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  • October 22, 2018
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Vacation is a time for relaxation and travel. But where to go for new positive experiences? Nowadays, tourists are increasingly choosing to vacation at Russian resorts. This is due to the fact that housing is more affordable in your homeland, you don’t need to torment yourself with long flights and stand in line to obtain a visa. Many people are interested in where Taman is and how to get to it. You will learn about this and much more from this article.

Historical reference

When going on vacation, tourists want to have an interesting and inexpensive holiday, so they choose Taman. Where is it? The settlement is located on the coast of the Kerch Bay. The village belongs to the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, Temryuk District. The population of Taman is about 9,000 inhabitants.

In ancient times, the town of Hermonass was located on the site of the village. It was founded in the 6th century BC by the Greeks who inhabited the island of Lesbos at that time. At different times, Khazars, Armenians, Bulgars, Zikhs and other nationalities also lived here. In the 5th century AD, the settlement was conquered by the prince, who was the founder of the Tmutarakan principality.

Only in the 18th century did the Cossacks land in the area of ​​modern Taman, who gave the name to the village. The ancient name has several translation options, for example, swamp or transition. Now Taman is a popular southern resort, which is visited annually by a large number of vacationers. The climate here is mild and sunny, and the water heats up to 25 degrees during the season.

When is the best time to go to Taman?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, since different people’s ideas about an ideal vacation may differ. Some people prefer the hot beach season, while others will be delighted with the cooler autumn weather. What is Taman? This is a resort town where people with different weather requirements can happily relax.

A large number of tourists come to the village and its surroundings in the summer months: June, July and August. At this time, you can not only sunbathe and swim in the sea, but also attend interesting excursions. In June, the average temperature at the resort is about 23 degrees, usually a little warmer during the day and colder at night. There is no rain during this period, almost all days are sunny.

In July and August, the average temperature in Taman is 25 degrees during the day and 23-24 degrees at night. There is practically no rain during this period, the number of sunny days is 28. In September it becomes colder, the average temperature is 19-20 degrees. Rains are also rare during this period. In winter, the air temperature stays at around 2-7 degrees.

How to get there?

Usually tourists come to the resort by train or car, or fly by plane. Where is Taman? The settlement is located in the Krasnodar region. Vacationers can fly to Vityazevo Airport, located 20 km from the city of Anapa. You can get to the village of Taman from here either by taxi or by bus. If there are several tourists, then you can choose the first option, it will be faster and more comfortable. Taxi drivers charge about 1,500 rubles for travel from Vityazevo to Taman.

If a tourist does not want to depend on public transport schedules, then he can come to the resort in his own car. There are two ways to get to Taman. In the first case, the tourist must get to Slavyansk-on-Kuban, and then to Temryuk and Starotitarovskaya. Usually, vacationers don’t have any problems, especially now that most people have built-in navigators on their phones. In the second case, tourists are recommended to take the Don highway to Krasnodar, and then go to Anapa. Near the village of Starotitarovskaya, in the area of ​​the Lukoil gas station, vacationers should turn left. Taman is a provincial place, so you need to drive quietly around the city, there are always a lot of people here and the roads are equipped with speed bumps.

The resort can also be reached by rail. Russian Railways does not have direct flights to Taman, so tourists travel either to Krasnodar or to Anapa. From here you can get to your destination by bus or taxi.

Taman Peninsula

Video: Taman from a bird's eye view

Basic moments

A trip to the Taman Peninsula, as a rule, begins in the city of Temryuk, on the northern coast, near the mouth of the Kuban River. There is a bus station here, and the seaport is 4 km from the city.

Vacationers are received in 11 villages that are part of the Temryuk municipal formation. Decent resort infrastructure has been created in the villages of Peresyp, Golubitskaya, and Kuchugury. In the village of Volna there is a divers club, where they teach scuba diving and rent out equipment. Not far from the village of Sennaya and the village of Taman, famous thanks to the story of the same name by Mikhail Lermontov, there are archaeological locations with excavated ruins of ancient Greek cities.

In recent years, the Taman Peninsula, washed by two warm seas, has become a popular destination for domestic tourism. A network of mini-hotels is actively developing in resort villages; museums, cafes, and restaurants await guests. The total length of Taman sandy beaches exceeds 100 kilometers.

History of Taman

In the last century, traces of Early Stone Age settlements were discovered on the northern coast of the Taman Peninsula. The oldest of them is the Kermek site, where primitive people lived about 2 million years ago. In the 1st millennium BC. e. Scythians lived in this region, and around the 6th century BC. e. Greek colonists appeared here and founded several policies - Phanagoria, Hermonassa, Achilleion and others. In 480 BC. e. city-states that flourished in the region of the Cimmerian Bosporus (Kerch Strait) united into the Bosporan Kingdom, which owned Taurida (Crimea) and the eastern coast of Maeotis (Sea of ​​Azov). Then this state became part of the vast Pontic kingdom, which fell under the onslaught of the legions of the Roman Empire.

In the Early Middle Ages, Taman belonged to the Khazars. Chronicles report that in 969, the Kiev prince Svyatoslav Igorevich defeated the Khazar Khaganate. A few years later, an enclave of Ancient Rus' was formed on the peninsula - the Tmutarakan principality, which existed until the 11th century. During that era, the famous Tmutarakan stone, found in Taman, was created. The inscription on a massive marble slab reports that in the winter of 1068, Prince Gleb ordered to measure the distance from Tmutarakan across the frozen strait to Korchev (Kerch), the result was 14,000 fathoms (about 23 km). Today this artifact is kept in the Hermitage.

Taman delights archaeologists with new surprises. In 2022, during excavations of a necropolis from the times of the Bosporan Kingdom near the village of Volna, scientists discovered the remains of musical instruments. In the 2020 season, a treasure was found in the area of ​​the ruins of Phanagoria, confirming the extensive trade relations of the region in the Middle Ages. Silver coins of Prince Vladimir of Kyiv, Arab dirhams brought from Baghdad, and gold solidi minted in Byzantium went on display in museums.

Around 1100, the peninsula was occupied by nomadic Polovtsian tribes, and in 1239 the region was ravaged by Mongol-Tatar hordes. Until the 80s of the 18th century, Taman was part of the lands of the Crimean Khanate, and for some time belonged to the Ottoman sultans. As a result of the Russian-Turkish war, the region was included in the Russian Empire. By decree of Catherine II, in 1792, thousands of Cossacks were sent to settle in Taman, to whom these lands were granted “for eternal possession.” The descendants of the Cossacks still live in the Taman villages.

Since then, the Taman Peninsula has been a remote province. During the Great Patriotic War, it became a springboard for the military operation of the Soviet army, which liberated Crimea from German occupation.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the tourism hospitality industry has been dynamically developing here, and viticulture and winemaking are flourishing. Taman successfully competes with neighboring Black Sea resorts - Anapa and Gelendzhik. The revitalization of tourism is facilitated by the modernization of the region’s transport infrastructure. In 2022, the largest 19-kilometer bridge in Russia was built, connecting the Taman Peninsula with the shores of Crimea.


The Taman Peninsula lies in the western part of the Kuban Lowland, facing the shores of Crimea, which is separated from the Kuban by the narrow Kerch Strait. The southern coast of Taman is washed by the waves of the Black Sea, in the north the Temryuk Gulf of the Azov Sea juts out into the land in a wide semicircle.

In ancient times, there was a shallow lagoon with an archipelago of islands. They existed back in ancient times. But already in the Early Middle Ages, the straits were covered with silt, loam, gravel, and sand. These deposits were carried into the sea by the deep Kuban River, which originates in the Caucasus Mountains. Nowadays, the former islands are marked by relief hills, the highest rises to 164 m. The landscape of Taman is decorated with orchards and vineyards, and rice fields are green in the lowlands irrigated by the river.

The area of ​​the Taman Peninsula is about 2000 km². Approximately half of the territory is occupied by sand spits and estuaries, marshy floodplains overgrown with reeds and sedges. Ducks nest here, hares, muskrats, foxes, raccoons live, and wild boars live there.

The peninsula's 250 km long coastline is replete with shoals, capes and bays. From Cape Tuzla to the village of Taman, the shores, up to 15-30 m high, drop steeply to the sea; near the surf line, narrow strips of beaches are washed up by waves. In the south and west the coasts are low. The eastern part of the peninsula is occupied by the marshy delta of the Kuban River with branched branches, oxbow lakes, and lakes.

In the depths of Taman there are oil and gas fields. Rising through cracks in the bedrock, gas and oil mix with groundwater, forming clay cones with mud lakes on the surface of the earth. The contents of these volcanoes are thick healing mud, saturated with iodine, hydrogen sulfide, bromine and many other useful substances and minerals. Mud is used in balneological resorts located in Temryuk and in the village of Golubitskaya.


Nature has endowed sunny Taman with a mild, moderate continental climate. The peninsula boasts a comfortable average annual temperature: +14 °C. Winters here are warm; even in January the air rarely cools below –2 °C. However, the amplitude of temperature “swings” on the Taman Peninsula is quite large. Thus, in February 1954, a short-term extreme frost was recorded here: –28.7 °C. Sometimes the Kerch Strait is covered with ice. Recently, such anomalies were observed in February 2014 and 2022. The meteorological record also shows a record for February warming – up to +19.5 °C. Usually, early spring comes to the peninsula in March; April and May are filled with the aromas of blooming orchards.

Dangerous storms off the coast of Taman occur infrequently, approximately 20 days a year. Strong winds arise in the spring, usually in March, and in the first month of winter. During these periods, a storm of 6-9 points can last 12-20 hours in a row.

The beach season on the sea coasts of the Taman Peninsula lasts more than 4 months, from the end of May to September. They often swim in the warm sea until mid-October. In the summer months, the air usually warms up to +25...+28 °C, but from time to time temperatures exceed the 30-degree mark. However, the fresh sea breeze brings coolness even on the hottest days.

The water temperature off the coast in summer fluctuates between +22…+25 °C. On the shallow beaches of Temryuk Bay it is always slightly higher than off the coast of the Black Sea. In August, there are a lot of jellyfish in both water areas.

Sights of the Taman Peninsula

The Taman Peninsula is famous for its monuments of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. History buffs will be interested in visiting the ruins of ancient Hermonassa, excavated by archaeologists in the Kuban delta. Later, the ancient Russian city of Tmutarakan was located here. A museum-reserve has been organized on the excavation site.

Near the village of Sennaya, the ruins of the ancient city of Phanagoria are open for inspection. Many artifacts found here are stored in the Temryuk Historical and Archaeological Museum (Lenin St., 28). Ancient stone sarcophagi, tombstones, and statues are displayed in the museum courtyard. To the west of here is the Military Hill Museum, where military armored vehicles and artillery pieces are displayed in the open air.

On the outskirts of the village of Taman there is a colorful ethnocultural center. A museum complex of several dozen farmsteads has been created here, where tourists are introduced to the life and crafts of the Cossacks and treated to delicious dinners. This location hosts theatrical shows with the participation of folklore ensembles and costume performances.

You can combine an educational walk with a home-cooked lunch at the “Planet of Donkeys” museum (Temryuk, Veteranov St., 354). The private estate has a donkey themed collection of 3,500 items: porcelain figurines, ceramic figurines, toys, plates, dishes, vases with prints of cute four-legged animals tamed by people many thousands of years ago. Two good-natured donkeys live in the farmstead.

Before touring the museum, visitors are invited to review the menu and place an order. The dishes are prepared while guests explore the exhibition, listening to interesting stories from the passionate owner of the collection. The owners of the estate welcome everyone from 09:00 to 18:00.

In Temryuk, on Kalinina Street, 289, there is another interesting private museum. The exhibition is dedicated to the history of navigation. There are about 200 models of sea vessels on display. You will see a retrospective of shipbuilding: from ancient Egyptian papyrus boats, Roman battle triremes to pirate sailing ships and replicas of famous ships, including modern battleships and submarine cruisers. Several miniature models are expertly assembled inside transparent bottles. On the excursion you will learn about the maritime trade routes of the Bosporan kingdom, about the famous battles in the Black Sea, illustrated with reproductions of paintings and geographical maps.


The coastal strip of the Taman Peninsula, indented by bays and bays, is a chain of beaches convenient for swimming. The coast facing the Black Sea and the Kerch Strait is covered with coarse sand. The Azov coast is covered with a mixture of quartz sand and shell rock. In some places there are silty or clayey areas.

Poseidon Beach in the village of Peresyp is one of the best on the peninsula. Here, on the shores of Temryuk Bay, a hotel complex, a beach entertainment town with attractions and a mini-oceanarium have been created. Resort guests can enjoy sports grounds, a spa, mud baths and bathing in wine barrels. There is a tasting bar, and the café serves hot food. There are locker rooms, storage rooms, showers, and toilets. Entrance to the beach is paid - 400 rubles, for children under 14 years old - 300 rubles.

The lively Central beach of the resort village of Golubitskaya is well equipped. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available here, you can fly over the sea on a parachute, rent a catamaran and ride on a banana boat. Sellers serve light snacks on trays: pastries, boiled corn, crayfish, offer shrimp, fruit and other treats. Those who like secluded swimming should go a little further, to the wild coast, and choose a place they like. Along the entire length of the coast, the entrance to the water is gentle.

From the pier on Morskaya Street in Temryuk, boats depart to a separate sandbank where the Lost Island beach club is located. The beach is well equipped; there is a cafe with a large veranda facing the sea. The cost of visiting the club (700 rubles) includes boat transfers, tasting of Taman wines, use of inflatable slides, and mud baths. Water activities, buggy rental, and sports equipment are additionally paid for. The beach club is open to the public from 10:30 to 18:30.

Video: Beaches of Taman


Fishing is one of the most popular entertainments for vacationers on the Taman Peninsula. You can cast a fishing rod in the open sea and in numerous freshwater bodies of water. In the Kuban delta, crucian carp, pike, and pike perch are found in abundance; in the estuaries - catfish, bream, ram, mullet. Local residents willingly rent out rowing boats to fishermen. Offering motorboats, they themselves get behind the wheel and head to the fishing spots.

A windsurfing and sailing club has been opened in the village of Golubitskaya. At the piers you can rent a yacht for boat trips. Boat rental is available in any seaside village.

Every year in early August, the village of Taman becomes the center of the Taman Vine wine festival. Kuban winemakers bring their best products to this holiday. There are many tasting tents set up in the festival town, where dozens of brands of wine are offered for sampling, as well as all kinds of treats. A fair of seasonal products is also held here. On the shelves are melons and watermelons, juicy peaches, farm vegetables and fruits.

Since 1999, the Taman bike festival has been held on the seashore near the village of Yantar. A motocross track is being marked out on the coast of the Taman Peninsula, and a stage is being installed for rock star concerts. In the evenings, discos thunder, night swimming and fireworks are held. The spectacular event attracts up to 10,000 guests.

In the village of Golubitskaya there is the Amazon water park. There are 5 slides and a large swimming pool. There is a cafe and a stage with a dance floor. For little holidaymakers there is a children's pool with mini slides. The water park is open from 09:00 to 20:00. In Golubitskaya it is also worth going to the Nemo Dolphinarium, the Lukomorye Zoo, watching alligators at the crocodile farm, and in the evening going to the Malibu nightclub. The establishment is located near the beach, on Naberezhnaya Street, 57.

With children you can go to the village of Kuchugury for the whole day. The Emelya amusement park with a Ferris wheel, an autodrome, carousels, and swimming pools was built here. The Madagascar rope park is located next door.

The billiard club “Start” (Promyshlennaya St., 10/1) is popular in Temryuk. There are 10 gaming tables in the room, and the bar offers beer and light snacks. Sports competitions are shown on the big screen. Another billiard salon “Pyramid” is located on Buvina Street, 184/1. The local bar offers a large selection of drinks and serves hookahs.


The central department store in Temryuk (Kirova St., 1) is the largest shopping center on the Taman Peninsula. In on the street Shevchenko, 44, tourists can expect a wide selection of fine wines and aged cognacs. Here you can purchase souvenir sets, bottles and glasses packed in gift boxes. You will find Fanagoria chain stores in other villages of the peninsula.

Products of Taman artisans are sold at the village markets. Carved wooden figurines in Cossack outfits are popular. From Taman, tourists also bring home delicious gifts: fresh fruits, grapes, smoked and salted fish.

Local kitchen

In the resort villages of the Taman Peninsula, vacationers will find many restaurants and cafes. Basically, the establishments specialize in preparing Kuban cuisine. It is based on Ukrainian culinary traditions, founded by the Zaporozhye Cossacks in the 18th century. Here the Cossack menu was supplemented with seafood, Caucasian dishes, Russian pickles, oriental desserts, and grape wines. Local chefs actively use juicy seasonal vegetables and spicy herbs (parsley, cilantro, tarragon, basil).

The meal is preceded by snacks: slices of fresh and smoked lard, sliced ​​homemade sausage with spicy Cossack mustard. Among the festive dishes is jellied meat (jelly) seasoned with grated horseradish. Wheat donuts with garlic sauce and sour cream are certainly served with hearty borscht. For the main course, there are dumplings with various fillings, potato pancakes with delicious cracklings, and roast prunes in pots. Pork ribs stewed in honey, chops, fried fish, and kebabs are popular. For dessert they will bring you uzvar, pies, honey, fruit and berry jam.

The ethnic restaurant “Dikanka”, located on Shmidt Street in the village of Taman, boasts wonderful authentic cuisine. Among the signature dishes, guests praise potatoes with meat and porcini mushrooms in portioned pots sealed with dough, and aromatic kebabs with baked eggplants. You can continue tasting local delicacies at the Cossack Tavern cafe (Golubitskaya village, Kurortnaya str., 34). There is a good selection of seafood and river fish dishes here.

Among the best restaurants on the Taman Peninsula is Beluga (Temryuk, Morskaya St., 11). The menu offers dishes of European, Kuban and Caucasian cuisine. The average bill for two is 2500 rubles. On Thursdays there is a karaoke day, and on Saturdays and Sundays the restaurant operates as a nightclub.

European cuisine is presented in the atmospheric restaurant "Germonassa" (Taman village, Karl Marx St., 88). The sommelier will recommend the best Taman wines.

Where to stay

In the resort villages of the Taman Peninsula, tourists are offered rooms at recreation centers and guest houses. Rooms and individual cottages are rented in the private sector of the villages. Camping sites in the villages of Peresyp and Kuchugury accept motor tourists. In the summer season, prices for daily accommodation start at 950 rubles, but you can find cheaper options.

In the village of Taman, guests will find a comfortable two-story villa Richi (Ostrovsky St., 6-B). The comfortably furnished house has two bedrooms, a common living room, and a kitchen on the ground floor. There is a swimming pool in the yard and parking for cars. The cost of living is from 3000 rubles per day.

In the same village you will find several small hotels. Among them is the Old Town Hotel. The price range for daily accommodation is 2814-4665 rubles, breakfast included.

You can inexpensively rent a room at the Dolphin recreation center (Peresyp village, Kalabadka str., 84). The base has secure parking and an equipped beach. On the territory there are gazebos with barbecues, a summer cafe, and sports grounds. There is a grocery store. Guests are offered excursions and organized fishing on boats in the estuary. For a double room you need to pay from 900 to 2100 rubles. Meals are paid separately. Daily rental of a house for 2-4 beds will cost 1300-4200 rubles.


Buses and minibuses run along the roads of the Taman Peninsula, connecting resort villages with Temryuk and Anapa. This small picturesque area is also convenient to travel on bicycles. There is a bike rental office in the village of Golubitskaya (Kurortnaya St., 39). You can also rent a bicycle at some hotels. This service is becoming increasingly popular.

How to get there

Tourists usually get to the Taman Peninsula through Anapa, where the closest airport to Temryuk is located. Airliners from Moscow and other Russian cities land here. Flight duration from capital airports to Anapa is 2 hours 10 minutes. A train traveling on the route Moscow - Anapa spends about 34 hours on the road.

Buses depart from the city bus station to the peninsula. The trip takes just over two hours. It is convenient to get from the airport to the Anapa bus station by minibus No. 113, from the railway station by minibuses No. 114, 128.

From Moscow you can travel directly to Temryuk by bus. Transport departs from the South Gate bus station, which is located near the Alma-Atinskaya metro station. Travel time is about a day.

Autotourists heading to the resorts of Taman should leave Moscow to the south along the M4 Don highway. The 1,518 km long route runs through Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don.

Nature and climate of Taman

The climate here is temperate continental, not maritime, which affected the flora and fauna. Taman is endless vineyards and vegetable gardens, abundantly planted with melons and melons. This place is loved by those tourists who cannot stand extreme heat. The weather here is almost always comfortable.

The location of Taman gives tourists the opportunity to visit 2 seas at once: the Black and Azov. Vacationers will also be interested in mud volcanoes. And lovers of good wine should definitely visit, where noble drinks are born.

Main attractions

Where is Taman? In the Krasnodar region, where you can enjoy not only a beach holiday, but also an excursion. The visiting card of the settlement is the most interesting mud volcanoes. This is something you need to see at least once in your life. More than 30 mud geysers daily attract tourists to Taman who want to improve their own health. It has long been known that mud has healing properties. Some of them contain large amounts of bromine, iodine and other substances.

Tourists who are interested in history will be interested in visiting the Cossack village of Ataman. The village, built in the open air, attracts many vacationers. The life of ordinary Cossacks is completely recreated here; sometimes it seems that the streets of the village are real. Those interested will see the interiors of the huts, the ataman’s house and much more.

In the Akhtanizovsky Estuary there is another attraction of Taman - the Lotus Valley. You can get here by boat. Initially, lotuses were brought from India, they took root here perfectly. Experienced travelers recommend visiting the valley in July, when the flowers look most spectacular.


quartz beaches of the Taman Peninsula

A village that is simultaneously washed by the Black Sea, estuaries and a salt lake - this is such an amazing place! Recently, this village has been considered the festival capital of Taman, because... The Taman bike festival and the Kubana rock music festival have been held here for several years now. The salt lake is similar in its healing properties and composition to the Dead Sea and, what is most valuable, it is publicly accessible! The Kiziltash estuary is a favorite place for surfers and kiters. All-Russian automotocross competitions are held here. On the shore of another estuary, Tsokur, there is the Yakhno Garden, where a collection of trees, shrubs and medicinal herbs is collected.

Beach holiday

The city of Taman, Krasnodar Territory, is a favorite vacation spot for many tourists. Sandy beaches stretch here almost along the entire coastline, only in the Kuchugur region they are replaced by rocky soil. They stretch for hundreds of kilometers, so every tourist is sure to find a place here that he will like. The beaches in Taman are both equipped and wild.

Tourists should be aware that they will have to pay to visit some holiday destinations. But there are also a lot of free beaches, for example, Central. You can get to it through the park named after Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov. The aroma of iodine is in the air here, and there is algae in the water. There are several platforms here where artists perform periodically.

Paid beaches are not always clean and comfortable. In the city of Taman and its environs, you can often see that there is simply a barrier installed near the coastline, which is not allowed through without an additional fee. The guards collect money, but do not issue any receipts or documents. Such extortions are illegal. Such occupied beaches are often very dirty, because no one monitors the cleanliness.



Kuchugury is one of the most beloved and recognized tourist destinations on the Taman Peninsula. The thing is that the free beaches of this village have quartz sand, and the water, due to the confluence of the Azov and Black Seas, is clean and of an unusually beautiful blue color. And 400 meters from the village there is a volcano, from which comes that same radon mud, which has a rheumatic and cosmetic healing effect. All kinds of attractions, entertainment programs, cafes and restaurants are waiting for your visit. A two-level rope park operates during the season. And be sure to visit one wonderful place in Kuchugury - the Valley of Love. Another favorable feature for a good holiday here is the complete absence of mosquitoes in the evening. And yes, compared to Golubitskaya, prices for accommodation and food are not significant, but still cheaper in Kuchugury.

Treatment at the resort

People come here not only for a beach holiday; many tourists pursue the goal of improving their body health. Where is Taman? Among countless mud volcanoes and healing waters. There are few sanatoriums here, but medical procedures can be visited in almost every village. There are many massage parlors and places where you can take healing mud in Taman.

Experienced tourists recommend visiting one of the salt lakes. Particularly praised is the one located near the village of Golubitskaya. At its bottom, deposits of healing mud containing hydrogen sulfide, bromine and iodine were found. There is also a salt lake near Cape Ram's Horn. It is unusual in that it dries out completely in the summer. During this period, on the surface of the lake bottom you can see a layer of salt, under which there is healing mud.



Located west of the village of Golubitskaya, a small strip of land from the village of Podmayachny to the village of Za Rodinu, which is surrounded on one side by the Akhtanizovsky estuary, and on the other side by the Sea of ​​Azov. Lovers of wild recreation gather here, because there are so many well-equipped campsites here. Of course, for vacationers not in tents, there are many mini-hotels, private houses and places to relax, cafes and beach attractions. The entertainment complex “Poseidon Beach” and the mini-golf resort “Galant” are always waiting for you to visit. The village of Za Rodinu is closely adjacent to Peresyp, where one of the main attractions is the Tizdar volcano, about which we previously wrote...

Where to stay?

There are many accommodation options in the city of Taman. Many travelers stay in private accommodation. There is plenty of room for choice here; you can either stay in a comfortable cottage or in a room without amenities. Housing prices in the private sector start from 250 rubles per day, but such options are usually located far from the beaches.

Tourists can also stay at the hotel. Hotels offer different services, and they also have rooms of different categories. The price for hotel accommodation starts from 1.5 thousand rubles per day. You can find a hotel both in Taman itself and at some distance from it. Experienced travelers recommend paying attention to the Apatur fort and the Paradise Corner guest house.

Cafes and restaurants

In the village of Taman, vacationers will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes of the Krasnodar region, fruits and local wines. There is a well-developed network of catering establishments here. If you just need a snack without any special frills, you can go to one of the many canteens. The average check for lunch in such establishments is about 150 rubles.

In pizzerias and kebab shops, tourists will be able to turn gray if they have at least 350 rubles with them. Lunch in a cafe will cost from 500 to 1000 rubles. In restaurants the average check exceeds 1000 rubles. Experienced travelers recommend dining at the Hermonassa or Cabernet restaurants. The service here, of course, differs from European ones, but overall the establishments are very decent.


Sennoy village

The village is loved by vacationers for the healing properties of the air, which is very saturated with iodine, and tourists come here to treat respiratory diseases and also for prevention. But this is not the main reason for the special love for this place on the map of the Krasnodar region. The fact is that the settlement is very rich in historical places. Here are excavations of the ancient settlement of Phanagoria - the largest in Russia, as well as excavations of the ancient Greek settlement of Kepa. Tourists love to explore the royal burial mounds, which are located behind the village and there are more than 20 of them. Another very interesting source is located a meter from the salt water of the Taman Bay, where the water is fresh and clean. Vacationers also have the opportunity to take with them a piece of Taman land as a gift or as a souvenir in the form of a souvenir with Cossack and ancient Greek themes from the molding materials plant. Also, souvenirs in the form of real Taman wine can be purchased in the Fanagoria tasting room, which is truly famous for its rich and tasty wine, balms and other drinks.

Travel tips

Before your trip, you need to think in advance where to stay. Experienced travelers recommend booking hotels and private houses while still at home. If this is not done, then upon arrival it may turn out that all the rooms have already been rented out. Sometimes homeowners ask to make an advance payment, this is relaxed, but the housing will definitely be reserved.

Experienced travelers recommend not limiting your vacation to Taman; you can also visit Anapa, the village of Golubitskaya and other resorts. You can eat at catering establishments or cook your own food. In the second case, you can purchase products in stores and markets. The local mullet is especially praised. In the evening, you can grill it on coals instead of shish kebab; this dish is considered a delicacy.

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