Administrative-territorial division of the Samara region

The Samara region territorially belongs to the Volga region, the Volga River flows along it. Using a satellite map of the Samara region, you can see that this region has common borders with Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, the Orenburg region, as well as the Ulyanovsk and Saratov regions.

Various mineral resources are mined within the area. The highest mountain is called the Observer.

There are many industrial enterprises in the region, which are clearly demonstrated by the map of the Samara region.

Municipal structure

Within the framework of the municipal structure, within the boundaries of the administrative-territorial units of the region, the region includes, respectively, the following upper-level municipalities:

  • 10 urban districts
  • 27 municipal districts.

Their boundaries are approved in the form of a cartographic description by 37 laws of the Samara region.

Within the municipal districts, the boundaries of lower-level municipalities have been established in the number of 296 settlements, including 12 urban and 284 rural settlements as of January 1, 2022.

The new edition of the Charter of the Samara Region provides for the formation of municipal districts.

The spread of coronavirus in Russian regions as of January 13, 2022

Saint Petersburg870526183981669328811
Moscow region655865155660495312640
Nizhny Novgorod Region23453164722115110133
Sverdlovsk region2039024101780599686
Samara Region2029552251713916477
Rostov region1982323911800989853
Voronezh region1968452421684797115
Krasnoyarsk region1765572651616159024
Perm region1645173091518417618
Irkutsk region1606132541482697127
Chelyabinsk region1497212321415246355
Saratov region1355781721250495191
Omsk region1333752151253433310
Volgograd region1317851721224435740
Stavropol region1286403521091576260
Khabarovsk region1284342291198681283
Republic of Crimea127909941193024548
Arhangelsk region1255111541155301549
Republic of Bashkortostan1246481981155384546
Krasnodar region1236903531028739918
Altai region1234672891061136902
Ulyanovsk region121754951154133914
Orenburg region10916786989183527
Primorsky Krai105727251892131611
Leningrad region104830243947903066
Penza region104132160918064750
Tver region101251280908422417
Vologda Region101052122931433066
Bryansk region98637144943063044
Komi Republic9860491852112690
Novosibirsk region98154251687794396
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug97547164924492075
Transbaikal region97249103878831941
Murmansk region93151122762652831
Tyumen region92619198830843559
Republic of Karelia91577152874491244
Kemerovo region88380198805941771
Yaroslavl region88155189807342005
Smolensk region86085141790472453
Lipetsk region85521123793432907
Kaliningrad region84096168809681315
Vladimir region83514138753932986
Belgorod region83044107754471821
Astrakhan region82890136786392520
Kursk region8288289783782101
Kirov region8121417871338779
Udmurt republic7977259700823270
The Republic of Buryatia77914121730792512
Tula region77817202688244402
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)77206147737621821
Pskov region7240886687341334
Oryol Region71850147673541568
Ivanovo region69587113624042613
The Republic of Dagestan67267158615263264
Novgorod region667118963345805
Kaluga region66700136625371255
Tomsk region6342911054696685
Tambov Region63357168583281804
Ryazan Oblast6262674581542661
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug625516458491968
Amur region5644417249812622
The Republic of Khakassia5446481516522056
Kurgan region5180681493971031
Kostroma region4906138475261141
Chuvash Republic4715954410434115
Republic of Tatarstan43958107373551506
Sakhalin region4345620341489577
Kabardino-Balkarian Republic4308982391011508
The Republic of Mordovia4113958366741075
Republic of Kalmykia341761532674748
Karachay-Cherkess Republic329895529351919
Republic of North Ossetia-Alania3185968293591014
Tyva Republic317011530728322
Chechen Republic315586029747962
Mari El Republic298463428168956
The Republic of Ingushetia295277027636489
Republic of Adygea280986023385772
Altai Republic255841723408533
Kamchatka Krai240455819090515
Magadan Region137791513225356
Jewish Autonomous Region118422010939430
Nenets Autonomous Okrug35388339488
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug29764280839


Alekseevsky district

Bezenchuksky district

Bogatovsky district

Bolsheglushitsky district

Bolshechernigovsky district

Borsky district

Volzhsky district

Elkhovsky district

Isaklinsky district

Kamyshlinsky district

Kinelsky district

Kinel-Cherkasy district

Klyavlinsky district

Koshkinsky district

Krasnoarmeysky district

Krasnoyarsk district

Neftegorsky district

Pestravsky district

Pokhvistnevsky district

Privolzhsky district

Sergievsky district

Stavropol district

Syzran district

Khvorostyansky district

Chelno-Vershinsky district

Shentala district

Shigonsky district

Districts of the Samara region

In the transport sector, the pipeline mode of transport is the leader in terms of cargo turnover. The leader in passenger flow is road transport.

Federal highways pass through the region. These are roads E 30, M 5, E 121, P 228.

The region is crossed by the most important railway lines. The Samara region is also connected by waterways with other regions. The length of shipping routes is about 680 km. There are three river ports in the region. Transportation is also carried out by air.

All airports will be shown in detail on a map of the Samara region. The map is a real assistant on any trip; it allows you to find all the objects of the region, including the main areas of the region.

Samara is considered the administrative city of the Volzhsky region. The area is surrounded by magnificent natural scenery.

The area is considered an important agricultural producer. On its territory there are many agricultural enterprises and processing organizations, which a map of the Samara region by district will help you find.

The Kinelsky district is located in the center of the region. There are more than 20 agricultural organizations in the district. There is also a soda factory and a brewery. A highway of federal and republican significance stretches through the area.

More than 400 enterprises can be found in the Neftegorsk region. There are also 4 collective farms and more than 90 farms on its territory.

Among the developed areas on the map of the Samara region, the Pokhvistnevsky district stands out, where the agricultural sector is developed, and gas and oil are also actively extracted. The Severny Klyuch enterprise supplies a third of the pork in the region. The area has an extensive road network. There is a highway of republican significance, and the territory is also crossed by the Trans-Siberian railway line.

Tolyatti is considered the administrative city of the Stavropol region. This area has recreational conditions for the development of tourism and health resort business. On its territory are the Zhiguli Mountains. More than 2,700 different enterprises are registered in the area.

The best areas of Samara to live in 2022


We give first place to the Oktyabrsky district.
This is the business center of the city, as well as the area with the largest number of new buildings within the city. It starts in the very center and includes multi-storey buildings on clearings near the Volga - and these are houses with views of the river and magical sunsets. The district is home to the largest universities (Samara University, PSUTI), the Botanical Garden, and the largest Country Park in the city. What is convenient for living?

This area has the best transport accessibility. Its northern part, which is closer to the Volga, is equipped with a dedicated tram line, while the southern part has access to several metro stations. Also, it is within the district that the two largest transport arteries of the city are located - Moskovskoe Highway and Novo-Sadovaya.

The area is located practically in the geographical center of the city and is equally remote from both the historical part of Samara and the residential areas on the outskirts.

What contingent

One of the most diverse areas in terms of population. In areas with old buildings, representatives of the creative intelligentsia and people with low social responsibility may coexist, those who have been living in old houses for more than one generation and cannot afford to move to more comfortable housing. In newer areas there are many young families, including state employees, employees of rocket manufacturing enterprises, university teachers and middle managers.

How noisy

Very uneven. Houses near major highways, of course, do not provide adequate privacy. But those hidden in cozy courtyards are suitable for those who love silence.

Is it suitable for children

In areas with dense buildings, many families with children live; there are playgrounds and houses with comfortable apartment layouts. But there are not enough schools and kindergartens, this needs to be taken into account..

Features of the housing stock

Oktyabrsky ended up in the top areas for living because it is here that the largest amount of high-quality new housing is concentrated. The most popular among buyers are high-rise buildings near Postnikov Ravine.

It is worth noting that in this area there are quite a lot of private houses with high-quality infrastructure - we are also talking about those located on Proseki or in the area of ​​Novo-Sadovaya Street, in the so-called Garden City. Here you can enjoy all the benefits of civilization, live close to transport, and at the same time feel like you are in a cottage village. The downside is a certain number of neighbors from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Residential areas on Proseki near the Volga are also characterized by an insufficient number of parking lots. Another disadvantage is that to get to public transport, residents have to overcome a rather steep climb up to the main highway.


One-room apartment in a new buildingFrom 2.7 million rubles.
One-room apartment in a secondary buildingFrom 1.5 million rubles.
Two-room apartment in a new buildingFrom 3.8 million rubles.
Two-room apartment in a secondary buildingFrom 2 million rubles.
Three-room apartment in a new buildingFrom 4.5 million rubles.
Three-room apartment in a secondary buildingFrom 2.8 million rubles.
Average price per m2From 75,000 rub.

Economy and industry of the Samara region

Yandex maps of the Samara region will help you find more than 4 thousand enterprises in the region. Most of the companies are engaged in the engineering, chemical and fuel industries. The largest production of passenger cars in the country is AvtoVAZ, which is located in Togliatti. The following large companies can be noted:

  • Samarneftegaz;
  • Oil refining;
  • "Togliatti-Azot".

The region produces a large amount of petroleum products: gasoline, fuel oil. Agriculture is developing intensively. Crop production includes barley, wheat, vegetables and sunflowers.

The region also has developed meat and dairy production, poultry farming and pig farming. A map of the Samara region with villages will allow you to find all retail organizations. The Samara region has a low unemployment rate. The region is famous for its manufacturing industries. In some cities, tourism is actively developing.

Map of the Samara region with cities and villages

All major settlements in the region can be found on a map of the Samara region with cities and villages:

  1. More than a million people live in Samara. The city has a metro and modern railway stations. Samara has many cultural institutions and large enterprises. The largest enterprise for the production of reinforced concrete products is located here. The city is also considered the center of the engineering industry in the region. There are more than 30 markets and more than 60 large shopping centers on the territory. All shopping facilities are displayed on a map of the Samara region with settlements.
  2. The city of Togliatti is considered a real industrial center. At the same time, huge production capacities have a negative impact on the environment.
  3. Syzran is a small town. There are several large enterprises located within the city. One of them is an oil refinery, which a detailed road map of the Samara region will help you find.
  4. The population of Novokuibyshevsk is more than 100 thousand people. There are a large number of enterprises in the city. These are petrochemical organizations, construction companies and food industry enterprises.
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