you can see the world's first welding machine.

Address: st. 1905, 20, Perm

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 09:00–18:00; Sat, Sun 10:00–19:00

Entrance: for children under 17 years old - 30 rubles; for other categories - 50 rubles

Trinity Cathedral

Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is made in blue colors with golden domes. Previously, Sludskaya Square was located here. Construction was completed in 1849.

Construction of the cathedral began after a fire that destroyed the best part of Perm in 1842. There is a school for children. The church has huge hand-painted icons: the icon of God, the mother of Seraphim of Sarov.

Address: Monastyrskaya st., 95, Perm

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 07:30–18:00; Fri 07:30–19:00; Sat 08:30–19:00; Sun 07:00–19:00

The entrance is free

Gribushin House

Gribushin House

A huge mansion in the Baroque style in the center of Perm next to the Central Department Store and the Ural Hotel. Built in 1897 for a Perm official. The building itself is made in blue with columns decorated with patterns and women's faces. The house was restored, otherwise it would have been demolished.

Now the inside looks no worse than the outside: rich interior, decor, expensive chandeliers. The house is incredibly beautiful and worth looking at at least from the outside.

Address: st. Lenina, 13A

Governor's House

Governor's House

The building was originally built for an official, but the house was subsequently sold. Over the years, various government employees have lived here. After the revolution, a city council was organized, and then a tuberculosis dispensary.

One day, the street where the house stood was engulfed in fire, but the building survived. The building is made in light beige colors and could attract attention and look better, but the restoration has not yet been done. The inside of the building has not retained its original appearance, nor the outside. Now you can't get into the building.

Address: Perm, st. Sibirskaya, 27

Kama Reservoir

Kama Reservoir

The reservoir was built at a time when a dam was being built on the river. The reservoir is already 60 years old and has a huge area of ​​1951 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 30 meters.

Regattas are held here every year. Most people engage in fishing due to the wide variety of fish in this place. Tourist bases have been created where people can enjoy nature. Nearby is another Perm landmark - the Khokhlovka Architectural and Ethnographic Museum.

Address: Perm, st. 3rd Zatonskaya

Opera and Ballet Theatre

Opera and Ballet Theatre

A huge and popular place for tourists and lovers of cultural recreation. Founded November 24, 1870. 70 years ago the entire building was restored and reconstructed, thanks to which it now looks beautiful. The name of the theater and its aspirations are associated with the work of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The theater is in great demand: plays are staged and artists perform.

Address: Petropavlovskaya st., 25A, Perm

Opening hours: daily, 10:00–19:00, break 14:00–15:00

Perm Zoo

Perm Zoo

It is the most important zoo in the Urals. Over time, more and more new animals appeared here, and now the zoo has representatives from different continents and countries. There are lions, tigers, polar bears, monkeys, and representatives of the forests of the Perm region. It is one of the most important attractions of the Perm region, where you can have a good time in your free time.

Address: Monastyrskaya st., 10, Perm

Opening hours: daily, 09:00–21:00

Entrance: adult ticket price (from 12 years old) - 250 rubles, child ticket (from 4 years to 11 years old) - 150 rubles. Children under 4 years old are free.

Museum of Soviet naive

Museum of Soviet naive

In this museum you can see the creations of artists during the Soviet era. Here are the usual works, where astronauts, fields, and flowers are drawn. They show childish naivety, but at the same time pleasant notes of nostalgia. Recommended for those who want to return to Soviet childhood, where everything seemed carefree and naive.

Address: st. Pushkina, 15

Balatovo Park

Balatovo Park

Having visited any city, you should definitely visit the park. The area with forest trees distracts you from the bustle of the city and allows you to relax during the day. The park is constantly undergoing improvement work, and it is located in the city center. The park has bicycle paths. For entertainment, there are rides.

Address: st. Mira, 90

Opening hours: daily, 10:00–23:00

Entry: free

Rock Park in Perm

Rock Park in Perm

The city has an unusual park with huge stones that lie on well-groomed grass. There is always a place to sit, talk or meditate, fortunately there are a lot of benches here.

Residents love to go to this park, free themselves from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy the view of the stones. At night the lights turn on and the park looks even more colorful.

Address: st. Lenina, Perm, Perm Region



The building was founded in 1968, when the popularity of the space theme peaked not only in the Soviet Union, but throughout the world. Everyone was interested in the endless space. The planetarium is constantly being restored to maintain its condition. Schoolchildren and students, having visited the planetarium, can become interested in space and become astronauts or scientists in the future.

The decision to build a planetarium was made because of the landing of the Voskhod-2 spacecraft in the Perm region.

Address: blvd. Gagarina, 27A, Perm

Opening hours: Mon-Wed 10:00–17:00; Thu 10:00–19:00; Fri 10:00–17:00; Sat 10:00–19:00; Sun 10:00–17:00

Entrance: children's ticket - from 150 rubles. Adult ticket - from 200 rubles

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

Small park used mainly for photography. The park is not large , but is nevertheless filled with objects that are worth paying attention to. There is a monument to a dog (Newfoundland breed), beautiful bushes and flowers, and a statue of a sad angel. They like to walk here in couples or with children.

Address: Red Square street, Perm, Perm region

Opening hours: 24 hours a day

Meshkov's House

Meshkov's House

A huge and beautiful house, made in the style of classical architecture of the tsarist era. The building was built back in 1820 and has been very well preserved since then. The building is made in the style of classicism. The outside of the house has massive columns, the inside is rich and beautiful decoration.

During the years of the revolution, the Bolshevik headquarters was located here. Restaurants and a university faculty were located here.

The building has enormous historical value and by visiting this place, you can feel the era of past centuries.

Address: st. Monastyrskaya, 11

Admission: full - 130 rubles, reduced (pensioners, students, disabled people) - 70 rubles, children under 18 years old - free

Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 10.00 - 19.00 (entrance until 18.00). Thu: 12.00 - 21.00 (entrance until 20.00). from July 1 to August 31 daily, except Mon: 12.00 - 21.00 (entrance until 20.00).

Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM

Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM

The largest art platform in Russia, where people create art from objects that, at first glance, are unsuitable for this. The museum provides opportunities for the younger generation to express their creative imagination.

The museum has implemented many projects in different parts of the country. Constantly holds exhibitions of the most interesting works and shows master classes for visitors.

Address: blvd. Gagarina, 24, Perm

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12:00–21:00

Entrance: adults - 200 rubles; students and pensioners - 100 rubles

Perm Academic Theater-Theater

Perm Academic Theater-Theater

The theater was founded on March 14, 1927. Through performances, workers could express a real opinion about the situation in the country. Famous actors worked in the theater, many tours were held, and the theater received many awards.

Currently, the younger generation is presenting plays with bold and controversial themes.

Address: st. Lenina, 53, Perm

Opening hours: daily, 12:00–20:00

Entrance: ticket - 330-1500 rubles.

Sights of Perm in one day

Perm Cathedral Mosque

Perm Cathedral Mosque

The first mosque in Perm and the only place where people professing Islam can gather. The mosque is very beautiful and made in green. Muslims spend all their major holidays here.

The building was founded more than 100 years ago in 1903, housing a significant portion of the city's Muslims. Most people gather during Ramadan. Those who wish to convert to Islam are always welcome here.

Address: st. Osinskaya, 5, Perm

Opening hours: daily, 09:00–18:00

Entry: free

Official website: https://islam-perm.ru/

Permyak salty ears

Permyak salty ears

The most famous sculpture of Perm and the entire Perm region is Permyak salty ears. It was built on April 1, 2006 and quickly gained popularity - every visitor considered it their duty to take a photo inside this object.

The Perm region is rich in salts, and workers (salt workers) had to carry heavy bags every day. Salt corrodes the ears, which is why they turned red and one could immediately understand what profession the person was engaged in. The sculpture itself consists of a circle and large ears on the sides.

Address: Komsomolsky Prospekt, near house No. 27

When to visit: any time

Entry: free

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Peter and Paul Cathedral

The first church built of stone in the city. Construction was completed in 1781 - almost 300 years ago. The temple is made in Baroque style in white and green colors. Previously, the building was noticed by everyone sailing along the Kama River, but now few will pay attention to it.

The cathedral is located in the historical center - the confluence of the Yegoshikha River and the Kama. Tourists note the beautiful icons inside the building and decoration.

Address: Sovetskaya st., 1/1, Perm

Opening hours: daily, 08:00–19:00

Entry: free

Official website: https://soborpp.ru/



A large square located on Lenin Street. In the 60s of the last century, it was decided to build houses on this site, but as a result they chose another project - the Esplanade. The sentence is too long, make it shorter and more logical.

A theater was built on the territory, a monument to the heroes of the front and rear was erected. Events are currently being held on the square. Recently, a rope was stretched between the buildings on the square, along which a German tightrope walker walked over the square and set a world record of 955m.

Address: Russia, Perm, Lenin street

Opening hours: daily, 24 hours a day

Entry: free

Art object “Happiness is just around the corner”

Art object “Happiness is just around the corner”

The building was installed according to the project - Cultural Revolution. Initially it was presented in Moscow, but reached the Perm region, where it was installed on the banks of the Kama River. It is considered one of the main symbols of the city and region. He starred in the intro for the TV series “Real Boys” and was in a video for American rapper Kanye West.

The structure was attacked more than once and required major repairs, but thanks to activists and caring people, the building survived. Now anyone can take a photo against the background of the inscription.

Address: Pier 3, Kama embankment, Perm, Perm region

When to watch: any time

Entry: free

Embankment of the Kama River

Embankment of the Kama River

A beautiful place with a view of the Kama River, where every tourist should visit. Recently, a major renovation was carried out here, places for recreation and art objects were added - they were put in order for a comfortable stay.

Here is the famous inscription - happiness is just around the corner. Cultural events are held. You can take wonderful photos from this place. This is an important historical place in Perm.

Address: Left bank of the Kama, Perm

Park named after Gorky in Perm

Park named after Gorky in Perm

The largest park in Perm. There are a huge number of attractions, including a Ferris wheel, which offers an unforgettable view of the city. The park is more than 200 years old and to this day it remains the most popular vacation spot for residents. There are always various events in which everyone can take part.

Address: st. Sibirskaya, Perm, Perm Region

Opening hours: children's sector - from 10:00 to 22:00. Youth sector - from 11:00 to 23:00. Night skiing (Thu, Fri, Sat) until 02:00

admission . Attractions from 140 rub. Payment by park payment card.

Monuments of Perm - a grand tour of Perm monuments

Monuments are constant companions of human civilization. The first monuments appeared about 5000 years ago in the Sumerian civilization. Monuments reached their heyday in the ancient world in antiquity. Ancient Greece loved to erect monuments to gods and prominent citizens. And by the monuments of Rome we can judge the empire. It is all the more interesting to look at the monuments of Perm. For the city, this is a whole layer of outstanding events and people who made a great contribution to its development. Monuments are a unique creation of human hands that form the face of the city.

Church of the Resurrection, built in honor of the liberation of peasants from serfdom

During the times of the empire, the tradition of erecting monuments had not yet been formed in Perm. As a rule, in honor of significant events that they wanted to perpetuate, a chapel or temple was built. The second option is to assign a name to an institution. Thus, in honor of the liberation of peasants from serfdom, the Resurrection Church was built in Perm. And the elementary school on Torgovaya Street bore the name of Emperor Alexander II. The first full-fledged monument will appear in Perm a little later - in 1920.

Monument to sailor Pavel Khokhryakov. The first Perm monument, opened in 1918, was located here.

And in 1918, the first monument was built in Perm, which stood for less than 2 months. It was dedicated to 2 revolutionaries who died in the Civil War (they were buried here): Stepan Bolshakov and Pavel Khokhryakov. The opening of the monument was accustomed to the first anniversary of the October Revolution. In November, the commander of one of the Red regiments, Pavel Svetlakov, was buried at the monument. With the arrival of Kolchak’s army, the monument was destroyed, but later, after 50 years, it will be restored as a bust of Pavel Khokhryakov.

Monuments of Perm of the Soviet period

The first monument in Perm, which has survived to this day, appeared outside the modern city limits. It was opened in Motovilikha in honor of the third anniversary of the October Revolution and is dedicated to the events of the first Russian revolution of 1905-1907. In the 20s, Motovilikha was a separate village, a nearby suburb of Perm. It is now the oldest surviving monument in the city. It was built in the form of a huge 50-ton steam hammer installed at the Motovilikha plant according to the design of engineer Nikolai Vorontsov.

Monument to Fighters for Soviet Power

Today, the monument to the Fighters of the Revolution is part of the historical and memorial complex Diorama, which tells about the first Russian revolution and the history of the Motovilikha plant. This is one of the most interesting museum compositions in Perm. From the observation deck near the monument there is a beautiful view of the city, the Motovilikha plant, the pond and the Kama River. This is one of the most picturesque places in Perm.

View of Perm from the site near the monument to Revolutionary Fighters

There should have been a monument to Lenin in all cities of the Soviet Union. Perm was no exception. In 1954, a monument to the leader of the proletarian revolution was erected in the park near the Opera House (which then bore the title of Komsomol). The four-meter cast iron figure of Ilyich was installed on a granite pedestal, where there are only 5 bronze letters: “Lenin”. This is far from the only monument to Lenin in Perm, but more about them later.

Monument to Lenin in Perm

A little earlier than Lenin, a monument to Joseph Stalin was erected in Perm. The monument stood at the entrance of the engine plant, which bore the name of Joseph Vissarionovich. After the 20th Party Congress and the debunking of the cult of personality, the monument was removed. Now at this place there are busts of people who made a great contribution to the development of the city and the plant.

Monument to Maxim Gorky

Two monuments from the Soviet period are located in the Gaiva microdistrict. The first is a monument to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, located near the palace of culture of the same name. The second is a monument to Maxim Gorky, located on Barnaulskaya Street, near school No. 104. In the same microdistrict there is a bust of Anton Pavlovich, already in Chekhov Park. Next to the bust there are monuments to the heroes of the works.

Monument to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin in Perm

Two more monuments of the Soviet period are the monument to Alexander Pushkin and Nikolai Gavrilovich Slavyanov. The monument to Pushkin is erected in the fairy tale park; the monument itself is surrounded by bas-reliefs based on the fairy tales of Alexander Sergeevich. The monument to the great Russian writer was opened in 1990. The monument to the inventor of arc welding, Nikolai Slavyanov, is located on Friendship Square in the Motovilikha district of the city. The monument was opened in 1988 and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of welding.

Monuments in Perm dedicated to the Great Patriotic War

The largest group of monuments in Perm is dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War. The central monument of the city is the monument to the “Heroes of the Front and Rear”, which is located on the esplanade. The monument consists of 3 figures that symbolize Victory in the war: a woman in the image of the Motherland, a soldier and a worker. The monument was opened in 1985 and dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Victory.

monument to the Heroes of the front and rear on the esplanade

Another iconic monument, “The Grieving Mother,” was installed at the Yegoshikha Cemetery. Its opening was timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Victory in 1975. Next to the monument are the graves of Soviet soldiers who died of wounds in Perm hospitals. The “Grieving Mother” monument is one of the saddest monuments in the city; it symbolizes the terrible losses that the people suffered in the war.

Monument “Grieving Mother” at Yegoshikha Cemetery in Perm

The monument in the form of an armored boat is located in the Kirovsky district of the city, near the ship. The monument is dedicated to the fighters of the river flotillas who heroically fought on the Dnieper, Danube and other rivers. Among the Permians there were many rivermen who fought on combat boats during the war. The monument was opened in 1974 and today is the longest monument in the city. Its length is over 20 meters.

Armored boat AK-454 at the entrance gates of the shipyard in Perm.

The tallest monument in the city is located in the Motovilikha district. This is a composition of a warrior-liberator, which is dedicated to the workers of the Motovilikha plant who died during the war. Near the monument there are 2 howitzers that were produced at the plant, and plates with the names of the deceased plant workers. Legend says that a fighter's hands are always warm. But it will be quite difficult to verify it - after all, the height of the monument with its pedestal is about 15 meters.

Monument to the workers of the Motovilikha district who died during the war.

On Sibirskaya Street, in front of the officers' house, there is a monument to the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps. The monument is a pedestal on which a T-34-85 tank from the corps is installed. Nearby is a stele describing the military route of the formation. This was the first monument in Perm dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War. It was opened in 1963, the year of the 20th anniversary of the formation of the corps.

Monument to the volunteers of the Ural Corps

At the small passages of the Motovilikha plant there is a monument to the workers who worked valiantly during the war. The composition consists of 3 figures: a teenager, a woman and an old man, who replaced the men at the factory during the war. Nearby there is a sign with words of gratitude from Marshal G.K. Zhukov to Motovilikha workers. The monument was opened in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the Victory.

Monument to rear workers at the factory entrance

Modern monuments of the city of Perm

Over the past 25 years, over 10 monuments have appeared in Perm. The installation of such monuments is explained as a tribute to the past and the formation of the cultural space of the city. In 2003, for the 280th anniversary of the city, a monument to one of the founders of the city, Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev, was erected. The monument is located in the park of the same name, next to the place where the city of Perm once began. The monument to Tatishchev is recognition of the merits of one of the most talented people of Peter the Great’s time, who organized metallurgical production for the Russian Empire.

Monument to Vasily Tatishchev

Another monument to a significant figure for the city is a monument to the inventor of radio, Alexander Popov. Popov studied in Perm from 1873 to 1877, and thanks to the knowledge he gained, he entered St. Petersburg University. The monument is located on the street of the same name and consists of 3 parts: the monument, as well as a radio wave transmitter and receiver. The monument to Popov was opened in 2013 and became a gift to the townspeople on City Day.

Monument to Alexander Popov

Another interesting monument is located near Cathedral Square, not far from the cathedral. This is a monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra. The monument was opened in 2008, during the celebration of the 285th anniversary of the city. Nicholas the Wonderworker symbolizes the city's heavenly protection of the saints. The sculpture is located in the spiritual center of the city, where the administration of the diocese, the seminary and the main temple of Perm were once located.

Monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker in autumn.

Not far from the puppet theater in Perm there is a monument to second-year and second-year student Ivan Semenov. This small granite monument was erected on September 1, 2003. The installation was timed to coincide with the Day of Knowledge and now it is the lowest monument in the city, its height is 1.5 meters. Ivan Semenov is one of the most famous Perm characters, created by the writer Lev Davydovich. Schoolchildren have a belief that if you walk past a monument and rub the back of your head, the knowledge will definitely remain in your head.

But the most “Perm” monument is located next to the Ural Hotel, not far from the central department store. This is a “walking bear” monument or simply a Perm bear. The sculpture was installed in its current location in 2009 and has already acquired interesting traditions. In order for your wish to come true, you need to take a photo riding a bear and rub its nose. That's why the bronze bear's nose is always polished and sparkles. And after visiting the bear, guests move on to the next Perm monument - “Permyak Salty Ears”.

Monument to the bear - a tribute to the traditions of the region

The composition “Permyak - salty ears” was opened in 2006, and is dedicated to the proverb of the same name. Indeed, from long work at the salt mines, the ears of Permians became red from the salt that had scouted them. Ears stopped being salty only in the 20th century, when the technology for extracting and processing salt changed. Now, this interesting monument, which is also the first point of the Green Line tourist route, reminds us of the past.

Sculptural composition Permyak-salty ears

The composition “Kama River”, located next to the bear, closes the top three Perm monuments. This sculptural composition consists of a boat and five pillars, which symbolize the beginning of the Perm region. The Kama River monument was opened in 2010, near the intersection of Lenin and Kuibyshev streets. This is one of the youngest Perm monuments, but at the same time reminiscent of the origins of Perm culture.

Sculpture Kama River

The monument to Doctor Grail is perhaps the most unusual monument. It was created in the Art Nouveau style and shows one of the most respected people of the Perm province. This is Doctor Gral, the founder of medical science in the region. He was known for his kindness and responsible attitude to business. Dr. Gral did a lot to organize the first Perm medical institutions; now the city clinical hospital bears his name. The monument to Doctor Grail was erected in 2005 and is located at the intersection of Lenin and Plekhanov streets.

Monument to Doctor Grail

And near the Crystal cinema on Komsomolsky Prospekt there is a monument “Coward, Dunce, Experienced”. This is one of the most beloved monuments in Perm. As you pass by, be sure to throw a coin into the Coward’s hat and rub the Experienced One’s nose. If you believe the signs, then you will definitely have a happy day. After all, the famous film trinity brought their viewers a lot of joy and laughter.

Coward, Dunce, Experienced in front of the cinema building in Perm

The MiG monument on takeoff is one of the newest monuments in the city. It is a model of the MiG-31 interceptor fighter, one of the best aircraft in its class. The engines for this aircraft are made by Perm, at whose checkpoint there is a mock-up. The composition was opened in 2014, in honor of the 80th anniversary of the plant, one of the largest enterprises in the city. The monument is especially beautiful at night.

MiG on takeoff - mockup of the MiG 31 interceptor fighter

We talked about the main monuments of the city. In total, there are over 30 of them in Perm. Despite such a large number, monuments require careful and respectful treatment. Remember, the sculptors put a piece of their soul into their creation. In the near future we will write the second part of the article about monuments, in which we will talk about the busts installed on the streets of the city. We wish you a pleasant acquaintance with the cultural heritage of Perm and many amazing discoveries!

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Sights of Nizhny Novgorod


Where can you go with children in Perm? Museum of Perm Antiquities, Kama Reservoir, Perm Zoo, Rock Park in Perm, Planetarium, Kama River Embankment, Park named after. Gorky in Perm.

What attractions are there in the Perm region? Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Khokhlovka", Belogorsky St. Nicholas Missionary Monastery, Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repressions "Perm-36".

The main attractions of Perm? Monument to the letter P, Perm Regional Museum, Perm Cathedral Mosque, Perm Salty Ears, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Art object “Happiness is just around the corner.”

What natural attractions are there in Perm ? Kama Reservoir, Balatovo Park, Stone Park in Perm, Garden of Eden, Kama River Embankment, Park named after. Gorky in Perm.

Perm Sea of ​​small rivers

Yes, in Perm there are not only the Kama and Chusovaya, but also a large number of small rivers (up to 200 km long, with a small width). The Giprovodkhoz Institute, in one of its works in the 1980s, determined from large-scale maps that there are more than 300 small rivers and streams in the city. Many of them are now completely or partially buried in sewers and ravines. Part of the city center is located in the interfluve of small rivers: Yegoshikha and Danilikha. However, there are only five official places for public recreation near the water. In the Kirovsky district - along the line of Kirovogradskaya street, between Astrakhanskaya and Oboronshchikov streets, in Ordzhonikidzevsky - in the area of ​​the KamHPP stopping point, in the Leninsky district - the city beach on the right bank of the Kama River, in the Motovilikha district - Motovilikha pond and in the village of Novye Lyady - on left bank of the Sylva River.

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