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city ​​of regional subordination with administrative territory / urban district
Pushkino city Pushkinsky urban district
FlagCoat of arms
56°00′ N. w. 37°50′ E. village HGYAO Country Russia Part of the Moscow region Adm. center Pushkino Head of the city district Andrey Morozov History and geography Date of formation 2019 Area 742.49 [1] km² Time zone MSK (UTC+3) Population Population 286,090 people (2021)Digital identifiersOKATO46 458OKTMO46 758Official websiteMedia files on Wikimedia Commons

Pushkinsky urban district
[2] or
Pushkinsky urban district
[3] is a municipal formation located in the northeast of the Moscow region of Russia. Within the framework of the administrative-territorial structure, it corresponds to the city of regional subordination of Pushkino with its administrative territory.

The administrative center is the city of Pushkino.


The Pushkinsky urban district borders with the urban districts of the Moscow region: in the north-west - Dmitrovsky, in the north - Sergiev Posad, in the south-east - Korolev, in the south-west - Mytishchi (and the exclave of Moscow, the village of Akulovo, Eastern Administrative District), in the east — Shchelkovo, as well as with the Vladimir region.

The area of ​​the urban district after the annexation of Ivanteevka and Krasnoarmeysk is 742.49 km².


The main rivers are Klyazma, Ucha, Serebryanka, Skalba, Talitsa, Sumer, Vorya, Vyaz, Prorvanikha, Kokotka, Olshanka. The Vetelka, Makhra, Yakhroma, Metelka, Pesochnaya, Torgosha, Chernichka, Ershovka, and Plaksa rivers also flow through the territory of the Pushkinsky urban district[4].

The main lakes are Lake Travinskoe in Pushkino, Lake Cernskoe (a flooded quarry), Lake of Hope in Eldigino.

The boundaries of the Pushkinsky urban district run along the banks of the Uchinsky and Pestovsky reservoirs.


The climate in the Pushkin urban district is temperate continental and is influenced by air masses coming from the Atlantic and Arctic. Prevailing winds: northwest and southwest directions[5].


Pushkinsky urban district is located on the southern slopes of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya ridge of the Russian Plain. Absolute heights from 136 m (Lesnye Polyany) to 240 m (Novovoronino). Traces of ancient glaciations have been preserved[6].

Natural area

Lesnaya. Subzone of broad-leaved and coniferous forests with elements of steppe flora.


In the city of Pushkino, the Serebryanka River flows, there is a rowing base with a children's sports school, rentals and a place for kayaker competitions.

The townspeople also have the Ucha River and a spring with the beautiful name “Ivushka”: the water there is clean and, possibly, healing. Residents of Pushkino love Ivushka so much that they prefer spring water to tap water.

Behind the dam, Ucha forms the Uchinskoye Reservoir - a favorite vacation spot for the residents of Pushkin, popularly also called Tishkovo, named after the nearby village. The Uchinskoe reservoir is very clean - it supplies drinking water to the capital, ships do not sail through it, plus it has been given the status of a strictly protected zone.


See also: Pushkinsky district (Moscow region) § History

On May 6, 2022, the Pushkinsky municipal district was abolished, and all urban and rural settlements included in it (urban settlements Ashukino, Zelenogradsky, Lesnoy, Pravdinsky, Pushkino, Sofrino, Cherkizovo, rural settlements Eldiginskoye, Tarasovskoye, Tsarevskoye) were combined into a new single municipal entity — Pushkinsky urban district. The administrative center is the city of regional subordination of the Moscow region Pushkino[7].

On July 23, 2022, the Pushkinsky district as an administrative-territorial unit of the region was abolished, and in its place a new administrative-territorial unit was formed - the city of regional subordination of Pushkino with an administrative territory[8].

On November 19, 2022, a law was adopted on the unification of three urban districts: Pushkinsky, Krasnoarmeysk and Ivanteevka[9][10][11][12]. On December 30, Ivanteevka and Krasnoarmeysk were reassigned to the city of Pushkino[13], which was additionally confirmed in January 2022[14].

Features of accommodation

In the city of Pushkino there are no industrial enterprises that emit harmful substances or do not comply with Sanpin standards. In the city there is a fur farm of the same name, where furs are bred. There is its own meat processing plant, beer (specializing in strong alcohol), and church utensils are produced in Sofrino.

In general, it so happened historically that weaving production was developed in Pushkino, and at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, summer residents chose Pushkin’s places and began to build country houses here, since the air was fresh, nature was beautiful in its pristine state, and transport links were well-functioning.

To this day, the city of Pushkino maintains a rare specialization for the Moscow region in the restoration and development of forestry (there is a seed fund, a forestry engineering laboratory, and a forestry research institute here). What could better testify to the natural resources of this area?


Main article: List of settlements in the Pushkin urban district

There are 90 settlements in the Pushkinsky urban district. Their list is presented below.

List of settlements
LocalityTypePopulationFormer municipality
1Aksenkivillage↗13[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
2Aleshinovillage↗241[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
3Artyomovovillage↗38[17]urban settlement Ashukino
4Ashukinosuburban village↘9327[15]urban settlement Ashukino
5Balabanovovillage↗6[17]urban settlement Sofrino
6Barkovovillage↗403[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
7Birch forestsvillage↘24[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
8Bortnevovillage↗26[17]urban settlement Sofrino
9Brotherhoodvillage↗1394[17]urban settlement Pravdinsky
10Vasilevovillage↗102[17]urban settlement Ashukino
11Vasyukovovillage↗12[17]urban settlement Sofrino
12Vvedenskoyevillage↗210[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
13Volodkinovillage↗4[17]urban settlement Ashukino
14Gerasimikhavillage↗20[17]urban settlement Ashukino
15Gorenkivillage↘8[17]urban settlement Ashukino
16Gribanovovillage↘6[17]urban settlement Ashukino
17Gribovovillage↘8[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
18Grigorkovovillage↘18[17]urban settlement Sofrino
19Danilovovillage↗254[17]urban settlement Ashukino
20Daryinovillage↗40[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
21Kindvillage↘113[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
22Dorovskoevillage↘64[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
23Eldiginovillage↘1172[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
24Zhilkinovillage↗8[17]urban settlement Ashukino
25Zhukovka[18]village↗198[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
26Animal Farmvillage↗2110[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
27Zelenogradskysuburban village↘2084[15]urban settlement Zelenogradsky
28Greenvillage↗19[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
29Green Townvillage↘914[17]urban settlement Pravdinsky
30Zimogoryevillage↗68[17]urban settlement Zelenogradsky
31Ivanteevkacity↗82 779[16]Ivanteevka urban district
32Ivoshinovillage↗7[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
33Komyaginovillage↘54[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
34Koptelinovillage↗245[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
35Kostinovillage↗42[17]urban settlement Pravdinsky
36Koshcheikovovillage↗60[19]urban settlement Lesnoy
37Krasnoarmeyskcity↘26 300[15]Krasnoarmeysk urban district
38Kstininovillage↘12[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
39Levkovovillage↗467[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
40Flatbreadvillage↗250[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
41Forestworkers' village↘8279[15]urban settlement Lesnoy
42Forest Gladesvillage↗4053[17]rural settlement Tarasovskoye
43Lugovayavillage↘15[17]urban settlement Ashukino
44Martyankovovillage↗6[17]urban settlement Ashukino
45Maryina Goravillage↗47[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
46Matyushinovillage↗66[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
47Metropoliavillage↗376[17]urban settlement Sofrino
48Mikhailovskoevillage↗82[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
49Mikhalevovillage↗27[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
50Mogiltsyvillage↗198[17]urban settlement Sofrino
51Muranovo[20]village↗224[17]urban settlement Ashukino
52Nagornoyevillage↗168[17]urban settlement Zelenogradsky
53Nagornoyevillage↗922[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
54Nazarovovillage↘107[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
55Nevzorovovillage↗25[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
56Nikolskoyevillage↗21[17]urban settlement Sofrino
57Nikulinovillage↗32[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
58Novovoroninovillage↗741[17]urban settlement Sofrino
59Ordinovovillage↗10[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
60Ostankinovillage↘12[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
61Patternsvillage↗15[17]urban settlement Ashukino
62Parshinofarm↗27[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
63Cockerelsvillage↗9[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
64Podvyaznovovillage↗40[17]urban settlement Ashukino
65Pravdinskyworkers' village↘9992[15]urban settlement Pravdinsky
66Putilovovillage↗118[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
67Pushkino[21]city↗108 741[16]urban settlement Pushkino
68Rakovovillage↗143[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
69Rakhmanovovillage↗141[17]urban settlement Ashukino
70Sanatorium "Tishkovo"village↘470[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
71Semyonovskoevillage↗29[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
72Sofrinoworkers' village↘14 504[15]urban settlement Sofrino
73Sofrinovillage↗56[17]urban settlement Sofrino
74Staroe Selovillage↘8[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
75Stepankovovillage↘325[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
76Talitsyvillage↗307[17]urban settlement Sofrino
77Tarasovka[22].village↗2807[17]rural settlement Tarasovskoye
78Tishkovovillage↘145[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
79Fedorovskoevillage↘123[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
80Fomkinovillage↗17[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
81Khlopenevovillage↘0[17]urban settlement Sofrino
82Tsarevovillage↗588[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
83Tsernskoevillage↗53[17]urban settlement Sofrino
84Chekmovovillage↗13[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
85Chelyuskinskyvillage↘2428[17]rural settlement Tarasovskoye
86Cherkizovosuburban village↗4014[15]urban settlement Cherkizovo
87Chernozemovovillage↗14[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye
88Shablykinovillage↘10[17]rural settlement Tsarevskoye
89Shcheglovovillage↗10[17]urban settlement Sofrino
90Yakshinovillage↗13[17]rural settlement Eldiginskoye

Live in Pushkino - go to Abramtsevo and not be afraid to walk at night

A city in the Moscow region with the poetic name Pushkino is known for its writers' dachas - Vladimir Mayakovsky, Demyan Bedny, Konstantin Paustovsky and Mikhail Prishvin lived here at different times, but the city is in no way connected with Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Daria, who has lived in Pushkino for seven years, told RIAMO about the pros and cons of living in the Moscow region.

Pushkin has nothing to do with it

When I say that I live in Pushkino, many people imagine the great poet, but, as far as I know, the history of the city is not at all connected with Alexander Sergeevich. Although we have a monument to the writer.

The city owes its name to the cannon production that was located on the site of the current settlement in the 18th century. There is also a monument to the legendary owner of this enterprise in our city.

There are many cities in the Moscow region that have preserved evidence of history, but in Pushkino there is practically no history left. For example, the famous summer theater where Chaliapin once performed burned down in the early 1990s, and few people know about the 1903 water tower on the station square.

Local attractions include the Mayakovsky museum-dacha on Akulovaya Mountain, where the poet spent the summer months from 1920 to 1928. It is known that it was here that he wrote the poem “Attitude towards the Young Lady”, nine chapters of the poem “Good” and created the “Windows of GROWTH” posters. By the way, in the famous poem “An extraordinary adventure that happened to Vladimir Mayakovsky in the summer at the dacha,” in which the poet talks with the Sun, the Akulovsky ravine is mentioned. The dacha, which burned down in the 90s, was restored thanks to the efforts of local residents.

Next door to the police

I have been living in Pushkino for the last seven years, and spent my childhood in a small town in the Pushkinsky district. So you can say I'm a local.

We know our neighbors on the landing and on the floor below. The ones my family and I know are locals. I find this surprising given the modern pace of life, when everyone is busy with their own affairs and is not very open and willing to communicate.

There is a police station next to my house, so I feel safe.

Quite often I have to walk home late from the train station, and I have never had any unpleasant situations.

We have visitors from Central Asia in our city; there are many of them working in the housing and communal services system, but I have never considered this a threat. I don’t see people without a fixed place of residence in Pushkino, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist at all.

City of new buildings

Pushkino is a typical satellite of Moscow, a kind of sleeping area for those working in the capital. There are a lot of residential high-rises here, but there is clearly a lack of recreational infrastructure: the only city park is overcrowded with local residents, and the historical arboretum is in stable disrepair.

Pushkinsky district can be called green, but in Pushkino itself there is clearly not enough greenery. I really miss direct access to the forest and, at worst, to the forest park. The saddest thing is in winter, when you have to ski on the ice of the Serebryanka River, and not in the forest or in the park. Of course, if you have a car, you can go to the forests of neighboring Sergiev Posad, but not everyone has this opportunity.

Lots of shops and cheap sports

In recent years, the city has undergone local changes in terms of landscaping: in some places a balustrade was installed, flower beds were laid out, a new maternity hospital was opened. There are quite enough shops and pharmacies, as well as beauty salons and fitness clubs.

One of the advantages of the city is its proximity to Moscow and the accessibility of trade infrastructure. Recently, several large shopping centers have appeared in the city: Globus, Leroy Merlin and Decathlon hypermarkets.

In recent years, the city has undergone local changes in terms of landscaping: in some places a balustrade was installed, flower beds were laid out, a new maternity hospital was opened. There are quite enough shops and pharmacies, as well as beauty salons and fitness clubs.

There is also a sports palace in Pushkino, which is very popular among local residents, so you won’t be able to get into the pool there, unless, of course, you want to share the lane with other swimmers. There is also a yoga studio, the prices of which are much cheaper than Moscow.

This, however, also has a downside: entering and leaving the city in this direction is constantly difficult. Fortunately, I go to work in Moscow by train to the Yaroslavl station, so the journey takes me no more than an hour.

Trendy cafes and friendly squirrels

In Pushkin, I only visit the local cinema “Oblaka”, which was recently opened after many years of reconstruction in the Pobeda shopping center, a couple of cafes and bars, and also an arboretum where friendly squirrels live.

The number of cafes has increased in recent years, and some very good ones have appeared among them. The problem is that their pricing policy corresponds to Moscow establishments, but the cuisine, room design and general atmosphere are not always the same.

I can recommend the recently opened “Millefeuille” on Moskovsky Prospekt, where you can try the dessert of the same name, and “Piacere”, where I like tomato soup with seafood. The best bar is Jerry's pub.

Since childhood, I loved going to the Abramtsevo estate, it is not far from Pushkino. There is a wonderful park where you can walk at any time of the year, and several interesting museums. Sergiev Posad, which has become noticeably prettier in recent years, is also relatively close.

While I work in Moscow, living in Pushkino is objectively better than in any small town in the Pushkin region. However, in the future I would like to move to a place where there is a forest, history and spirit, but there are no problems with traffic jams.




Main enterprises:

  • LLC "Artistic and production enterprise "Sofrino" of the Russian Orthodox Church",
  • Glycerin Solution LLC,
  • LLC Sofrinsky Metalworking Plant,
  • RostAgroComplex LLC,
  • LLC "Hyperglobus"
  • CJSC "KST"
  • JSC Distillery Topaz,
  • JSC "Zelenogradskoye"
  • Pozit LLC,
  • LLC "VGT Enterprise"
  • LLC "MK" Stoross",
  • LLC "Karavai SV",
  • LLC "Pushkinsky Myasnoy Dvor"
  • group ,
  • OJSC "Pushkin Textile"
  • and others.

The enterprises produce meat and dairy products, alcoholic beverages, objects of worship and religious purposes, textiles, paints and varnishes, organic chemical components, furniture, rubber and plastic products, electronic equipment, fire dampers.

The information in this article or some sections of it is out of date.

You can help the project by updating it and then removing this template.

In 2022, the implementation of major investment projects continues: shopping center "Aquarelle" (IMMO AUCHAN), "PNK group" (industrial park), HYPERGLOBUS (logistics), LLC "RIO - Polymer" (processing of secondary polymers) in the village of Aleshino, LLC "Baucenter" RUS" (hypermarket of construction and finishing materials).[23].


The education system of the Pushkin urban district includes 83 educational institutions, of which 34 are municipal secondary schools (including 2 primary schools - kindergarten, 1 primary school, 1 basic school, 3 gymnasiums, 26 secondary schools, one secondary school for students with disabilities health), 3 non-state educational institutions, 42 municipal preschool educational institutions and 2 institutions providing preschool education services under the public-private partnership program, 2 institutions of additional education for children, an Educational and Methodological Center[23].

There are five higher educational institutions in the Pushkin city district:

  • Russian State University of Tourism and Service
  • Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia named after V. Ya. Kikot (faculty of training employees for economic security and anti-corruption departments)
  • Academy of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergencies and Disaster Relief
  • Institute of Tourism Technology
  • Modern Humanitarian Academy (Pushkin Branch)

There are also six secondary specialized educational institutions in the district:

  • Moscow Regional Music College named after S. S. Prokofiev
  • Pushkin Medical College
  • Moscow College of Service
  • Pravdinsky forestry technical school
  • School for advanced training of management personnel of departmental security of the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation (no enrollment of students, teaching staff disbanded)
  • Lyceum of Economics, Politics and Law


On Akulova Gora there is a monument to Mayakovsky, who visited here and even wrote a poem about his stay in Pushkino on Akulova Gora.

In the village of Sofrino there is the famous Smolensk Church in the “Naryshkin Baroque” style, restored in the 1970s. Also noteworthy is the Church of the Savior of the Image Not Made by Hands in the neo-Russian style, built back in those years from reinforced concrete (!), according to the design of Vasnetsov’s student.

The city has preserved a small historical center, represented by an old water tower and 2-story houses built before the revolution. There is a special charm in these low-rise houses, wooden and stone, authentic buildings that coexist with new residential areas.

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