Holidays in Abrau-Durso by the sea: features, how to get there, accommodation, entertainment. What to do on vacation in Abrau-Durso by the sea

Abrau-Durso is not just a resort village in the Krasnodar region, but a world-famous brand. Champagne and sparkling wines are produced here. The Abrau-Durso wine house dates back to 1877. This year, the peasants on the estate harvested their first grape harvest; now it is a large-scale production and tourism destination.

Formally, Abrau-Durso is not one village, but two.

Somewhere in Abrau-Durso

Abrau is located on the shore of a lake in the mountains, Durso is on the Black Sea coast, but this is a single tourist area where the entire industry is connected with the Wine House . There are no other outstanding attractions here.

The name of the village comes from the Circassian words “Abrau” - cliff , failure , and “ Durso” - four waters . Abrau is the name of the largest lake in the Krasnodar region, Durso is the river that flows into it; it is fed from four mountain springs. The wine house is located on the shore of this lake.

It is convenient to come to Abrau-Durso from Gelendzhik and Anapa. The nearest large city is Novorossiysk. One day will be enough to visit the Wine House. There is no point in staying longer than two days.

Where to stay in Abrau-Durso

Imperial & Champagne SPA**** (photo from the hotel website)

If you are vacationing in one of the nearest settlements, then stopping in Abrau-Durso for the night does not make sense. If you need a calm, measured holiday in a quiet place for several days, then choose guest houses near Lake Abrau.

The most expensive hotel in the village - Imperial & Champagne SPA

4 stars, located on the shore of Lake Abrau. The territory has a large outdoor swimming pool, a spa complex, and bicycle rental. A double room with breakfast costs from 10 thousand rubles per night.

There are less expensive guest houses on the lake shore. For example, Abrau Khutor

Guests are accommodated in eco-houses - log houses. There is an indoor swimming pool and a Russian bathhouse. You can stay here for a day for two from 5 thousand rubles.

Accommodation in small private guest houses is much cheaper. A double room in a hotel of this type will cost about 1,500 rubles per day:

Abrau-Durso is a very small village with a population of about three thousand people, so there are few offers to stay with the local population. All of them are concentrated near the sea coast.

If you want to save money, then before booking a hotel you can see what is offered on Avito.

Museums and creative spaces in Abrau

Abrau-Durso is a center not only of winemaking, but also of creativity and modern art. It is no coincidence that many local objects have earned the prefix “art”.

Center for Media Arts "Mars"

  • Address: Promyshlennaya, 19.

A unique exhibition space and creative space, often referred to as a “gallery of light” or media art center. It has been operating since 2016 on the territory of the winery. It is a place where artists express their creative energy through light and visual effects. It features installations, interactive images, and light shows.

This attraction often scares off lovers of traditional art, but in vain. A visit leaves a lasting impression and allows you to experience and understand new forms of art of the postmodern era. Interactivity allows you to become not just a spectator, but to be involved in the “creative flight” of the creators of interesting objects of contemporary art.

Center for Creativity and Crafts

  • Address: Promyshlennaya st., 12.

An analogue of the local cultural center is the municipal institution of the city of Novorossiysk, located in Abrau-Durso. The center organizes various events. Under its auspices the music festivals “Heat”, “I Sing You, My Russia”, etc. are held. The second direction of the institution’s work is the development of decorative and applied arts and creativity and crafts. The center hosts sections, exhibitions and master classes.

Bringing Down the House

  • Address: tourist complex “My Russia”.

On the territory of the “My Russia” complex there is an interesting object that can be called both an attraction and a museum. It is a small one-story house, where everything is turned upside down, the floor serves as the ceiling, and the ceiling serves as the floor. All objects inside are located “upside down”; you can get inside the house via a small staircase; this is the only object that occupies a “usual” place in space and allows you to stand firmly on your feet. If you want to learn a different vision of the world around you, then this is the place for you.

Art Bazaar

  • Address: Promyshlennaya st., 14.

On the main square of Abrau there is a so-called art bazaar, which combines the functions of a market and a museum. Visitors can get a souvenir or a useful household item, or they can just go and have a look. A bazaar of several thematic pavilions where handicraft masters present their products.

In the assortment you can see works of painting and graphics, dishes and clothes, various toys and amulets, and even pieces of furniture. Separate pavilions are dedicated to numismatics and second-hand books. Book lovers and rare coin hunters often find unique items here.

Sights of Abrau-Durso

Russian Wine House

Only our own grapes are used to make Abrau-Durso champagne.

engaged in the production of champagne and sparkling wines. Champagne is made together with specialists from France, using equipment made specifically for Abrau-Durso.

Sparkling wine is often sold under the guise of champagne. Abrau-Durso products have the right to bear the name “Champagne”. They have a license and access to the same technology as in the Champagne region of France.

The company refused to expand its turnover in order to maintain high quality. It takes many years for grapes to become ready for sale as champagne. There are tours at the plant that show how this happens.

Tours of the Wine House

On a tour of the Wine House

The duration of the excursion without tasting is 1.5 hours. Cost - from 750 rubles.

If you come with children, they can go with you on a tour without tasting. For each child aged 6 to 9 years you will have to pay an additional 350 rubles. If you want to attend a tasting, where only adults are allowed, children can be left in the children's room or taken to a master class. It costs from 150 rubles.

During the holiday season from May to September, there are more people wanting to visit the Wine House, and the cost rises. You can check prices on the company’s website:

Here you will see more champagne than in the largest alcohol warehouse.

First, they will tell you about the history of the plant, then the guide will take you to the adits where the wines mature. This is the most interesting part of the excursion.

An interesting detail: what will soon become expensive champagne is transported in rusty carts.

Mold and rust are a natural consequence of dampness and do not affect the contents of the bottles. The bottles are hermetically sealed. After visiting the adits, the group goes up to the production workshop. This place is already sterile clean. A glass wall separates visitors from the production, through which the same equipment from France is clearly visible.

You can’t guess in advance what exactly you will see in production. It depends on the time and ripening cycle of the wines. Perhaps, right in front of you, technicians will adjust the pressure in the champagne pipeline, or maybe you will see brand logos being glued onto bottles.


In the tasting room

You will not be offered fine wines at the tasting. The card includes the five most popular and affordable items.

The tasting takes about half an hour.

Each participant is poured one half glass of each type of wine. The presenter talks about the features of the drinks. A cheese plate is served with champagne.

If you love Abrau-Durso champagne, then you are unlikely to be surprised by anything at the tasting. But this is a good opportunity to try drinks before visiting a company store.

In addition to tastings and excursions, the Wine House holds exhibitions, master classes, literary evenings, and sometimes even horror quests. Excursions can be not only group, but also individual. For example, a company of four people for ten thousand rubles can see not only the production, but also the vineyards.

The program of upcoming events is on the official website.

Abrau-Durso brand store

After the tour, all guests are invited to visit the company store.

Gullible tourists tend to buy a lot of alcohol. Buying directly from production creates the illusion of profitability. In fact, popular types of champagne cost almost the same as in the alcohol departments of large supermarkets. In a company store, it makes sense to buy something that is not available in regular stores - souvenirs, rare bottles, wines aged for many years. The prices for these products will be high, but they are exclusive.

Territory of the Russian Wine House

The wine house is located in a well-kept park right on the shore of Lake Abrau. Here you can take a walk, admire the beautiful views, climb mountain paths, drink champagne in wooden gazebos

Near the entrance to the building of the joint stock company you will see grape trees that were planted by famous politicians and media figures.

On the territory there are several installations made from wine bottles. The most noticeable of them is a huge wooden wall with holes. Hundreds of bottles are inserted into them, which form the words “Abrau-Durso”. There are also several cafes here where you can drink coffee and have a snack.

Lake Abrau

This is the largest lake in the Krasnodar region. The water is always very clean, but it may appear cloudy due to the limestone present in the rocks. It is noteworthy that not a single river flows out of this lake; one full-flowing river and many mountain springs flow into it.

Not far from the Wine House is the central pier of Abrau-Durso. In the evenings there is a show of dancing fountains. They are right in the water. You can view the fountains from the shore or from a boat. If you decide to stay in one of the guest houses on Lake Abrau, then the fountains will be a pleasant addition to the evening, but you shouldn’t stay overnight specifically for them; there are similar fountains in many cities. The only difference is that here they are in the water.

In the afternoon you can go on a sightseeing boat tour on the lake. The walk will become more exciting if you combine it with fishing.

Everything you need for fishing can be rented. An avid fisherman is unlikely to be surprised by such entertainment, but an amateur will be pleased to catch a carp or a couple of bream. If fishing is not interesting to you, then you can visit a sailing club and hire an instructor to learn how to control a small sailboat.

Church of St. Xenia of Petersburg

One of the Orthodox shrines is located in Abrau-Durso - the Temple of St. Xenia of Petersburg. This is a building with two chapels, created at the beginning of the 20th century. The temple is located on Promyshlennaya Street, right on the shore of Lake Abrau.

Sweet Limanchik

This is a lake in the village of Durso near the sea.

It is surprising that the lake is fresh, although it is separated from the sea by only one mountain spit less than 30 meters wide.

Sweet Lymanchik appeared as a result of an earthquake when rocks blocked the river. This lake has the purest water. Environmental organizations closely monitor the preservation of a favorable environment.

There is a tourist base; for little money you can relax here with a minimum set of amenities. The conditions for accommodation at the camp site are on the official Facebook page.

Limanchik is different from Lake Abrau. It has a steeper shore, but this does not interfere with swimming. The water is usually slightly warmer than the sea. A couple of hundred meters from it there is a sea beach.

Holiday options

Abrau-Durso is one of the cultural and entertainment centers of the Krasnodar region. In a tourism cluster that is rapidly developing thanks to investments, guests can see the sights, relax in walking areas and on beaches, in restaurants and cafes, and take part in events and celebrations.

Abrau-Durso offers various activities - gastronomic, creative, sports.


Abrau-Durso (photos of the village and the beach are presented in the article) is located in a small area with a variety of landscapes: there are mountains, lakes and beaches. Well-maintained beach areas are equipped in the villages of Durso and Abrau-Durso.

More information about the beaches of the village of Abrau-Durso:

  1. Although Lake Abrau has a gentle slope to the water, there are few good beaches. One of them is located on the street. Industrial near the motodrome. There is a small parking lot, shade canopies, a children's playground, sun loungers are provided (200 rubles), you can rent a boat or catamaran.
  2. Another beach is located near the Art Park on the street. New. The undeveloped narrow coastal strip along the lake, 2-5 m wide, is covered with stones, the depth begins almost near the shore.
  3. Comfortable “Abrau Beach” occupies about 500 sq. m on the shore of the Black Sea near Lake Maly Liman. From many hotel complexes, guests are brought to the shore by free shuttle. Other visitors have free admission, but rent a sun lounger and towel (350 rubles). The beach is equipped with a first-aid post and a rescue post, showers and changing rooms, and a bar. Wooden platforms lead from the small pebble beach into the water, and there is a concrete pier for deep diving.

Swimming on Lake Maly Liman is difficult because of the reeds that cover the shores. Under Mount Bald Durso there is a strip of unequipped beaches.

Some of the best beaches in the Novorossiysk area are in the village. Durso. Their length is over 5 km, the coastline is covered with small pebbles, the water is clean and transparent.

In the village Durso st. Primorskaya and Svobody lead to the seashore. On the beach, 20-30 m wide and 350-400 m long, there are shady canopies, changing rooms, toilets, showers, sun loungers are available for rental (from 50 rubles per hour), you can rent a boat, there is a diving school, and there are water attractions.

There are usually a lot of vacationers during the season, so the parking lot (100 rubles/day) quickly fills up with vehicles. There are retail outlets and cafes near the beach.

To the left of the main beach of Durso there is the nudist beach “Diana” - this is a narrow rocky stretch of land, which is located under steep mountain cliffs. There is no infrastructure on this beach.

Diana Beach, Abrau-Durso

Along the road leading to the village. Maly Utrish, there are beaches belonging to health resorts and boarding houses. They are well-equipped, but access is not always free. From the Blue Wave sanatorium towards the village. Maly Utrish is a series of wild beaches covered with pebbles.


The Abrau-Durso tourist cluster offers a variety of entertainment. In the Art Park, on the pier, boarding of the retro steamship “Champagne” takes place. Having paid 600 rubles, tourists go on an hour-long journey along Lake Abrau. For 300 rubles. can be rented for 30 minutes. boat or catamaran.

In the village Abrau-Durso on the street. The industrial sailing club “Abrau Sailing” operates. It will provide SUP boards (600 rubles/hour) and yachts (700 rubles), and you can take a yacht management course (9000 rubles). The club is open every day until 18:00 in winter and until 22:00 in summer.

The Champagne-spa spa complex offers resort guests to relax in the experienced hands of cosmetologists and massage therapists. The complex is opened on the basis of the Imperial Hotel (Promyshlennaya St., 38) and operates from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The gastronomic school will hold a culinary master class, the cost of the lesson is 1500-3000 rubles. You can order the service at the tourism center by phone. 8 (800) 100-9-100.

Quests are held in the underground galleries of the champagne winery. The price of the program is 3000 rubles, it can be ordered by phone. +7 (918) 040-15-97.

Another type of recreation in Abrau-Durso is yoga. The yoga school is located between the village. Durso and South Ozereyka. A week's stay costs from 1000 rubles. up to 30,000 rubles, one-time lesson – 1,500 rubles. The yoga center is open from April to November, administration phone number +7 (938) 436-25-99.

An equestrian club has been opened at the Round Lake estate in Abrau-Durso. A walk costs from 700 rubles, a horse riding lesson will cost 1,500 rubles.

Estate "Round Lake"

There are 8 walking routes with a length of 4-15 km in the vicinity of Abrau-Durso. Navigation signs have been installed along the paths, and recreation areas and picnic areas have been made.

From the observation platforms there is a panoramic view of the mountains, sea, and grape paths. You can follow the routes independently or with an instructor-guide; the cost of his services for a company of up to 5 people is 3,000 rubles. You can get information about routes by phone.


There are no clubs open all night in Abrau-Durso. The hotels offer karaoke, discos, and billiards.

Abrau-Durso has one unique night entertainment - a show of dancing fountains on Lake Abrau. This is the largest water complex in the Russian Federation, developed by specialists from Italy.

The program is updated annually, but always includes a dance of water jets rising to a height of up to 70 m, a show of lasers and fire cannons. A visual image is broadcast onto a canvas of water splashes, and the show is accompanied by musical compositions. The show is held from May to October at 21 and 22 hours, duration – 25 minutes. Any guest of Abrau-Durso can watch it for free.


The sea and a lonely sun lounger (photo from the website of the Zvezdny boarding house)

The central beach of the village belongs to the Zvezdny boarding house. Admission is free for boarding house guests; other visitors will have to pay 100-200 rubles per person.


There are free beaches on both sides. The paid one has changing rooms, toilets, and towers with lifeguards on duty. The shore at the beaches is similar - small and medium pebbles, the entry into the sea is smooth.


Abrau-Durso (photo of the village and the beach, the variety of active recreation opportunities attracts tourists) offers to spend several days surrounded by mountains or on the seashore. In the village Abrau-Durso has recreation centers and hotels of different price categories.

One of the most luxurious is the Imperial boutique hotel in the village. Abrau-Durso on the street. Promyshlennaya, 38. The hotel offers superior rooms Standard, Junior Suite and Suite, decorated in Provence style.

The price of accommodation includes breakfast with champagne, access to the gym and spa. Room prices vary from 8,900 to 26,400 rubles. You can book a room by phone..

The Imperial has a French restaurant and the Champagne-spa thermal complex, where there are saunas, a hammam, an ice fountain, and an outdoor pool. A shuttle takes guests to the beach.

Nearby, on the street. Promyshlennaya, 44-a, there is the Vintage apart-hotel, which offers apartments with 1 or 2 rooms. The cost of accommodation starts from 4900 rubles, breakfast is paid on the spot (450 rubles). Some rooms have kitchens.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, bar and sauna. The pride of the apart-hotel is its own winery, its products are served in the hotel cafe, where live music is played in the evenings.

In the village Abrau-Durso on the street. Gorky, 9-v, tourists are received by the Wings Hotel, decorated in the form of an ancient castle. The daily cost of living is 5600-22000 rubles. The hotel has a spa complex, which includes 2 types of saunas, a hammam, a salt room, a jacuzzi, a furaco and an indoor pool.

The restaurant and cafe with a summer terrace serve European cuisine, and the bar offers karaoke in the evenings. There is a playroom for kids. You can decide on the room category and price by calling..

Hotel "Ivanhoe" on the street. Zaozernaya, 18, in Abrau-Durso resembles the castle of a medieval knight. Rooms are available for rent starting from 3,000 rubles; guests can choose a 2-3-bed room with amenities on the floor or in the room. There is a shared kitchen, a terrace for relaxation and a barbecue area on the territory. Administration phone number.

Another large guest accommodation center in Abrau-Durso is the “Round Lake” estate (Promyshlennaya St., 19). The estate, located 5 km from the village center, is surrounded by a juniper forest, and Abrau Beach is 3 km away. Guests are offered Standard rooms at prices starting from RUB 3,000. without food. The price of accommodation includes use of the outdoor swimming pool, parking, and travel to the beach.

At the estate you can rent a barbecue (2500 rubles) or a bathhouse (1200 rubles/hour), and ride horses (from 700 rubles). A one-time visit and rest during the day costs 500 rubles. There is a car camping facility on site for 12 trailers. You can contact the administration by phone. or leave a request on the website.

Photo: Abrau-Durso: boarding house “Zvezdny”

Those who want to relax and exercise choose the Zvezdny boarding house, located on the territory of Lake Malyi Liman. During the Soviet years, the boarding house hosted cosmonauts who conducted training surrounded by picturesque nature.

The boarding house has a modern sports facility, there is:

  • indoor multi-purpose hall;
  • Gym;
  • indoor pool;
  • tennis court;
  • volleyball court.

The boarding house has a medical center, a mineral water pump room and a sauna. In 6 bedroom buildings there are rooms of Standard, Comfort, Family and Apartment categories at a price of 2220-10000 rubles. The boarding house has a restaurant (3 meals a day costs 1,200 rubles), a bar, a cafe, the beach is 2 km from the buildings. The administrator answers questions by phone.

The village of Abrau-Durso includes the village. Durso, where tourists who want to spend time on the Black Sea go. Photos of beaches allow you to choose a place to suit your taste.

The table shows accommodation options:

NameAdministration address and phone numberServicesTypes of roomsPrices, rub.
Dursoleil, hotelst. Tisovaya, 31/33, Swimming pool, children's playground, barbecue and lounge areas.Standard, Superior, Comfort2800-5500
Durso, club-hotelst. Primorskaya, 3, Swimming pool, sauna, cafe.Standard, Lux, Comfort1800-7000
Durso-Tower, hotelst. Yuzhnoberezhnaya, 17, Swimming pool, sauna, spa complex, playground for children, restaurant and wine cellar, barbecue area, gym.Standard, Junior Suite, Suite6200-14200
Meduzadyurso, camping+7Dance floor, cinema, shared kitchen and dining room, showers and toilets, gazebos, barbecues, equipped beach.Dome house 2-4 persons2000-3500
Sailor, boarding house2 km from the village. Durso in the Sukhaya Shchel tract Tavern, sports grounds, barbecue, beach, disco.Economy, Standard, Comfort1750-3100
Romantic, recreation center4 km from the village. Durso in the Sukhaya Shchel tract Dining room, beach, cinema, sports grounds, dance floor, massage room.There are 3 types of houses: with a bathroom, with amenities in the block and on the territory. There are 2-4 bed rooms in the building. 1400-1900

Relaxation on the beaches Durso attracts those who are tired of noisy crowds and want peace and tranquility. Immediately after s. Wild beaches begin in Durso and there are no accommodation places there.

Hotel Dursoleil

The compact village of Abrau-Durso is gradually becoming one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the Krasnodar Territory due to the fact that it hosts events of various formats all year round and offers all kinds of activities. Numerous photos of the village confirm the reviews of tourists about the variety of entertainment on its territory.

The presence of a nearby beach on the Black Sea coast and relict forests covering the surrounding mountains make a stay in Abrau-Durso not only pleasant, but also healthy.

Neighborhoods of Abrau-Durso

The cities closest to the village are Novorossiysk , Gelendzhik and Anapa. These are large resort centers. Each of these cities has many attractions, but the holiday there will not be as calm and measured as in Abrau-Durso.

If you find yourself in Abrau-Durso, be sure to visit the Old Park in the village of Kabardinka and the Safari Park near Gelendzhik.

Old park in Kabardinka

Egyptian and Japanese corners of the park in Kabardinka (photo from the official website)

The village of Kabardinka is located on the coast 40 kilometers from Abrau-Durso towards Gelendzhik.

The main attraction of Kabardinka is the most beautiful and unusual park in the region.

The park is small in area, you can walk around it at a brisk pace in a quarter of an hour. However, you won’t be able to walk through the park quickly, since on every square meter there will be an object waiting for you that deserves attention.

In the Old Park there is an area of ​​Ancient Egypt with pyramids, a Gothic fountain, antique buildings, and a Japanese corner with a chapel. If you like photography, you will spend at least a couple of hours in the park.

The old park is an example of how dozens of attractions can be collected in a tiny square. On the territory of the cultural center there is a museum of the Caucasus and a workshop where master classes are held.

There is a poster of upcoming events on the park’s website:

Safari Park

There is a real safari park near Gelendzhik. Its beginning can be seen directly from the highway from Novorossiysk to Gelendzhik.

  • Entrance to the safari park: 1000 rubles
  • Price including cable car ride: 1500 rubles

It makes no sense to pay for entrance without a cable car, the park is very large, it is impossible to get around it in a day without climbing. The duration of the cable car is more than one and a half kilometers. It takes you 640 meters above sea level. Then you will descend on foot and tier by tier explore the safari park and its inhabitants.

The park contains dozens of breeds of wild animals and birds. In huge enclosures, the natural habitat for tigers, lions, panthers, giraffes, wolves, bears and other living creatures has been recreated. The friendliest animals live in open areas and can be petted and fed. These are donkeys, ponies, rabbits, turtles and other animals that do not pose a danger to humans and are not embarrassed by their presence.

The park has a huge terrarium and a real dolmen.

You need to set aside a whole day to visit the park. In half a day you won’t be able to explore all the objects without rushing. Wear comfortable shoes; you will have to walk a lot in the park. It is better to take food and water with you for the whole day.

Holidays in Abrau by the sea: embankment

The embankment in Abrau is simply magnificent. There are many paths made of colored paving stones, flower beds, neatly trimmed bushes and sculptures.

It’s nice to take a walk on such a beautiful embankment both during the day and in the evening. Observation platforms on the lake are fenced off with snow-white stone carved fences, which create a unique view. The embankment has a very good infrastructure; there are many different cafes, restaurants and shops.

Holidays in Durso near the sea: embankment

The sea embankment in Durso does not have a rich infrastructure. But there is convenient access for vehicles, parking, many dining rooms, cafes, bars, a wide pedestrian path, which is separated from the beach by a stone fence made of limestone stone. The length of this embankment is about half a kilometer. Near the Limanchik embankment there is a small lake called Maly Liman. The water here warms up very quickly, so people like to come here on vacation to Durso near the sea with small children, even when the water in the sea is still cool.


There are about fifteen beaches in the vicinity of Abrau and Durso.

Beach on Lake Abrau

This beach is located in the southern part of the lake on the road from Abrau to “Limanchik”. The beach is quite long, 300 meters, but very narrow, about 3 meters, if you count only the pebble area. However, the area with green areas around the perimeter of the beach is much wider. In theory, you can swim anywhere, and there is also a diving pier next to the Imperial Hotel. The water is clear, the bottom is visible in many places, but it seems slightly cloudy, since there is a lot of limestone in the lake.

Central beach of Durso

The central beach of Durso is about half a kilometer long and 20-40 meters wide. The beach is pebble, with a good layout and rich infrastructure. There are awnings under which you can rent a sun lounger and bounty-style umbrellas. There are showers and changing cabins on the beach. In terms of entertainment, a full range of water attractions is presented: parachute, banana, catamaran, tablet, jet ski rental, water skiing, etc.

Private beaches

About three kilometers from Abrau there are several recreation centers. All bases have their own well-groomed pebble beaches with piers and some other infrastructure elements. In terms of entertainment, there is practically nothing here, but relaxing by the sea in Abrau on private beaches is quiet and secluded; there are always a small number of people here. We can highlight the beaches of the boarding house “Sailor”, recreation centers “Energetik”, “Stroitel”, “Romantic”, SOK “Fregat” and “Blue Wave”. You can go to some of them, but there is no particular point in going 3 or more kilometers, with the exception of the beach of the Romantic recreation center to another lake, “Sladky Limanchik”.

Wild beach "Diana"

This wild beach stretches for a distance of 2 km and is located half a kilometer from the central beach of Durso. There is a rocky and pebbly embankment on the beach. People who come to vacation in Durso near the sea on this beach often sunbathe without clothes.

Limanchik Beach

This is the closest beach from Abrau, about 4 km. It is 3 km away from Durso. A sandy road leads to it from Abrau. The beach stretches for approximately 350 meters and has three reinforced concrete piers protruding far into the sea. The entrance is open to almost the entire beach, with the exception of two areas specially designated for the Zvezdny sanatorium and the Limanchik student camp. There is little entertainment here, and the infrastructure is in its infancy. Nevertheless, the beach is good, and if we take into account the Maly Liman lake, then in many ways it is unique.

How to get to Abrau-Durso

By plane

The nearest airports are in Gelendzhik and Anapa. But it’s unlikely that anyone will want to fly purposefully from afar to Abrau-Durso. If you are vacationing nearby, then the village is worth visiting just for the Wine House.

By train

Nearest railway stations:

  • in Novorossiysk - about 20 km;
  • and in Krasnodar - about 150 km.

By bus

There are bus stations in all nearby cities and towns, but you can only get to Abrau-Durso directly from Novorossiysk . Abrau-Durso is not in Yandex Schedule and similar services. go there . They depart from the bus station in Novorossiysk.


You can get to the village from any of the cities listed above by taxi, but it will cost much more.

For example, the nearest city is Novorossiysk. The cost of a commuter bus is about 50 rubles , the cheapest taxi will cost at least 600 rubles . In summer, taxi prices rise, meaning a trip will cost at least 1,000 rubles . Other cities are located further away, the price will be higher.

By car

The turnoff to Lake Abrau and the Wine House is located on the highway between Novoross and Anapa . In the village of Durso you need to turn away from the coast towards the mountains. The road along the mountain serpentine will take less than half an hour.

The only unique attraction in the village is the Russian Wine House.

If you are vacationing in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Novoross, I recommend going. I don’t know whether to stay here for a few days for outdoor recreation and boat trips and fishing on a boat. Who likes what.

If you combine a visit to the Abrau-Durso Wine House, the Old Park and the Safari Park into one trip, you will get a bright trip lasting two to three days.


Lake Abrau is always present in all photographs - a tourist cluster has formed around it and the main attractions are located. It will take 2-3 days to explore everything that Abrau-Durso offers.

Champagne factory

Excursion to the champagne factory, founded at the end of the 19th century. Prince L. Golitsyn, leaves no one indifferent. While traveling through ancient cellars and modern workshops, tourists get acquainted with the development of winemaking technology and learn about the nuances of creating sparkling and champagne wines. The ticket price may include a tasting and a visit to the Gallery of Light.

The excursion complex is open from 10 am to 7 pm, the entrance ticket costs 1000-1500 rubles. A playroom is open for children; a child’s stay in it costs 350 rubles. Guests will be offered a trip through the vineyards (the excursion costs 2,000 rubles for a group of up to 4 people) or a walk-performance along the streets of Abrau-Durso (700 rubles).

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Russian Wine House, entrance from Alexander Square, decorated with the Bottle fountain. 1954 champagne containers were used to make the fountain.

Gallery of Light

“Gallery of Light” is a unique center for audiovisual installations, where modern technology is used as a tool for media art. The multimedia show talks about the development of land near Abrau-Durso and the development of winemaking.

The gallery is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm, the entrance ticket costs 500 rubles.

Art park

An Art Park, decorated with many installations and art objects, has been created next to the champagne winery on the shores of Lake Abrau. Between the trees and flower beds there are sculptures, fountains, swings, gazebos, monuments, photo zones, which are united by the theme of wine and winemaking.

On the lake shore there is the semantic center of the park - an amphitheater, where concerts and events have been held since 2010. Entrance to the park is free.

Cultural and tourist

In the village of Kamchatka, st. Korolenko, 16-a, there is an entertainment complex where neither children nor adults are bored. There is a petting zoo and attractions on the territory, but the main thing that attracts tourists is the equestrian theater.

People and horses give performances on Wednesday, Thursday and on weekends at 18.30. Tickets cost 500 rubles. for children and 700 rub. adult.


In the village In Vasilievka, stone structures dating back to the 4th-2nd millennium BC have been preserved. e. Dolmens, made of stone slabs weighing several tons, are considered ancient burial places of unknown peoples.

To see the dolmens, you need to go to the Briz station, then follow the signs. The visit is free.

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